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Share Services Outsourcing Week 2011

The 14th Annual Australasian Shared Servies & Outsourcing week is where the shared servies and sourcing world shapes its future.

Industry experts, professionals and leaders will share their experiences and lessons learnt at this event.

Visit for more information or email or call +61 2 9229 1092

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Share Services Outsourcing Week 2011

  1. 1. Super Early Bird Offer Book and Pay by the 17th December 2010 and receive our 2-4 -1 Offer saving $2,499.50 per delegate 14th Where the Shared Services and Sourcing World Shapes its Future April 11-14, 2011 Palladium at Crown, Melbourne, Australia Your SSO Week 2011 Evolving from Reference Conference to Guidebook Community 450+ Voices 1 SSO Week • Slash AP costs by 75% • Accelerate Working Capital • Leverage Cloud Computing • Achieve 99% On-time Payment Cycles • Drive Cross-functional Communication • Build Corporate Value • Roll-out Single Platform ERP • Attain Greater Scalability • Design Win/Win Collaborations Lead Sponsor Conference Partners Associate Partner Event Partners Exhibitor
  2. 2. Exclusive Industry Content Less capital expenditure, increased cash flow restrictions and a heavy emphasis on short-term business objectives.... It’s a familliar sounding story. The Australian market place may not have escaped the effects of the Global Financial Crisis, yet the message from the Shared Services industry “Down Contents: Under” is loud and clear: 2011 is most definitely Shared Services’ time to shine. I caught up with a few of the esteemed practitioners contributing to the SSO Week agenda in Melbourne to find out... Industry Content: Exclusive Barbara Hodge, Premium Content Editor, SSON Interviews & Forecast Predictions 2-3 Coretta Bessi, Manager of Procurement, Global Corporate & Commercial Services, BLUESCOPE STEEL Introduction to SSOW 2011 4 Tim Morris-Smith, CFO, MISSION AUSTRALIA Krist Davood, CIO, SCHIAVELLO GROUP Meet the Speaker Faculty: Who’s Who on Your Brooke Miller, General Manager, BP ELITE CUSTOMER SOLUTIONS 2011 Agenda 5-6 How have developments in the Australian market affected SSO Your 3 Day 2011 activity over the last 12 months? Conference Agenda Bessi: The extreme levels of uncertainty that we’ve experienced over the past two at-a-glance 7-10 years -- and the resulting conservatism -- have affected shared services through cash flow restrictions, pressures to reduce discretionary costs, a stringent focus on overhead functions, and an emphasis on achieving short term objectives rather than building Sponsors, Exhibitors longer term relationships or developing sustainable activities. It has been a tough time for all organisations, but the crisis has provided an opportunity for mature shared services & Event Partners 11 and outsourced service providers to shine. Given the financial pressures placed on our organisation, we’ve undertaken opportunity analysis with our outsourced business process providers, renegotiated our service level agreements and commercials, and engaged in further outsourcing and offshoring for back office functions. Morris-Smith: One of the things that I have noticed among the not-for-profit sector is an increased awareness of the lack of sufficient scale or expertise to access best-practice models and research. As a result, there’s an emerging conversation about the possibility of perhaps either collaborating to create a captive service provider of our own or outsourcing. Generally, the level of shared services activity in the not-for-profit sector is much less mature – Mission Australia is one of the few to have sufficient scale, which makes a more mature shared services model possible. Davood: The Global Financial Crisis has cut the capital expenditure available to SSOs. As a result, decreased capital expenditure has increased the stress on SSOs as they are forced to be reactive. Miller: Across the Australian marketplace, the Global Financial Crisis appears to have encouraged companies to look more closely at opportunities to gain efficiency through transferring activities to shared services centres. At BP Elite, we have seen increased interest from other corporates trying to understand what we do and how we deliver results, as they start down their own shared services journey. What are your predictions for the Australian marketplace over the next year? Bessi: The Australian market is increasingly being affected by the mega-trends of exponential IT developments, increased focus on environmentally sustainable practices and products, changing work force demographics, and significant cost pressures. In the coming year, my predictions are for varying levels of uncertainty in our two-speed economy, with organisations moving from a “we have gotten through the Global Financial Crisis” mindset to one of “we are now going through even more turbulent and volatile times.” 2
  3. 3. 14th In the medium to long term, I think that there are a lot of How are you moving from administrative opportunities to be found in value added activities such as supporter to strategic business partner? spend analytics and data mining; evaluating a paradigm shift in what SSOs believe is possible; and continued strong stakeholder Bessi: BlueScope has outsourced transactional activities to our engagement through uncertain times in order to control BPO provider, which allows our internal shared services to focus expectations. on the paradigm shift and transformational activities that are taking place across the business (eg, spend analytics, automation Morris-Smith: I see a growing interest in the effective of processes, and leveraging -- through category management -- deployment of shared services in the not-for-profit sector. We corporate services and IT across our global footprint). have recently seen larger transactions – such as the purchase by a consortium of not-for-profits of the former ABC Learning Morris-Smith: A key issue here is to hire leaders who understand business. ABC Learning, when it was listed on the Australian the concept of “relationship leadership,” rather than just “process Stock Exchange, had a market capitalisation in excess of leadership.” Another important factor is to create structures A$1billion. A growing realisation of the opportunities related and organisational frameworks that enable stakeholders from to scale has now been triggered which is, in turn, encouraging across the organisation to meet and seek win-win outcomes. In a focus on how the back office can strategically enable the our organisation, we have leadership councils for key areas such purposes of not-for-profit organisations. as finance and IT, where leaders from each division (our internal customers) join with national functional executives, such as the Davood: The weak US dollar compared to the strong Australian CFO and the CIO, to ensure cohesive strategies and to help the dollar have created the ‘perfect storm’ for higher levels of SSO shared services teams engage with their clients and partners more offshoring. effectively. Miller: As the Australian marketplace emerges from the Global Financial Crisis, I expect the war for talent will continue to Davood: ‘Strategy’ means transitioning the company to a escalate. As a result, it will be more important than ever that stronger commercial position. Strong IT Leadership is the key. the shared services sector offers a strong value proposition and Miller: To be an effective business partner you need to deliver development opportunities to current and prospective employees. more than just “the process.” At Elite, BP’s business services centre for Australia and New Zealand, we have focused on ensuring that we deliver not only specific outcomes to our partners, but also To be an effective business partner you need the benefit of insight that our data analysis offers. This requires to deliver more than just ‘the process’.... we have the development of analytical capability and commercial acumen focused on ensuring that we deliver not only - but also a curiosity about “the story behind the data,” and its specific outcomes to our partners, but also the implications for the customer. benefit of insight our data analysis offers. How are you tackling talent acquisition and retention challenges? What are the greatest challenges you are facing for the year ahead? Bessi: BlueScope Steel, the shared services group, and our BPO partner invest in our people to develop their skills and capabilities, Bessi: We are under pressure to continue reducing discretionary and broaden their experiences across our global footprint. This costs and accelerating value initiatives for the organisation. In includes developing our talent beyond their functional and addition, we need to hit increased targets, year-on-year, with a business unit boundaries through secondments, project work, and reduced workforce made up of baby boomers who are now close rotations. Our service provider provides an opportunity, through to retirement age. At the same time, the new Y and I-generations offshoring, to tap an additional talent pool of strongly educated, are expecting increased flexibility and career choices, as well as motivated and aligned employees in new markets. rapid progression. So there will be a need to balance individual needs with talent attraction and retention. Morris-Smith: Again, I would emphasise that great leadership is the key to winning the talent game. If people realise your Morris-Smith: The continuing challenge for us in the not-for- organisation is doing good things and has good leaders, people profit sector is to persevere in the drive towards best-practice will want to join you – and stay. Selecting the right management processes, economics and enabling services – and to manage this team; retaining and motivating them through a clear vision; in an environment where many of us, as individual operators, lack providing interesting work; being willing to engage in continuous sufficient scale. It is likely that many in this sector will increasingly change; and showing a commitment to fair pay, are all critical be open to considering selective use of outsource providers – elements. especially in specialist/expert areas like procurement. Davood: I leverage staff in roles which I know they enjoy and are Davood: We’ve implemented a full end-to-end network challenged by. cloud computing capability. We’ve also fully virtualised our IT environment. Miller: Elite has a strong focus on ensuring our employee value proposition supports our goal to attract and retain the best talent. Miller: The continuing challenge for service centres is to ensure We regularly survey our employees to ensure we understand their that the entire team is 100% focused on the customer and their values and motivations, and then review the components of the needs. Variables such as the economy, employment market, value proposition to ensure there is alignment. Similarly, we focus customer offer, ERP, etc., may change throughout the year, but on the development of leadership and technical capabilities, and a business services centre needs to maintain its focus and offer align these to potential career paths throughout the organisation. a continuous, seamless result, day after day. The only way to achieve this successfully is to ensure your team has a laser-like focus on the customer and a “can-do” attitude to deliver. Download the rest of this interview and further exclusive industry content at: 3
  4. 4. Australasian Shared Services Market 2009 2010 2011 Cost Crackdown Stabilise & Gear Transform & Climb Up For Growth Value Chain FACT #1: The global financial crisis FACT #2: Australasian businesses FACT #3: Transactional savings are brought a crackdown on cost and began gearing up to capitalise on no longer enough - high value efficiency drive that propelled projected economic growth and strategic alignment of Shared Shared Services to the top of board reassessing back office activity Services is now the name of the room agendas game to maximise full business value-add Have you recently reviewed your back office strategy to capitalise on 2011’s growth opportunity? If not, SSO Week is the one-stop-shop with all the answers. Why are 450 people taking 3 days out of the office to From strategies to continue to claw back on costs; to practical tips on attend this event in.. retaining talent and building your Gen Y-savvy brand, SSOW can provide you with the information you need to ensure your SSO will continue to Dramatically slash AP cost per invoice by up to 75% as Suncorp have add noticeable value to the business. Achieve 99% on-time average payment cycles (max 14 day terms) alongside the NSW Compensation Authorities Cluster Who’s already signed up for 2011? Drive up cross-functional communication through migration to a single • BP Elite Customer Solutions • NAB platform: ServiceFirst share their SAP roll-out learnings • Suncorp • Parmalat Markedly improve your Incident Data Quality from 40% incident • News Limited • Honeylight Enterprises recording to 100% like News Limited • Schweppes • Telecom • Telstra • NSW Businesslink Accelerate your working capital flow: Learn how The Salvation Army process all Tax Invoices within 2 days of receipt • The Salvation Army • MMG Minerals & Metals Group • Department of Territory and • GlaxoSmithKline Boost HR and recruitment efficiencies with the latest automation Municipal Services • ServiceFirst tools: Victoria University of Wellington fully integrate a new e-recruit • Pearson Australia Group • Housing NSW Compensation application with Payroll and identity management systems • ANZ Authorities Cluster, NSW • Mission Australia Government Leverage Cloud Computing in Shared Services without compromising • Department of Treasury & Finance • Schiavello Group on security - The Schiavello Group Shared Services (WA) • Bluescope Steel Attain greater scalability in service delivery and support core business • Uniting Care • Qantas strategy through intelligent offshoring, just as Macquarie’s Finance • Holcim • Macquarie Services are • University of Sydney • Leighton Contractors Create win/win outsourcing partnerships through effective • Chemtex Group of Companies • Department of Environment Climate collaboration techniques: Bluescope Steel tell all • Victoria University of Wellington Change & Water, NSW Government • Transport Shared Services, NSW • Rio Tinto Making Big Bang Shared Services work - Transport Shared Services Government • Westpac simultaneously merge 1000+ employees from different organisations into • Peeriosity one team with a single ERP platform Hear more from the 2011 speaker faculty in the lead up to the event at: Our mission stays the same: to provide an ‘6 is the New 8’ unbiased platform to counter end-user cynicism You told us that “G8” were a few “G’s” too and confusion around the growing complexity many - so we’ve reduced the group to 6. Result: of sourcing models and solutions. Thanks to G6 is now the new G8. All of the fire and your feedback, we have made some changes. brilliant insight - less of the noise. So here’s how we’ve changed: Vote Now Individuals NOT Companies The questions asked are provocative enough THE NEW FACE OF G8 2011 is about the unique personalities and to rival those usually saved for coffee breaks, their voices, not about companies. You choose and the answers are, too - now that the G6 (6 is the New 8: the top 6 sell-side industry “gurus” via the members can use their own voice. The voices YOU choose, G6 voting poll on the website who you believe from the people YOU want) have personally made a difference in the sourcing community. 4
  5. 5. Meet the The ‘Who’s Who’ of the Shared Services & Outsourcing World 2011 Speakers* in Australasia…… *To see the full speaker list and their full biographies, visit Charles Reis, General Manager Shared Business Services, MMG MINERALS & METALS GROUP Biggest priority/goal/focus for 2011: To use the shared services model to drive organisational transformation. No other part of the business has more of a mandate for delivering improvement than shared services How Shared Services is supporting business strategy: MMG’s goal is to build the next generation’s leading mining company. This means that Shared Business Services must likewise understand what it needs to look like to support this goal. Our approach is to focus on ensuring Shared Business Services has the best quality people equipped with the imagination to see what the future can look like, and can take us there Scott Singer, Chief Procurement Officer, RIO TINTO Current role: Responsible for implementing sourcing strategies and executing supply agreements for the Rio Tinto Group businesses and leading a shared services team supporting all buying, inbound logistics and warehouse management operations. Current shared services geography and functional scope: Over 1,500 people based at Rio Tinto sites across the world and regional office hubs on five continents. Previous career history: 19 years with United Technologies Corporation most recently serving as the Chief Procurement Officer. Martin York, Head of Business Process Outsourcing, Group Strategy and Finance, NAB Proudest career achievement: The roll out of a shared services operating model in the UK, supporting global business units Biggest priority for 2011: Leverage of our offshoring capability Sanjay Sridher, Executive Director, SERVICEFIRST Biggest priority for 2011 ServiceFirst recently successfully rolled out a new SAP platform to many of its clients covering Payroll, HR and Finance - a complex programme well executed. We will also be implementing a NSW “ whole of government” standard SAP solution in the future. Current customer geography and functional scope: Our customer base includes 8 of the 13 cluster departments in NSW Government. ServiceFirst offers solutions across Financial Services, HR, Facilities and Fleet Management and IT. Favourite pearl of shared services wisdom: If it can be measured, it can’t be improved. Clive Parsons, Director IT - Shared Services, NEWS LIMITED Number of centres and seats to date: 6 centres, 169 seats Most improved metric in your SSO: Incident Data Quality improved from 40% incident recording to 100% Proudest career achievement: Winning over an extremely aggressive regional director through persistent quality service. Stephen Payne CPA, Finance Director Corporate & Shared Services, Compensation Authorities Cluster, NSW GOVERNMENT Most improved metric in your SSO: Average payment cycle for critical care providers @ 99% on-time [max 14 day terms] Current ERP Platform: SunSystems on SQL Would most like to meet at SSOW: Benchmarking partners from both the private and public sectors Norris Dudgeon, Shared Services Group Manager, THE SALVATION ARMY Most improved metric in your SSO: Cost of processing per transaction; Accuracy of processing, Staff turnover, Reduced “Payment Cycle Time” eg: Have a SLA with every centre (over 400). Payroll error rate cannot exceed 0.02% of volume processed: All Tax Invoices processed within 2 working days of receipt at SSG. Proud career achievement: Implementation of the Shared Services Group within The Salvation Army Australian Eastern Territory (encompasses NSW, Qld & ACT), within the predetermined timeframe and under budget. Rob Miller, Manager HR Shared Services, VICTORIA UNIVERSITY OF WELLINGTON Would most like to meet at SSOW: Any representatives of similar organisations, i.e. tertiary or other level education or service providers who have successfully “cracked” the employer branding/EVP issue. Biggest priority/goal/focus for 2011: Replacing our ageing on-line recruitment system with a new e-recruit application, fully integrated with our payroll and university identity management systems. Favourite pearl of shared services wisdom: Structural change is the lowest order of action to effect real change; cultural change – hearts and minds are what counts. Maree McMahon, Executive Manager - Finance Shared Services, SUNCORP Most improved metric in your SSO: 75% reduction in cost per invoice processed in A/P Current ERP: Oracle Biggest Priority for 2011: Continued rationalisation and standardisation of processes to generate greater efficiencies and integration of end-to-end processes Favourite pearl of shared services wisdom: As a leader, continually focus on engaging and developing the skills of the staff within the team to help drive incremental change at all levels to meet current and future goals. 5
  6. 6. Meet the The ‘Who’s Who’ of the Shared Services & Outsourcing World 2011 Speakers* in Australasia…… *To see the full speaker list and their full biographies, visit Krist Davood, CIO, SCHIAVELLO GROUP Most improved metric in your SSO? TCO reduction 35% year on year Proudest career achievement: The Schiavello Group is now part of the BRW Top 100 Current customer geography and functional scope: Asia, Australia, Europe and the Middle East Favourite pearl of shared services wisdom: Take your responsibilities seriously but not too seriously; don’t get caught in the moment Charles Gray, Division Director Financial Services, MACQUARIE Career History: Worked within the Finance industry for over 20 years, and have spent over 7 years with Macquarie Group in a variety of senior Finance roles. Appointed the position of Head of Global Finance Services in December 2008 SSO Establishment: Global Finance Services was formed in November 2006 as a strategic Finance initiative with the goal of achieving greater scalability in service delivery to support Macquarie’s growth and now operates out of locations in Sydney and Gurgaon Biggest Priority for 2011: Building the scale, breadth and depth of the service offering in order to increase the range of high value, cost effective services offered Mark Woolfrey, General Manager Finance Professional Services, ANZ Career History: Engagement director for a consultancy specializing in providing services to CFOs, primarily in transformation, shared services, and reporting. Also an 18 year career with American Express, working across Accounting and Finance roles in Sydney, Phoenix Arizona, Singapore and Tokyo Contribution to current role: A range of experience that will be crucial in driving ANZ’s change agenda across Finance Professional Services including both building and running finance shared services, and leading major transformational change Coretta Bessi, Manager of Procurement, Global Corporate & Commercial Services, BLUESCOPE STEEL Most improved metric in your SSO: We have completed a paradigm shift in outsourcing our back office transactions and have offshored many activities. The difference in offshoring has resulted in 1/3rd of the cost between Australia employees and China employees, with an increase in service levels. Proudest career achievement: Developing a business case, gaining approval and setting up an entirely new team to focus on value initiatives. The new team was up to 25 strong, predominantly fixed term students, with high motivation, energy and drive to exceed targets. This has proved beneficial in understanding how we can leap the hurdles as a shared services team through the power of a business case to show the facts and gain endorsement to add value to the organisation. Would most like to meet at SSOW: Any organisations which have undertaken significant offshoring activities beyond the traditional transactional activities. Jimmy Spencer, CFO & Director, CHEMTEX GROUP OF COMPANIES Career History: Associated with the Industry for the last 33 years with extensive experience in the fields of business and corporate affairs in manufacturing and service-oriented industries Proudest career achievement: Contributed to business strategy and re-structuring including introduction of the concept of shared services in the fields of Finance, HR and IT within the Chemtex Group of Companies. Albert Olley, Chief Executive, NSW BUSINESSLINK Contribution to current role: Successful implementation of SAP Human Resources and Finance functions for Businesslink’s largest client; the lead and management of the key organisational transformation programme to implement a whole of business product framework and unitised fee-for-service business model and the oversight of implementation of organisational risk management, fraud and corruption and Business Continuity Management strategies and plans Career History: Previous employment with Westpac Banking Corporation, and Allianz, where he held the roles of Group Process Officer, managing organisation-wide process reengineering, and National Manager, Strategy Implementation Support. Neil Padley, Deputy Director General of Transport Shared Services, NSW GOVERNMENT Most improved metric in your SSO: At my previous company (Air New Zealand) our cost of payroll per person per pay reduced from over $17 to less than $6. Proudest career achievement: Being part of the design, development, establishment and running of four very different shared service centres at Australia Post, BHP Billiton, Air New Zealnd and now Transport NSW. Biggest priority/goal/focus for 2011: Bringing together around a 1000 employees from different organisations into the one Transport Shared Services team as well as choosing and implementing an ERP system Favourite pearl of shared services wisdom: Why be ordinary, when you can be extraordinary! Brian Roche, Executive Director of Shared Services, DEPARTMENT OF TREASURY & FINANCE SHARED SERVICES (WA) Career History: Twenty years experience in managing strategic corporate services in Local and State Government as well as in the private sector including over ten years with Coles Myer Favourite pearl of shared services wisdom: Having commitment from senior leaders to assist in driving a reform programme 6
  7. 7. Introducing Brand New Award Categories for the 2011 SSON Excellence Awards: Excellence Excellence Excellence Excellence Excellence in in Customer in Culture in People & in Value Improvement Service Creation Communication C Creation & Innovation Important Information Regarding Changes to your 2. Awards Activity Onsite: An All Inclusive Celebration. Awards Programme: This year’s awards ceremony has been worked into the main agenda of the 2011 SSOW programme. At the conclusion of While our mission stays the same, to honour, recognize the sessions on 12th April Day Two, the Awards Ceremony and promote both captive and outsourced SSOs that will begin. Our judging faculty will recognise each of the demonstrate winning practices, we want to make it easier shortlisted candidates for their achievements “in excellence.” for you to enter. If you have a good story to tell about your This ceremony is followed by cocktails and dinner, followed SSO then you are encouraged to apply regardless of age, size, by the announcement of our 2011 award winners. shape and model. 1. Introducing the “Excellence In” Series. Announcing the Brand New Personal Contribution We’ve crafted 5 new categories around the core to the Industry Award. competencies of shared services and outsourcing. We are no No longer will our judging faculty choose between a list of longer asking you to claim your SSO as “best,” but rather applicants for this individual achievement award. This year enter into the category in which you excel beyond the normal. it’s about the People’s Choice. You decide whose worthy of receiving this honourable award. Apply online now at: WARM-UP WORKSHOPS Monday, 11th April 2011 WORKSHOP A: 9.30am - 1pm WORKSHOP B: 9.30am - 1pm WORKSHOP C: 9.30am - 1pm A-Z FOR BEGINNERS BENCHMARKING CHANGE MANAGEMENT Although there is no template for shared services In order to meet the requirements for constant Effectively managing change in line with the implementation success, those who have been improvement and additional savings, effective growing scope of SSOs has been cited as one through the journey can offer valuable insights benchmarking processes within SSOs are a of the most pressing issues faced in the Shared and lessons to those just starting out on their SS fundamental ingredient for success. Taking Services industry. In a workshop packed with expedition. Led by Neil Padley, who has extensive a hands-on approach to measuring process interaction, practical tasks and real life examples, experience in both the public and private sector, effectiveness and implementing best practices Joseph Soalheira will help participants address the this workshop will take you through each step ensures that your SSO will continue to meet the multiple facets of change management strategies: of the expedition and provide you with practical needs of the business. This interactive workshop New age thinking in change management and approaches to the process, including: will look at tools and tactics for value-driven how it can help you benchmarking: Forming and communicating an effective Assessing how to approach major changes and business case Using case studies from counterparts to ensure the importance of timing and patience you are on the right track Implementing a growth orientated governance Achieving individual and group buy-in structure Assessing the available templates, techniques and software and what they can do for you Overcoming difficult parties and problems Developing a detailed roadmap and navigating typical challenges Integrating Activity Analysis and Scorecards for The transitional tips you can’t afford to miss. a top down, bottom up approach Dealing with cultural integration of both internal and external staff Benchmarking’s role in becoming a world class SSO. Managing an SSO start up and avoiding common problems. Neil Padley, Deputy Director Joseph Soalheira, General of Transport Shared Advisory Board Member, Services, NSW GOVERNMENT THE HACKETT GROUP SSON Lunch is included for all workshop attendees 7
  8. 8. DAY ONE Monday, 11th April 2011 13.00 Registration Opens 16.20 Afternoon Tea and Networking 13.30 SSON Opening 16.50 A 360 DEGREE REVIEW OF CUSTOMER PERFORMANCE: DID WE Natalie Williams, Programme Director ANZ, SSON GET IT RIGHT? In this session, traditional buyer-provider scrutiny is turned on its head! 13.40 Chairman’s Opening Remarks In this exclusive interview, one brave SSO will interview their service Donal Graham, Partner, DELOITTE provider to unearth what their partner thinks about how the SSO is run. The interview will delve into ways for the client to extract more value 13.50 SSON’S ANNUAL ‘STATE OF THE INDUSTRY REPORT’ from their partner, ways to communicate their needs more effectively An exclusive first insight into the global trends and Australasian and the most elating and frustrating parts of the relationship. Learn highlights. how to improve your collaborations in a session packed with insight Emma Beaumont, Global Head of Events, SSON and honesty. Coretta Bessi, Manager of Accounting Services, BLUESCOPE STEEL 14.20 Structured One-to-One Networking Moderator: Trevor Patti, Centre Director, BPO, CAPGEMINI AUSTRALIA 17.20 SIX THINGS THAT MAKE BOARD MEMBERS LOVE OR LOATHE YOUR 14.50 2011 TASK FORCE DEBATE (ANZ REGION): BEYOND SSO: C-SUITE REVELATIONS ON SHARED SERVICES MODELLING COST SAVINGS TO CONTINUOUS TRANSFORMATION - What keeps board level executive sponsors of Shared Services awake GROUNDBREAKING APPROACHES PIONEERED IN AUSTRALASIA at night? Ask them! The business focus on short term ‘cost outs’ and Generating upstream value by aligning your SSO strategy with wider One To Watch! long term savings has intensified significantly since the GFC but what business goals role does the SSO model play in this discussion around the boardroom Attracting the right talent, fostering innovation and instilling a table? And how can you make sure your SSO keeps its top-level winning team culture backing for every step of your journey? Advancing shared services: cloud computing, advanced data Presenting the initial business case analytics, tax optimisation and more Key risk considerations Coretta Bessi, Manager of Procurement, Global Corporate & The importance of cultural fit Commercial Services, BLUESCOPE STEEL Achieving full board buy in and support Charles Gray, Division Director Financial Services, MACQUARIE Nigel Wilkinson, CEO, HEALTH BENEFITS LTD Sanjay Sridher, Executive Director, SERVICEFIRST Beverley Honig, CEO, HONEYLIGHT ENTERPRISES Mark Woolfrey, General Manager Finance Professional Services, ANZ Sanjay Sridher, Executive Director, SERVICEFIRST Brooke Miller, General Manager, BP ELITE CUSTOMER SOLUTIONS Scott Singer, Chief Procurement Officer, RIO TINTO 17.50 PROPELLING CHANGE: MANAGING YOUR SSO AS A PROACTIVE Moderator: Donal Graham, Partner, DELOITTE CHANGE AGENT FOR THE BUSINESS Gaining the full support of business units and integrating your SSO into 15.40 FROM ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORTER TO STRATEGIC ENABLER: overall company culture is a continuing challenge. Whether you are just LEVERAGING YOUR SSC AS A COMPETITIVE TOOL beginning your journey or are in the process of developing a Centre Of Globalisation is causing competition to intensify, yet simultaneously Excellence, an effective and continuing change management strategy changing the way we do business. Its commonly known that is a vital ingredient for achieving your vision. Once established though, CASE STUDY competitive advantage is intrinsically linked to cutting costs, but as your SSO can take on a whole new agenda and drive positive change the role of Shared Services becomes ever more prominent in overall through the wider business: business strategy, practitioners are recognising further that greater Defining a unified, company-wide vision and designing a road map competitive gains can be made through more sophisticated approaches to ensure you reach your desired destination to Shared Services. Hear how BP Elite Customer Solutions is harnessing Instilling a culture of change management amongst leaders for a top this new attitude and using initiatives born out of the lessons of the down approach GFC to propel their SSCs for future business growth. Strategies to prevent failure when instigating cultural and Using advanced data analytics in your SSC to propel business strategy organisational change Becoming an interface between the transactional and the tactical Deborah Coakley, Head of People Shared Services, QANTAS Commercialising how the SSC communicates with the business for Mark Preston, Director of Finance Shared Services, UNIVERSITY OF optimal value add SYDNEY Drawing on your SSC as a source of talent for the wider business Considerations for tax optimisation in Shared Services 18.40 Chairman’s closing remarks Brooke Miller, General Manager, BP ELITE CUSTOMER SOLUTIONS 18.50 WELCOME RECEPTION DAY TWO Tuesday, 12th April 2011 7.45 Coffee & Registration 09.45 Structured One-to-One Networking JOIN US FOR BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S A fun-filled start to your day, Breakfast At Tiffany’s is the perfect 10.15 EXCLUSIVE RELEASE: THE GLOBAL BUSINESS SERVICES opportunity to meet practitioners and providers - not to mention the PERFORMANCE STUDY 2011 chance to win a prize from Tiffany’s the jeweller! In this session, The Hackett Group release the results from this year’s Global Business Services Performance Study. Hackett will draw out from 8.45 Chairman’s Opening Day Two the data the key themes emerging in Shared Services, how the industry Donal Graham, Partner, DELOITTE continues to develop and where SSOs are heading in the future. Be first to hear the trends! 09.00 FORMING A LASTING CLIENT-PROVIDER RELATIONSHIP TO Presented by THE HACKETT GROUP ACCELERATE BUSINESS GROWTH IBM takes to the stand with one of Australia’s leading businesses to 10.45 AN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH SCOTT SINGER discuss how they forged a mutually beneficial partnership, through the Led by Infosys, Rio Tinto’s Chief Procurement Offer will talk about the alignment of culture and goals to drive a global growth strategy. All will latest Shared Services strategies and innovations he is rolling out at Rio. be revealed on 15th December – watch this space: Scott Singer, Chief Procurement Officer, RIO TINTO Interviewer: INFOSYS Moderator: IBM 11.15 Morning Coffee 11.45 STREAMED SESSIONS BEGIN 8
  9. 9. DAY TWO Tuesday, 12th April 2011 A B C D SHARED SERVICES FOR ASSA - THE NEW ASSBA FINANCE TRANSFORMATION HR TRANSFORMATION GOVERNMENT 11.45 DESIGNING METRICS TO MEETING EMPLOYEE DATA DELIVERING BEST PRACTICE MEASURE BUSINESS OUTCOME PRIVACY REQUIREMENTS P2P PROCESSES IN IMPROVEMENT ACROSS MULTIPLE GOVERNMENT SHARED CASE STUDY CASE STUDY SSON is thrilled to announce the Mark Preston, Director of Finance JURISDICTIONS SERVICES first year of our partnership with the Shared Services, UNIVERSITY OF Karina Petty, Associate Director Moderator: Karri Lehtonen, Vice Australasian Shared Services Association SYDNEY HR Operations, MACQUARIE President, BASWARE – the newly rebranded ASSBA. AUSTRALIA/NZ EVERYONE WELCOME 12.15 Whether you’re a current ASSA IMPROVING YOUR NET CASH POSITIONING YOUR COMPANY NAVIGATING CO-LOCATION FOR member or not, you’re welcome to CYCLE – AUTOMATION FROM FOR GROWTH THROUGH UNIFIED MULTI-FUNCTION SUCCESS join the onsite ASSA meeting. PURCHASE REQUEST TO STRATEGIC HIRING PRACTICES Stephen Payne CPA, Finance Further content will be available online CUSTOMER PAYMENT Moderator: ADP Director Corporate & Shared Services, in the New Year, but in the meantime, Moderator: Mark MacLeod, Compensation Authorities Cluster, NSW here is a taste of what you can expect: National Solutions Manager, GOVERNMENT COMPUTERSHARE 12.45 DEVELOPING AND POSITIONING TRANSFORMING FINANCE GOOD GOVERNANCE – THE INTERACTIVE SESSION: THE INTERNAL PROFESSIONALISM SHARED SERVICES: MOVING ESSENTIAL BACKBONE FOR MASTERING COMMERCIAL OF SHARED SERVICES UP THE MATURITY & VALUE SUCCESS IN HR SHARED SERVICES MANAGEMENT OF SHARED INTERACTIVE Charles Reis, General Manager CURVE Neil Padley, Deputy Director General SERVICES SESSION Shared Business Services, MMG Ramana Akula, Programme of Transport Shared Services, NSW Facilitator: Mike Andrews, MINERALS & METALS GROUP Director APAC, PEARSON GOVERNMENT Practice Manager Operations Neil Padley, Deputy Director General AUSTRALIA GROUP Moderator: Joseph Soalheira, Excellence, DOWLING of Transport Shared Services, NSW Advisory Board Member, SSON CONSULTING GOVERNMENT 13.15 Networking Lunch 14.30 G6 VISIONARIES 2011: GLOBAL SOURCING THINK TANK (ANZ CHAPTER) Six is the new eight! Identifying who to listen to has just become easier - learn what your chosen thought leaders from the sell side have to say as 6 pioneering sourcing strategists shape a common industry agenda. Vote now: 15.30 STREAMED SESSIONS BEGIN A B C D PHASE ONE – PLANNING & PHASE TWO – EFFICIENCY & PHASE THREE – TRANSFORMATION NOT FOR PROFIT LAUNCHING STREAMLINING & EFFECTIVENESS 15.30 USING ROADMAPS, TRANSITIONING TO A SUCCESSFUL WHERE NOW? USING ADVANCED WHAT SHARED SERVICES POLICIES AND PILOTS TO IT SHARED SERVICES ORGANISATION PROCESS TRANSFORMATION WITHIN CAN MEAN FOR THE NOT ENSURE SUCCESS IN YOUR AND CULTURE MATURE SSOs FOR PROFIT SECTOR CASE STUDY PANEL DISCUSSION SSO Clive Parsons, Director IT - Shared Moderator: Mark Thompson, Managing Tim Morris-Smith, CFO, Tonya Scibilia, HR Team Services, NEWS LIMITED Director, XCHANGING AUSTRALIA MISSION AUSTRALIA Manager, TELSTRA Norris Dudgeon, Shared Services Group Manager, THE SALVATION ARMY Greg Naimo, Director IT 16.00 POST-LAUNCH STABILISATION, SHIFTING GEARS – DRIVING CAN CLOUD COMPUTING REALLY Services Centre, UNITING STANDARISATION AND EFFICIENCY: USING INNOVATIVE TAKE YOUR SSO TO THE NEXT CARE AUTOMATION AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGY LEVEL? WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT? Jane Webster, Head of AND SOLUTIONS FOR BETTER Krist Davood, CIO, SCHIAVELLO Shared Services, STOCKLAND PERFORMANCE IN YOUR SSC GROUP ORGANISATION Moderator: READSOFT 16.30 Afternoon Tea 17.00 THE BIG PICTURE: YOUR TOP 3 SHARED SERVICES ISSUES 17.30 PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT SESSION: BE THE DIFFERENCE THAT DEBATED LIVE FROM THE PEERIOSITY COMMUNITY MAKES THE DIFFERENCE Practitioners worldwide have weighed in using the Peeriosity Shared What is it that makes people tick? Let’s look at the individual and the Services Week Research Area on some of their top strategic issues. See the team. Is it Passion, Commitment, Money, Language, Goals, Attitude, Love, results of your online collaborative effort and hear from a panel of your Nutrition, Exercise or Spirit that drives us through life. This presentation will peers as they share their candid perspectives on these key strategic issues: look at all of the individual aspects and also combine to investigate how End-to-End Process Improvement and Evolution – Optimisation and the this affects teams of people. Trust, Conflict and Accountability being the role of Shared Services spine of teams; responsibility being the body of it all. Come and have some Cost reduction versus value creation – framing the conversation on fun, with some laughs and perhaps some small tears. Learn about body Shared Services language, name retention and what does it take to understand yourself and others. Learn how to make a difference! Captive Shared Services – Key considerations in making sourcing decisions (In-source, Outsource, Near-shore, Back-shore) Guest Personal Development Speaker: Lincoln Amidy Brad Tallon, Head of Shared Services and Treasury, HOLCIM 18.30 SSON EXCELLENCE AWARDS – Mark Preston, Director of Finance Shared Services, UNIVERSITY OF GET THE PARTY STARTED! SYDNEY Sit back as drinks are circulated and the 2011 Sandeep Chitale, Head of Business Services Australia, SCHWEPPES judging panel reveal why the shortlisted candidates Moderator: Ira Fialkow, SVP Member Services, were selected. See page 7 for more info PEERIOSITY 19.00 COCKTAIL & DINNER 9
  10. 10. DAY THREE Wednesday, 13th April, 2011 7.45 Coffee & Registration 10.15 GAINING COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE THROUGH THE POWER OF PREMIUM TALENT: REDEFINING VALUE, FOSTERING INNOVATION 08.50 Chairman’s Opening Day Three AND MAINTAINING DISCIPLINE Donal Graham, Partner, DELOITTE This session will unearth strategies in: PANEL DISCUSSION Reaching the right people through innovative SSO brand 09.00 FROM COST-CUTTER TO REVENUE GENERATOR: CENTERS OF development and promotion EXCELLENCE CONTINUE TO DRIVE THE NEXT WAVE OF VALUE Engaging employees from the outset and maintaining employee satisfaction Shared Services has the opportunity to offer more value and be seen as a greater asset to the business. The increased focus on efficiency means Instilling a top down, bottom up culture of professional development it is Shared Services’ time to shine. Once the major consolidation steps Upskilling employees and defining clear, desirable career paths across have been taken and refined, SSOs must look to widening their role to multiple disciplines become a more prominent player in overall business strategy through Know your competition – what does your sector look like for SS high value, advisory services and aligning with business goals. Long career opportunity? utilised elsewhere in the world, Centres of Excellence continue to drive Jimmy Spencer, CFO & Director, CHEMTEX GROUP OF COMPANIES the next wave of value to SSOs globally. Rob Miller, Manager HR Shared Services, VICTORIA UNIVERSITY OF Krist Davood, CIO, SCHIAVELLO GROUP WELLINGTON Jill Divorty, Executive Director Shared Services, DEPARTMENT OF Maree McMahon, Executive Manager - Finance Shared Services, SUNCORP TERRITORY AND MUNICIPAL SERVICES Albert Olley, Chief Executive, NSW BUSINESSLINK 10.45 Morning Coffee 11.15 INNOVATIVE CONTRACTING: LAYING THE CORRECT FRAMEWORK 09.30 Structured One-to-One Networking FOR BENEFICIAL BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS Buyer-provider relationships don’t have to stifle innovation or simply 09.45 WHERE TO NOW? SHORING CONSIDERATIONS TO MAXIMISE THE provide the means to allocate blame. Through revitalised attitudes on RAPID GROWTH OF SSOs both sides, a true and trusted partnership can develop, leading to win- Building the business case and overcoming cultural objections win situations. This session will uncover: Aligning your shoring strategy with potential tax savings Building internal collaboration: Abolishing the ‘them’ and ‘us’ mentality Defining appropriate selection criteria to choose the right location Improving negotiation skills Understanding labour arbitrage and various locations’ skills offerings Opening lines of communication and trust Deploying and managing Shared Services on a global scale Structuring contracts that really reflect goals Integrating your near and offshore capabilities Instilling knowledge transfer and flexibility for growth Leveraging Australia’s proximity to Asia for continued growth Governance to promote innovation: Measure less to monitor more! Identifying when the fit isn’t right - backshoring Tackling the tough issues and dealing with disagreements Tim Morris-Smith, CFO, MISSION AUSTRALIA Martin York, Head of Business Process Outsourcing, Group Strategy Sandeep Chitale, Head of Business Services Australia, SCHWEPPES and Finance, NAB 11.45 STREAMED SESSIONS BEGIN A B C D SHARED SERVICES FOR PROCUREMENT TRANSFORMATION FINANCE TRANSFORMATION HR TRANSFORMATION GOVERNMENT 11.45 ‘PAVING THE YELLOW INSIGHTS FROM INDUSTRY-LEADING IDENTIFYING ‘TOP GUN’ THE WA JOURNEY SO FAR BRICK ROAD’ TO ACHIEVE CFO’S: EXPLORING ALTERNATIVE PRACTICE IN YOUR CENTRE: Brian Roche, Executive TRUE TRANSFORMATIONAL DELIVERY MODELS FOR STRONGER IS YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE Director of Shared Services, CASE STUDY PROCUREMENT: FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE REALLY UP TO SCRATCH? DEPARTMENT OF TREASURY Scott Singer, Chief Procurement Moderator: IBM Peter Thomson, General & FINANCE SHARED Officer, RIO TINTO Manager Shared Services, SERVICES WATTYL GROUP 12.15 AUTOMATING P2P - THE KEY TO DRAGON’S DEN: GRILL THE P2P DEVELOPING A TAILORMADE EFFECTIVE GOVERNANCE: THE REDUCING PROCESSING TIME, AUTOMATION VENDORS ON WHY SOLUTION TO YOUR HR FOUNDATION OF SUCCESS MAXIMISING STAFF PRODUCTIVITY THEIR KIT IS BETTER THAN THE NEXT NEEDS WITHIN GOVERNMENT SHARED AND IMPROVING SUPPLIER SERVICES RELATIONS Albert Olley, Chief Executive, NSW BUSINESSLINK 12.45 DEVELOPING AN INTEGRATED SHARED SERVICES’ ROLE IN BUILDING WORLD CLASS HR REFINING YOUR SSO VISION FOR SHARED OPTIMISING WORKING CAPITAL AND SHARED SERVICES MODEL TO ALIGN WITH SERVICES IN PROCUREMENT ACCELERATING CASH FLOW GOVERNMENT STRATEGIC ROUNDTABLES CASE STUDY INTERACTIVE Jimmy Spencer, CFO & Director, PLANNING CHEMTEX GROUP OF COMPANIES Jill Divorty, Executive Director Shared Services, DEPARTMENT OF TERRITORY AND MUNICIPAL SERVICES 13.15 Networking Lunch 14.15 THE GREAT DEBATE: CAPTIVE, OUTSOURCED OR HYBRID – DOES 14.45 THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL! IT REALLY MATTER? Mountains of prizes to give away to conference delegates – make sure you Attitudes in Australia are changing – outsourced and hybrid are becoming stick around for your chance to win! more common models of choice. This discussion will help you to analyse 15.30 Chairman’s close of conference the current trends in the market and typical questions posed by SSCs at each stage of the maturity curve: Making the leap from captive to outsourced – is it really a natural progression? Is there a right time? Mix and match: Assessing what options are available in hybrid models and how to prioritise what goes and what stays SITE VISIT DAY (OPTIONAL) Thursday, 14th April, 2011 Square peg, round hole: What happens when the numbers stack up but outsourcing doesn’t look like a cultural fit? Site visits will be announced in early January........ Deborah Coakley, Head of People Shared Services, QANTAS 10
  11. 11. ABOUT THE 2011 SPONSORS Lead Sponsor Deloitte is well known in the local marketplace as a thought leader and innovator in Shared Services and has worked on some of Australia and New Zealand’s largest and complex shared services projects with both public and private sector clients. We assist our clients with the entire Shared Services journey from the initial strategy and business case through key design elements to full implementation. Increasingly, Deloitte works with its clients to optimize shared services through innovative techniques such as advanced data analytics, social media and enterprise information management. To learn more, visit Conference Partners Infosys defines, designs and delivers IT-enabled business solutions that help the world’s most successful companies build tomorrow’s enterprise. Our end-to-end Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services combine domain expertise, process skills and technology to significantly reduce costs, enhance effectiveness and optimise services that fuel your business. Infosys has over 125,000 employees in over 70 cities around the world, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Wellington. For more information, visit The Hackett Group (NASDAQ: HCKT), a global strategic advisory firm, is a leader in best practice advisory, benchmarking, and transformation consulting services including strategy and operations, working capital management, and globalisation advice. Using best practices insights from more than 5,000 benchmarking engagements, executives use our empirically- based approach to quickly define and implement initiatives to enable world-class performance. The Hackett Group has worked with 2,700 major corporations and government agencies, including 97% of the Dow Jones Industrials, 80% of the Fortune 100, 80% of the DAX 30 and 49% of the FTSE 100. Associate Partner Today, about 400,000 IBM employees around the world invent, integrate and operate software, hardware and services to help forward-thinking enterprises, institutions and people succeed in building a smarter planet. One of IBM’s fastest growing business lines is Global Process Services (GPS). Through GPS, IBM is defining the next- generation of Business Process Outsourcing, with a focus on innovating your business processes to help differentiate your enterprise. IBM has solutions spanning across Customer Relationship Management , Finance & Administration, Human Resources and Supply Chain Management plus additional industry-specific solutions such as Banking Back Office. Event Partners Dowling Consulting is a management consulting firm servicing a global portfolio With more than 5,000 customers, including Caltex, Rio Tinto, Intel, Apple, DuPont, Siemens, Porsche, Kellogg’s and Xchanging is a global (FTSE 250), of blue-chip commercial and government Orica, amongst other, ReadSoft is the solution of choice. technology powered business clients by providing practical solutions to For further details on ReadSoft Oceania please click on process service provider, with a complex management problems. With the following link into the Company’s website: focus on Insurance, Lending & practice specialisations in Strategic Business Analysis and or call on +61 2 9929 0676 Mortgages, Securities processing, Funds administration Service Transformation, our depth of experience across and Procurement Services outsourcing. a broad range of industries, combined with our proudly Compass Management entrepreneurial spirit, allows us to deliver on a world class Consulting is an independent Xchanging differentiators are: • High touch engagement offering of professional services. global consulting firm model to drive productivity and profitability • Proprietary Our Service Excellence methodology aims at achieving that enables large organisations to achieve superior frameworks (‘Xchanging Way’) to analyse, optimize & run operational performance, optimised sourcing, and operations • Innovative Enterprise Partnership philosophy step-change improvements and also at giving our clients maximum value from the investment in ICT. to transform cost centers into profit centers • Deep the expertise and the tools needed to continue the domain competence in areas of focus improvement journey independently. Compass’ uniqueness and value throughout the lifecycle of Dowling Consulting is part of the ASX-listed ASG Group. the consulting process is derived from Compass Fact Based Automatic Data Consulting®, a combination of highly skilled consultants, Processing (ADP) is Capgemini has over 40 methodologies and data which has been developed from one of the world’s years’ experience, a global over 12,000 in-depth ICT performance benchmarks. largest providers of workforce of more than Suite 602, 275 Alfred Street, North Sydney NSW 2060 business outsourcing solutions. As one of five AAA 100,000 including 25,000 outsourcing professionals, and |T: +61 2 9223 6096 rated companies in the world with annual revenues collaborates on some of the world’s largest outsourcing of US$9 billion and US$1.1 billion in earnings, ADP projects. Our innovative Rightshore® approach enables is well positioned to serve the needs of its 570,000 you to draw on the right mix of resources from the right As one of the world’s leading business clients globally. ADP offers an unparalleled depth of local or global location. Meanwhile, our Collaborative advisory and professional services domain expertise and international presence to power Business Experience® offers you the flexibility to meet organisations, KPMG offers a results- multinational employers’ regional and global human your unique business needs. oriented, inter-disciplinary approach to developing resource strategies with their multinational solutions. Capgemini Business Services Australia effective shared services operations. ADP offers a fully scalable solution, unprecedented Telephone: +61 (8) 8113 8000 Our advisers possess extensive experience across the shared domain expertise and global coverage. ADP provides a |, services field. They bring to each assignment direct hands-on single provider solution which delivers a comprehensive executive experience in managing large and successful range of cost effective HR and payroll solutions in over corporate shared services functions. Furthermore, they work 60 countries. ADP’s cutting edge technologies, proven Basware is the global leader in alongside clients to deliver fit-for-purpose shred services delivery models and a strong client-service orientation are purchase-to-pay solutions with solutions to unlock sustainable value. designed to fit the organizational choices you make while more than 1,500 customers Our shared services capabilities are augmented by access driving efficiencies in your operations. and 1,000,000 users in over 50 countries around the to KPMG’s global resources and supported by high-calibre world. Using Basware, organisations can reduce the professionals in a range of allied disciplines. Computershare (ASX:CPU) cost of buying and paying for goods and services is Australia’s largest ASX and gain visibility and control of their entire spending listed technology company process by automating manual processes, from contract Exhibitor and a market leader in automated document processing. management, purchasing and supplier collaboration to For more than 20 years, Kofax has We also specialise in a range of other diversified invoice automation. Basware solutions are distributed provided award-winning solutions communication, financial and governance services onsite or as a service in Europe, the US and Asia-Pacific. that automate document-driven business processes including bankruptcy, funds and equity administration. by managing the transformation and exchange of Providing managed services to over 14,000 organisations business-critical information arising in paper, fax and around the world, Computershare is renowned for its ReadSoft is a global leader electronic formats. These solutions provide a verifiable expertise in data management, high volume transaction in Accounts Payable ROI to thousands of customers in financial services, processing, payments and stakeholder engagement. Our and Document Process manufacturing, retail, government, healthcare, BPO clients use these core competencies to help maximise the Automation, specializing in automating all paper and and other markets. Kofax has a global network of more value of relationships with their investors, employees, request-driven processes for medium to large enterprises than 1,200 partners, and its own sales and service creditors, members and customers. and Shared Service Centres (SSC). ReadSoft’s solutions organisations in more than 60 countries. have been selected by an impressive range of multi- nationals seeking to improve control, efficiency and 11 effectiveness and offer an attractive, measurable ROI.