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Sustainability Plan


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Assignment on Introduction to Sustainability course on canvas network that explore the various definitions of sustainability and how these definitions are being applied by governments, businesses, and individuals to address environmental, societal, and economic problems around the world. Goal is not only for students to learn about sustainability, but ultimately to discern ways in which you may apply sustainability concepts at home and at work.The ultimate goal of this course is not only for you to understand sustainability, but to apply sustainability in your personal and professional life roles.

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Sustainability Plan

  1. 1. Course: Introduction to Sustainability Iqram HussainCourse: Introduction to Sustainability Instructor: Kyle G. Crider, MPA, LEED AP ND Iqram Hussain Engineer (Operation & Maintenance), Summit Power Limited, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  2. 2. Vision: I am passing my great time on earth , learning and following sustainablelearning and following sustainable practices on work and living.
  3. 3. Mission:Mission: As a global citizen and a power plant professional, I am willing to take sustainability as a important i f li i d k M ill t t ti tissue for my living and work. My will try to motivate people around me to sustainable lifestyle and lead to a sustainable world for our future generations.g
  4. 4. Goals: Short Term: To reduce fuel consumption by maintain proper driving  speed and avoiding unnecessary vehicle travelling.  To decrease residential energy consumption avoiding  unnecessary usageunnecessary usage. To be economic in water usage. To be sincere in natural resource consumption.o be s ce e atu a esou ce co su pt o . Reduce consumption of paper and energy during work  in office.
  5. 5. Goals: Midterm: To make others aware about sustainability and energy   b   l  i ti   d  li  economy by personal communication and online  blogging.  To decrease residential energy consumption by installing gy p y g energy efficient appliances. To reduce fuel consumption by shifting home close to  k l  workplace. 
  6. 6. Goals: Long Term: Replacement of old model car with fuel efficient model. Reduce residential energy consumption by repairing and  maintenance of home heating and cooling and  insulation system.insulation system. To motivate my community to sustainable practices and  lead to energy economic lifestyle.   
  7. 7. Thanks to all
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