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Final Assignment done for Online MOOC course "Life Prep" on Canvas network. Specially made for assignment purposes.

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Life prep

  1. 1. Life PlLife PlanAssignmentAssignmentSubmitted byIqram Hussain,Life Prep q ,Student,Life Prep,Canvas NetworkLife PrepConducted byMichael FreedmanDirector,MyCoreCourse.Com
  2. 2. Resources:• As a graduate mechanical engineer, I have quite agood opportunity to serve better for family andworld as a whole.• I have skill on computing and internet that willenable me to react with people beyond myterritoryterritory.• I am fluent in writing, listening and readingEnglish. I have moderate English speaking ability too.g g p g y• I have a good number of online leaning (MOOC)experiences. I earned about fifteen MOOC certificateswith distinctionwith distinction.• I am involved in social and political activities thathelps me to grow smartly.p g y
  3. 3. Liability:y• I have not accomplished my higherstudies(M.Sc./PhD, MBA) yet.• I need to develop my English speaking abilityto expert level.• I need to gain work experience beyond myregion internationally.• I have not enough control on my anger. Ihave to work on it.• My financial planning should be moreperfect.
  4. 4. Values:• I am from a beautiful country, Bangladeshwhere people are friendly and lots ofwhere people are friendly and lots ofopportunity to grow.• Everybody should be positive to life andEv ry y s l p s v l fwork.• I believe that I have enough ability to reach ag yperfectly predicted goal.• Knowledge and education is most effectivegtool to grow to greatness.• Voice against crime and lie should be active.g
  5. 5. Mission:• To accomplish my higher education, I haveto go Germany or Australia. I will startlli d l denrolling procedure next year. I alreadystated my IELTS exam preparation.I d t E li h ki bilit I h t• In order to English speaking ability, I have touse online materials and talk to myself andpeople more. I have to do it just now.p p j• I will start Yoga and meditation to increasemy mental strength and control anger.y g g• I will involve in professional trainingprogram to develop my career.p g p y
  6. 6. Purpose:• To lead in sustainablee i ee i de el p e tengineering developmentin Bangladesh and worldgas a whole and growmyself a successful personmyself a successful personsocially and financially.
  7. 7. Goals:• Short Term Goals:Short Term Goals:• To be a good English speaker.• To complete some Yoga and meditation courses.p g• Continue to MOOC courses related to my interest.• Mid term:Mid term:• Accomplish my M.Sc. from a reputed university ofGermany/Australia.• Immigrate to Australia and make a option of secondhome.L T• Long Term:• Be a COO of large sustainable engineering firm.Be a Billi ai e!!• Be a Billionaire!!
  8. 8. ThanksThanks
  9. 9. You Ca Reach me• You Can Reach me• Facebook:• Gmail: