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Interact digital ... dms 9 26-11


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Creating a website , online hub , search engine optimization.

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Interact digital ... dms 9 26-11

  1. 1. Digital Marketing Course Interact Digital …Building your Online Hub Fall 2011 Lynchburg CollegeSchool of Business and Economics Dr Ira Kaufman ©2011
  2. 2. Your Hub• You own your position and content• You connect the dots…the brain of your strategy• You link to related sites• You drive traffic to it• You generate action• You collect data• You build a reputation
  3. 3. Creating a Successful Hub Part #1• Great design: Stand out from the crowd, be unique, easy to navigate; create a powerful brand identity.• Call to action: Tell customers what to do and fast.• Engaging content: Keep visitors on the site; upload presentations; make search engine relevant• Blog: Create your voice with constant unique content, interaction, feed posts to home page• Feed your site: Insert feeds from blog, social sites, RSS• Lead capture: Capture leads via contact, download coupon/ white paper,
  4. 4. Part #2• Targeted landing pages: Tied to online ads in attempt to squeeze in a sales pitch and monetize an action• Embed video and photography: Movement and beauty attract. YouTube # 2 search engine.• Social Media integration: Add socials; use easy to share buttons• Analytics: Monitor and track all activity; respond to trends.
  5. 5. Other keys to driving traffic• Socially bookmark content – Add content to social bookmarking sites• QR Codes: Use QR codes to redirect users to your hub
  6. 6. Social SEO=Relevance• Traditional Search Engine Optimization . – Page rank (numeric value (1-10) based on internal links • • Google search ( ) – Match keywords to search results – Anchor text (SEO Friendly text link is succinct and relevant to the target page) – HTML title tag – Links from social profiles
  7. 7. Add Social Search• Human authority (social/author rank, Twitter position )• Links retweeted /shared• Add syndicated social content• Crosslink within blog posts
  8. 8. Content Management• Create rich content that promotes sharing easily with friends, colleagues• Encourage mashup (mix digital media- graphics, audio, video, animation to create a new work• Reward conversation and engagement• Include keywords in content updates• Produce consistent updates – Utilize staff resources through training – Outsource updates through regular client input
  9. 9. Facebook Commerce
  10. 10. About the PresenterIra Kaufman, President, Ira combines 30 years of rich experienceswith businesses and non-profits to guide them to leverage the powerof social media for marketing, recruitment and organizationaldevelopment. Ira collaborates with a team of experts to designinteractive environments to by integrating traditional advertising,online marketing, public relations and social media. His strong valuesand sensitivity to organization innovation and change are thefoundation of his work. Ira has a PhD in Marketing and serves as aconsultant, public speaker, and lecturer for companies and SeniorExecutive programs. Currently Visiting Professor, Lynchburg CollegeSchool of Business and Economics. LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: