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Klazzle Deck


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Klazzle Deck

  1. 1. We aim to set students on the path to success by providing vital resources, support and guidance in choosing the right program at the right college. We believe in building collaborative relationships between colleges and students by demonstrating integrity and upholding the highest standards in the industry.WHO WE AREKlazzle is a resource aiming to assist students in the search for a two-or four-yearcolleges, online programs or career colleges. We customize the experience for boththe university and the student by utilizing the best marketing strategies for optimumresults –namely, helping the institution find its student match.WHAT WE DOWe use a multitude of targeted marketing tools including SEO, SEM, email marketing,mobile ads and direct mail to make it easy for the right student to be matched withthe right study program at the college that best fits their needs.Our team of experts advisors operate a call center to verify information, providepersonalized advice on making the right choice and help the student find an idealacademic environment in which to succeed. Once the information is verified andinterest in your program and school is confirmed we’ll transfer the lead to your CRMand email you an alert notification.
  2. 2. LMS/CRM
  3. 3. TARGETED DELIVERYKlazzle delivers leads in real-time to your CRM, Custom API or Email.Campaigns are easily configured to post qualified leads directly intoany system. Our delivery methods include HTTP Post, SOAP and DirectEmail. With Klazzles LMS, integrating with your clients system does notrequire hiring a programmer. Our simple interface will allow you todeliver leads of any vertical within five minutes.ADVANCED REPORTINGOur real-time reports will not leave you guessing which campaignsareperforming well. Upon logging into Klazzles LMS your dashboard willpresent you with a summary of activity by vertical, client, and vendor.Advanced reports include detailed transaction and campaignreports.LEAD VERIFICATIONWhy pay for fake leads. With lead verification and lead scoring youcan ensure you are only paying for the leads that pass these tests.Klazzle will sell leads that have passed the scoring test.
  4. 4. FILTERINGKlazzle offers advanced filtering options throughout the system. If yourtargeted audience is geo specific or maybe you are only interested incertain income brackets, Klazzle will ensure you are only buying andselling leads that match your filters.SCHEDULINGSome clients will only accept leads during normal business hours. Klazzleallows you to configure your client and vendor campaigns to restrictacceptance and delivery during off hours. Leads may become stale ifthey sit too long, scheduling keeps your leads fresh at all times.AUTO RESPONDERSStay in touch with your leads by using lead capsule auto responders.Configure personalized email messages for web forms, vendorcampaigns and even when you sell a lead to a client. Email marketingis an important step in nuturing your leads.
  5. 5. CLIENTSWe have an extensive client base in that ranges from collegesoffering degree programs to schools offering certificateprograms and from the for-profit and the not-for-profit sectorof higher education. Colleges Universities Trade Schools Agency of Records Lead CompaniesOUR TEAMOur team of experienced professionals is here to help yougrow your student body. We train and employ experiencedmarketers, IT professionals, graphic artists, bloggers andbusiness development reps to assure youll receive the bestservices and leads from us. CAN-SPAM Act Do Not Call Government Regulations
  6. 6. CONFERENCESWe attend dozens of conferences every year to make sure that our team is delivering a cutting edge product. This is a short list of the conferences we will attend in 2013.Affiliate Summit West - Caesars Palace Las Vegas | January 13-15, 2013LeadsCon Las Vegas - The Mirage Hotel & Casino | March 18-20, 2013SES - March 25-28 | New YorkAd Tech - Moscone Center West/San Francisco | April 9-10, 2013 |Conversion Conference - San Francisco | April 15-17PubCon - New Orleans | April 22-25SMX - London | May 15-16APSCU - Orlando, FL Orlando Convention Center | June 5-7
  7. 7. QUESTIONNARE1. Your College:2. Your First & Last Name:3. Your Email:4. Your Title:5. Your Phone Number:6. How many students attend your college?7. How many campuses does your college operate?8. Do you currently purchase leads?9. Who is your target audience?10. What is the students age range?11. Is there focus on one gender more than another?12. Do you target a specific ethnic group?13. What is your geo-target (cities, zip codes)?14. What programs or areas of studies do you want us to focus on?15. What percentage is campus -vs- online students?16. What days of the week would you like to receive leads?17. Can you provide us with your process in regards to application and enrollment?18. Do you offer students assistance in financial aid?19. What other forms of advertising do you use: Radio, TV, Billboard, Magazine, Newspaper20. What form of advertising and marketing yields the highest results for your school?21. How much time does your marketing team put into social media?