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Dear Rare Earths & Strategic Metals Professional,                               Who Will Attend Rare Earths & StrategicI a...
DAY 1                 Tuesday 21 June 2011 8.30          Registration and Refreshments                                    ...
DAY 2                   Wednesday 22 June 20118.50    Opening Remarks from Conference Chair                               ...
WORKSHOPS  Workshop	A: Tuesday,	21	June	2011		4.45pm	–	7.45pm	(including	a	light	dinner)  A	Global	Rare	Earth	Issue:	Deali...
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Rare Earths & Strategic Metals 2011


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Rare Earths & Strategic Metals 2011

  1. 1. Pr Wo b ry Li de rth din es rk y ex fto & red ust ack ea nclu liv in g en sh ke p n e d J ta o y r ert ! i tio ps ar s Rare Earths & ns e Strategic Metals 2011 A Forum on the Processing, Commercial Viability & Environmental Constraints Associated with the Mining of Rare Earths & Strategic Metals Main Conference: 21 & 22 June 2011 l Evening Workshops: 21 & 22 June 2011 l Venue: WatersEdge, Sydney, NSW Featuring Presentations by: UPGRADE YOUR ATTENDANCE Gary Billingsley, Jack Lifton, Director, Principal, THROUGH REGISTRATION FOR: GREAT WESTERN TECHNOLOGY METALS MINERALS GROUP RESEARCH Workshop A: A Global Rare Earth Issue: Dealing with Thorium & Uranium Gareth Hatch, Principal, Facilitator: James Kennedy, Principal, TECHNOLOGY METALS WINGS ENTERPRISES INC RESEARCH Workshop B: Working with End Users With an Expert Speaker Line Up Including: of Strategic Metals within the Russell D’Arcy, Technology Supply Chain Ian Chalmers, Managing Director, Principal Advisor, Geological Survey of Facilitators: Jack Lifton & Gareth Hatch, ALKANE RESOURCES Queensland, Founding Principals, TECHNOLOGY Mark Saxon, DEPARTMENT OF EMPLOYMENT, ECONOMIC METALS RESEARCH LLC CEO, DEVELOPMENT AND INNOVATION TASMAN METALS LTD Andrew Gillies, Why Attend Rare Earths & Managing Director, Andrew Bell, METALLICA MINERALS LTD Strategic Metals 2011? Chief Executive Officer, RESOURCE STAR LIMITED James Canning-Ure, Managing Director,  earn about Australian rare earth L Jason Beckton, resources & future directions of Managing Director, ORION METALS LIMITED the nation. CHINA YUNNAN COPPER AUSTRALIA Damien Giurco, Research Director, Don Flint, INSTITUTE FOR SUSTAINABLE FUTURES UTS  mprove and develop your I Manager strategies for handling & - Commodities and Industry Analysis, Karin Soldenhoff, GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF WESTERN Manager – Process Development Research, managing radioactive material AUSTRALIA DEPARTMENT OF MINES & ANSTO MINERALS Thorium & Uranium. PETROLEUM Douglas Collier, James Kennedy, Manager,  ear case studies from those rare H Principal, Process Development Consulting, earths & strategic metals WINGS ENTERPRISES INC ANSTO MINERALS companies who are already in Anna Littleboy, André Gauthier, the process of developing their Deputy Director, President, rare earth projects. Minerals Down Under Flagship, MATAMEC EXPLORATIONS INC. CSIRO  ncrease your knowledge on the I supply and demand of rare earth Visit the download centre for interviews, www.rareearthsand resources. podcasts, articles and more Association: Media Partners: Organised by: Researched & Developed by: Register today: T: (02) 9229 1000 F: (02) 9223 2622 E:
  2. 2. Dear Rare Earths & Strategic Metals Professional, Who Will Attend Rare Earths & StrategicI am proud to present Mining IQ’s inaugural Rare Earths & Metals 2011?Strategic Metals 2011 Conference agenda. - Chief Executive OfficersThis event responds to the global search for rare earth resources - Financial Investorsand processing experience outside of China. This forum examinesthe overall development of rare earth & strategic metal projects, - Geological Consultantsfrom demand and supply, to exploration and processing, right - Geologiststhrough to the representation of end-users. - Head of Metals &/or MineralsWhy attend Mining IQ’s Rare Earths & Strategic - Head of Strategic DevelopmentMetals 2011? - Managing DirectorsA: Hear from and network with an expert speaker panelcomprised of both Australian and international rare earths - Risk Management Consultantsand strategic metals experts. - Vice Presidents of DevelopmentB: Meet key contacts from across the rare earths supplychain - the audience will comprise rare earth companies,financial investors, EPCMs, specialist consultants and endusers. Companies that have Previously AttendedC: This is the only rare earths & strategic metals event thatwill feature presentations from end-users. Mining IQ Events include:This conference will attract an international audience of rare earth - Anglo Coaland strategic metal executives, geologists, metallurgists, specialist - BHP Billiton Ltdconsultants and financial investors. It focuses on, and will help youon your way to, establishing a processing supply chain, - BMA Coalensuring & validating your deposit as commercially viable, - Birla Nifty Pty Ltdand managing environmental constraints and concerns. - Cobar Management Pty LtdWhat topics will be covered? - epartment of Employment, Economic DRare Earths & Strategic Metals 2011 will bring you Development and Innovation (QLD)presentations, forecasts, case studies, panel discussions and round - Gold Fields Australia Pty Ltdtables to debate topics such as: - Harmony Gold Pty Ltd• Determining if you have an economically viable material• Dealing with thorium & uranium - Intrepid Mines Ltd• Perspectives in critical metals - Jellinbah Resources• are earths in Western Australia: their presence and R - Macarthur Coal Ltd future directions - Mincor ResourcesAll the sessions are delivered by rare earth experts and are tailored - Minerals & Metals Group Century Mineto provide you with new and exciting information regarding - Minerva Minestrategies and forecasts that will help you in the directions anddevelopment of your rare earths and strategic metals projects. - Mining Logic Solutions - Newmont MiningI look forward to meeting you at this critical new conference. - Northparkes Mines LtdKind regards, - Orion Integration Pty Ltd - PT Nusa Halmahera Minerals - Panoramic Resources Ltd - Rio TintoFrancesca De MicheleConference Director - Savannah Nickel Mines Pty ltd- Rare Earths & Strategic Metals 2011 - Wesfarmers Curragh Pty LtdMining IQ - Western Areas3 Key Reasons Why Rare Earths & Strategic Metals 2011 Gives You the Best Valuefor Your Marketing Spend:1. Complete exposure to decision-makers who are responsible for the selection and instruction of rare earth specialist consultants, EPCMs and investors.2. You’ll notice that the atmosphere is different from other conferences. We actively maintain a reduced vendor ratio, which creates a more intimate environment for networking and knowledge sharing.3. Your clients and critical potential clients will be attending Rare Earths & Strategic Metals 2011 and this is the perfect chance to make yours the brand and product they remember.As Rare Earths & Strategic Metals 2011 is not a tradeshow, there will only be a limited number of opportunities available. To securepremium exposure, contact Mike Adams on +61 (0)2 9229 1083 or
  3. 3. DAY 1 Tuesday 21 June 2011 8.30 Registration and Refreshments Tasman’s Norra Karr Heavy REE project – a near term production  opportunity 9.00 Opening Remarks from Conference Chair Mark Saxon, CEO, tASMAn MetALS LtD 9.10 OPening KeynOte: Rare earths in Western Australia: their Presence & 2.00 What are the Strategic and Critical Metals in 2011 and Beyond, and Future Directions Where do the Rare earth Metals fit in these Categories?PReSenTATIOn This session will focus on the current prospects and occurrences This session will be presented by Jack Lifton, the founding Principal of of rare earths in Western Australia. Furthermore it will look at future Technology Metals Research, LLC, and a specialist in the sourcing and directions for the state and government initiative that encourage end use trends of rare & strategic metals. This session will focus on:KeYnOTe exploration. This session will cover:  hat Strategic and Critical Metals are in high demand in 2011 and W  Known deposits, prospects, and occurrences of rare earths in Beyond Western Australia  importance of developing your own comprehension of the rare The  Likely development scenarios of mines for rare earths in Western earth industry and understanding the difficulties and complexities Australia associated with mining rare earth material  Exploration potential for further discoveries in Western Australia  here do the Rare Earth Metals fit in these categories? W  overnment initiatives that encourage exploration. G  we able to produce rare earths and do we have the technical Are Don Flint, Manager – Commodities and Industry Analysis, capabilities? geOLOgiCAL SURVey OF W.A. DePARtMent OF MineS & PetROLeUM Jack Lifton, Principal, teCHnOLOgy MetALS ReSeARCH 9.50 CASe StUDy: the Machinga niobium-Rare earths Project (Malawi): 2.40 Dealing with thorium & Uranium Determining if you have an economically Viable Material Commonly occurring alongside rare earths & strategic metals is the Whether you come across rare earth elements in a targeted presence of radioactive material thorium and uranium. This session exploration, or by accident, it is crucial to determine the potential will focus on the best practices and methods to dealing with and commercial viability of your site. This session will look at ‘the next step’ STuDY managing these two potentially dangerous materials.STuDY CASeCASe and focus on an analysis around production, demand and supply.  Understanding the geological make-up of your landscape and how  earths and their associated minerals; determining viable elements Rare thorium & uranium are often present in rare earth deposits  Focusing on value: heavy rare earths  Assessing the safest and most manageable methods for processing  Exploration methods for heavy rare earths radioactive material  aximising the value of your rare earth and strategic metal by M  Increasing your efficiency through Radiation Safety Training understanding critical market demand  Generating data from your mine site to develop your Environmental  Understanding your local jurisdiction and the effects it will have on Impact Statement and accounting for the time and resources this the progression and time frame of your project from exploration to will require production  Evaluating the complexity of the separation and implementing Andrew Bell, Chief Executive Officer, ReSOURCe StAR LiMiteD positive practices on your site James Kennedy, Principal, WingS enteRPRiSeS inC 10.30 Morning tea and networking Opportunity 3.20 Afternoon tea and networking Opportunity 11.00 CASe StUDy: Kipawa Heavy Rare earths Deposit: 10 Steps Required to Develop a Rare earths Mine 3.50 Queensland’s Rare earth and Strategic Metal Resources and Potential Andre Gauthier, president, will be presenting on the heavy rare earths The Geological Survey of Queensland provides geoscience and Kipawa deposit. This session will focus on an outline of the rare earths resource information to improve the understanding of the geology andSTuDY market and will present the 10 steps required to develop a rare earths minerals and energy resource potential of Queensland. In particular thisCASe mine. session will focus on rare earths & strategic metals:  The Kipawa heavy rare earths deposit, Canada  ccurrences O  Overview of the rare earths market  eological associations G  10 steps to develop a rare earths mine  Production  Kipawa deposit project timeline  Future potential Andre Gauthier, President, MAtAMeC eXPLORAtiOnS inC Russell D’Arcy, Geological Survey of Queensland, DePARtMent OF eMPLOyMent, eCOnOMiC DeVeLOPMent AnD innOVAtiOn 11.00 CASe StUDy: the Dubbo Zirconia Project Delivered by the Managing Director of Alkane Resources, this session 4.30 Closing Comments from the Chair and end of Day One will focus on their Dubbo Zirconia project and the processes required to take a next generation poly metallic rare metal and rare earth 4.45 WORKSHOP A: A global Rare earth issue: Dealing with thoriumSTuDY deposit to production. & UraniumCASe  Identification of the resource and both ore mineral and host rock. Commonly occurring alongside rare earths is the presence of the WORKShOP  Process development radioactive materials thorium nad uranium. This workshop will help  Large scale confirmation of the flow sheet you manage and account for risks associated with this potentially dangerous material.  Market development Facilitator: James Kennedy, Principal, WingS enteRPRiSeS inC Ian Chalmers, Managing Director, ALKAne ReSOURCeS 12.20 Lunch and networking Opportunity 1.20 exploration and Development in the Home of Rare earth elements – Scandinavia Focusing on a European perspective of Rare Earth supply, this session will cover: Bring your project team and SAVeSTuDYCASe  European perspective on securing REE supply The Register 4 delegates at the same time and receive a FRee pass for a 5th delegate. Register today: T: (02) 9229 1000 F: (02) 9223 E:
  4. 4. DAY 2 Wednesday 22 June 20118.50 Opening Remarks from Conference Chair future. However production levels are set to outstrip global supply of these materials by 2014. With this in mind, it has never been more crucial to find9.00 the Management of naturally Occurring Radioactivity in Rare earth and develop new sources. This panel discussion will look at ways rare earth companies can engage end-users in their projects. DISCuSSIOn Processing A major risk associated with rare earth processing arises from the fact that  integral role of rare earths and strategic metals on electronic The technologies and the effects of the shortage of supply on this industry PAneL most rare earth minerals contain uranium and/or thorium. The chemical and/or thermal processing of such minerals requires that these contained  ow strategic metals and rare earths are currently employed by H elements, and their decay chain progeny, must be monitored and end-use companies to produce a cleaner future environment managed. This session will focus on:  the end-users don’t get the supply they need, what is next for If  Ensuring occupational health and safety, product quality and this industry? Are there alternate options beyond rare earths? environmental impacts are minimised Joined by key end-users of rare earths  deportment of radioactivity during processing and measures to The manage this radioactivity 2.25 Rare earths Ripe for Recycling: extending the Life-Cycle: what Role for Douglas Collier, Manager, Process Development Consulting, Recycling with Rare earths? AnStO MineRALS Due to the high value – low volume of rare earth & strategic metals, it is crucial to ensure that we are actively working towards extending9.40 end Uses and Applications of Rare earths: a Review of the Key Demand its life-cycle. This session will focus on: Drivers  nderstanding that supply and demand for individual rare earths is not even U Rare-earth metals and compounds are enablers; they can have a profound and seeking alternate options once the ‘peak’ of supply is reached effect on the ultimate performance of complex engineered systems and  ow does recapture and reuse of rare earths such as lithium compare H devices. As such, rare earths are critical to a wide range of technologies in the with other metals like copper and gold? national defense, clean energy and hi-tech sectors. This session will focus on:  ow the responsible use of rare earths, in particular a move towards H  Specific applications of rare earths, and how they are used within the recycling rare earth products, will help the globe move toward a technology supply chain sustainable future  end users of rare earths, and their perspective on the current supply Key Damien Giurco, Research Director, inStitUte FOR SUStAinABLe and demand issues FUtUReS UtS  some end users are evaluating ways to make better use of the rare How earths available, or to replace them altogether. 3.05 Afternoon tea and networking Opportunity Gareth Hatch, Founding Principal, teCHnOLOgy MetALS ReSeARCH LLC 3.20 CASe StUDy: Rare earth elements: Mine-to-Market10.20 Morning tea and networking Opportunity Great Western Minerals Group is an integrated rare earths processor. Currently the company is planning to produce a separation plant at their10.45 Development of Flow-Sheet for Rare earth Recovery Steenkampskraal site in order to become a fully integrated rare earths STuDY producer. This session will focus on their current work and the company’s CASe This session will be delivered by Karin Soldenhoff, Manager of Process Development Research for ANSTO Minerals. Karin has extensive future directions. experience in hydrometallurgical process development for base metals, Gary Billingsley, Director, gReAt WeSteRn MineRALS gROUP precious metals, rare earths and uranium, with particular emphasis on solvent extraction and ion exchange technology 4.00 CASe StUDy: nORniCO “tri-Metal” Project nickel-Cobalt and Scandium Karin Soldenhoff, Manager – Process Development Research, Metallica Minerals Limited discovered two scandium deposits northwest of AnStO MineRALS Townsville, Queensland in early 2010. The resource totalling approximately 15.2 million tonnes averaging 130g/t Sc containing 3,000 tonnes scandium STuDY11.25 CASe StUDy: CyU and goldsearch - exploring a new Ree Province in the oxide is being developed for tri-metal production by late 2013. CASe Mount isa district  etallica’s potential to be the major world supplier M This session will look at the joint venture between China Yunnan Copper  ew reliable source of scandium, what this means for the market? N Australia and Goldsearch. It will specifically examine their heavy rare earth  Scandium’s unique properties project at their Mount Dorothy site and will focus on:  unique synergy and savings of combining nickel-cobalt and TheSTuDY CASe  Exploring the Mary Katleen trend for light and heavy REE scandium – same ores, same processing, same plant  rowing Elaine resource of over 2000ppm REE. G Andrew Gillies, Managing Director, MetALLiCA MineRALS LiMiteD  ount Dororthy discovery of predominately Yttrium and Heavy REE. M 4.20 Rare earths in the tanami Jason Beckton, Managing Director, CHinA yUnnAn COPPeR AUStRALiA Orion Metals Ltd is a junior explorer that decided to focus on exploration for12.05 Lunch and networking Opportunity Heavy Rare Earths. In October 2010 we rediscovered Killi Killi in the Tanami after our geologist had first work on the tenement in 1969. We have raised STuDY over $ 4 million and we plan on a drilling program to fully explore the area and CASe1.05 Minerals Down Under: Flagship Program – the importance of Rare earths other Heavy Rare Earth tenements. & Strategic Metals  significance of Killi Killi Hills in the Tanami The This session will look at the emergent rare earth industry in Australia, with a  Challenges of exploration in the Tanami particular focus on technological solutions that can improve and maximise the supply chain.  future of heavy rare earths as we see it The  hallenging the uncertainty surrounding the processing supply chain and C James Canning-Ure, Managing Director, ORiOn MetALS LiMiteD how we can improve and develop our current models and methods  tilising national expertise and applying this knowledge base to new rare U 4.40 Closing Remarks from the Conference Chair and end of Conference earth and strategic metal projects 4.45 WORKSHOP B: WORKing WitH enD USeRS OF StRAtegiC MetALS  nderstanding that rare earths are often of ‘high value – low volume’ and U using recycling methods to maximise their life cycle WitHin tHe teCHnOLOgy SUPPLy CHAin  sing predictive geo-science to develop your understanding of the U Understanding the technology supply chain and the needs of the end-use WORKShOP geological make-up of your site and planning the mining procedures companies within it, is an important part of the marketing and business based on your findings development activities of any strategic-metals company. Players at either end of the technology supply chain often seem to talk past each other, without Anna Littleboy, Deputy Director, Minerals Down Under Flagship, CSiRO really understanding the perspective of the other side. This interactive workshop will use case studies to give a better1.45 PAneL DiSCUSSiOn: end Users of Rare earths: the importance of Rare understanding of how the technology supply chain actually works. earths & Strategic Metals in electronics & a Cleaner Future Rare earths and strategic metals are crucial for developing national Facilitator: Jack Lifton & Gareth Hatch, Founding Principals, defence and electronics, as well as moving toward a cleaner greener teCHnOLOgy MetALS ReSeARCH, LLC Register today: T: (02) 9229 1000 F: (02) 9223 E:
  5. 5. WORKSHOPS Workshop A: Tuesday, 21 June 2011 4.45pm – 7.45pm (including a light dinner) A Global Rare Earth Issue: Dealing with Thorium & Uranium This interactive workshop will equip you with the best methods, strategies Your Workshop Leader: and practices to help you and your company deal with the presence of James Kennedy, Thorium and Uranium. Commonly occurring alongside rare earths is the presence of radioactive material. This workshop will help you manage and Principal, account for risks associated with this potentially dangerous material. WINGS ENTERPRISES INC • nderstanding the association of thorium and uranium in the majority U Wings Enterprises is the developer / operator of the Pea Ridge Iron Ore and of rare earth deposits Rare Earth Deposit in Washington County Missouri. Mr Kennedy purchased • valuating the safest and most successful methods for processing E the Pea Ridge Iron Ore Mine and developed the complete mining engineering radioactive material. and logistics system. This mining project is a true Pit to Port and Mine to • enerating clear and definitive results through your geological G Metal project. The redeveloped underground iron ore mine will be the lowest assessment to build your Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) cost producer in North America. The finished iron oxide with be the highest • trategies to help you combat common obstacles in the separation S quality iron oxide in the world. process Mr Kennedy has authored papers on rare earths and consulted on the • Managing uranium and thorium and implementing positive practices topic with members of Congress, the financial industry and other rare earth companies. Mr Kennedy is currently working on federal legislation regarding the strategic re-development of a US rare earth industry. Workshop B: Wednesday, 22 June 2011 4.45pm – 7.45pm (including a light dinner) Working with End Users of Strategic Metals within the Technology Supply Chain Understanding the technology supply chain and the needs of the end-use metallurgy, Jack was first a researcher before becoming both a marketing companies within it, is an important part of the marketing and business and manufacturing executive. Finally, he became a metal trader specialising development activities of any strategic metals company. Players at either in the field of technology metals and of rare metals. end of the technology supply chain often seem to talk past each other, Jack has 48 years of industry involvement. He advises both OEM high tech without really understanding the perspective of the other side. industry and the global institutional-investment community on the natural This interactive workshop will use case studies to give a better resource issues that impact either a proposed business model or a high- understanding of how the technology supply chain actually works, volume manufacturing plan for the mass market. Jack has extensive including: experience examining opportunities where rare and technology metals availability is a factor in determining the probability of commercial success • verview of the procurement lifecycle for components and assemblies O of a metals-related venture. that contain strategic metals such as rare earths • he various tiers within the supply chain and the different perspectives T of prime and sub contractors Gareth Hatch, • he typical knowledge level of procurement departments when it T Founding Principal, comes to the sourcing of strategic metals TECHNOLOGY METALS RESEARCH LLC • ow the research and development activities of companies feed into H Gareth Hatch is a Founding Principal of Technology Metals Research, LLC. procurement decision making He is interested in helping people to understand the challenges associated • he degree of difficulty in changing the materials used for established T with the growing demand for rare-earth elements [REEs] and other critical products and strategic materials, and how those challenges affect market sectors • hat end users ‘really’ want from their suppliers W throughout the entire technology supply chain. For several years Gareth was Director of Technology at Dexter Magnetic Facilitators: Technologies, where he focused on the design & application of innovative Jack Lifton, magnetic materials, devices and systems, in order to solve real engineering Founding Principal, problems. TECHNOLOGY METALS RESERCH LLC Throughout his career, Gareth has been particularly interested in the strategic challenges faced by the permanent-magnet industry and its supply chain, in the Jack Lifton is a Founding Principal of Technology Metals Research, face of growing demand for REEs as well as the increased use of permanent LLC. Educated as a physical chemist, specialising in high-temperature magnets in the areas of renewable-energy production and electric vehicles. Mining IQ is an international online Visit the Download Centre! community and learning portal which provides mining professionals with knowledge, information and a networking and communication platform. We are dedicated to creating a learning environment for sharing ideas, best practices and solutions within theHere you can not only view the full agenda and speaker line mining industry.up, but you have access to exclusive speaker interviews, Through Mining IQ, you will be able to access mining information resourcespodcasts, industry Q&As, relevant articles, whitepapers and such as interviews, presentations, podcasts, articles, whitepapers and Q&As, as well as events such as conferences, training courses and webinars.much more. By signing up for free Mining IQ membership, you will gain access toAll of the content is current and new content is added to our growing database of resources from leading mining professionals,the site regularly. It’s free and available 24 hours a day! bi-monthly newsletters to keep you updated on latest mining content and Mining IQ members’ exclusive discounts on mining events thatIf you would like to contribute to the download centre, offer solutions to your everyday problems. Sign up today to start yourplease contact Siân Jenkins on 02 9229 1000 or learning experience – and continue it long after the conference is Register today: T: (02) 9229 1000 F: (02) 9223 E:
  6. 6. Register Early & Save! WHeRe Watersedge ground floor, Pier one,11 hickson road Walsh Bay, sydney, nsW To speed registration, please provide the priority code located on the mailing label or in the box below. Tel: +61 2 9247 4927 fax: +61 2 9247 2795 ENQEW WHen? 21 & 22 June 2011 Team DiscounTs IQPC recognises the value of learning in teams. Take advantage of one of these special rates:  Register a team of 3 to the conference at the same time from the same company and receive $500 discount  Register a team of 4 to the conference at the same time from the same company and receive a free pass for a 5th delegate  Ask about multi-event discounts. Call + 61 2 9229 1000 for more details Please note: Only one discount applies accommoDaTion The lido group are the official booking agent for the rare earths & strategic metals 2011 event. The lido group have negotiated event rates at a range of hotels for all attendees of this event. To take advantage of these rates & book direct on the website, please go to and click on the Venue & Accommodation page. 20177.001 QUICK and EASY WAYS to REGISTER TElEphonE +61 2 9229 1000 Rare Earths & FAX +61 2 9223 2622 EmAIl WEbSITE Strategic Metals mAIl IQPC, Level 6, 25 Bligh Street, SYDNEY NSW 2000  RegisTeR me for Rare Earths & Strategic Metals 2011 2011 PLus Workshops A B (PhoToCoPy ThIs form for AddITIonAl delegATes) DELEGATE 1 [TITle] [sUrnAme] [fIrsT nAme] A Forum on the Processing, Commercial Viability & DELEGATE 2 Environmental Constraints Associated with the Mining [TITle] of Rare Earths & Strategic Metals [sUrnAme] [fIrsT nAme] PosITIon Main Conference: 21 & 22 June 2011 l Evening Workshops: 21 & 22 June 2011 l Venue: WatersEdge, Sydney, NSW emAIl orgAnIsATIon EARlY bIRd SAVE $400 End USER/bUYER/ pACKAGES *register & pay STAndARd pRICE GovERnmEnT pRICE Address before 12th April 2011 Conference Only $2899 + GST = $3188.90 $3299 + GST = $3628.90 $1499 + GST = $1648.90 PosTCode Conference + 1 Workshop $3798 + GST = $4177.80 $4198 + GST = $4617.80 $2398 + GST = $2637.80 TelePhone ( ) fAX ( ) APPROVING MANAGER Conference + 2 Workshops $4597 + GST = $5056.70 $4997 + GST = $5496.70 $3197 + GST = $3516.70 [TITle] [sUrnAme]* Payment must be received by IQPC prior to 5pm AEST on the cut-off date. 2 WAYS TO SAVe!# Registrations received without payment or a Government PO will incur a processing fee of $99 + GST = $108.90 per registration. Book early for huge [fIrsT nAme] * Please send me set(s) of AUdIo ComPACT dIsCs and PresenTATIons Cd at $878.90 eARLY BIRD savings. ($799 plus gsT) or $603.90 ($549 plus gsT) Presentations Cd only Book as a TeAM, PosITIon * Please keep me informed via email about this and other related events save & benefit as a team. NOTE: PAYMENT IS DUE WITHIN 7 DAYS FROM REGISTRATION TO SECURE YOUR PLACE. Registrations received without payment emAIl or a Government PO will incur a processing fee of $99+GST = $108.90 per registration. Payment prior to the conference is mandatory for attendance. Payment includes lunches, refreshments, a copy of conference presentations via FTP website or workbook and all meeting materials. If payment has not been received two weeks before the conference, a credit card hold will be taken and processed. * CheQUe enClosed for $ (Please make cheques payable to: IQPC) This card will be refunded once alternate payment has been received. PrIVACy - yoUr ChoICe PleAse ChArge * American express * Visa * masterCard * diners Club Any information provided by you in registering for this conference is being collected by IQPC and will be held in the strictest confidence. It will be added to our database and will be used primarily to provide you with further information about IQPC events and services. By supplying your CredIT CArd nUmBer email address and mobile telephone number you are agreeing to IQPC contacting you by these means to provide you further information about IQPC products and services. From time to time IQPC may share information from our database with other professional organisations (including our event sponsors) to promote similar products and services. Please tick the box below if you do NOT want us to pass on your details. To amend your current details, advise of duplicates or to opt out of further mailings, please contact our Database Integrity Maintenance Department, Level 6, 25 Bligh Street, SYDNEY NSW 2000. Alternatively, email, call 02 9229 1028 or fax 02 9223 2622. AmeX 4 dIgIT Code eXPIry dATe * I do not wish to have my details made available to other organisations IQPC CAnCellATIon And PosTPonemenT PolICy: for deTAIls of IQPC’s nAme of CArd holder [PleAse PrInT] CAnCellATIon And PosTPonemenT PolICy PleAse VIsIT: © 2011 IQPC ABn 92 071 142 446 All rIghTs reserVed. The format, design, content and arrangement of this brochure constitute a copyright of IQPC. Unauthorised reproduction will be actionable by law.