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Mobile Applications 2011


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Mobile Applications: Next Generation Consumer Engagement
Why Attend Mobile Applications 2011?
Smartphones and tablets are changing the way businesses are operating and interacting more efficiently with customers!

Having an effective mobile strategy, including mobile applications, is a highly measurable and effective tool to interact with your target market, to stay in the face of your consumers and to put corporate information at their finger tips.

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Mobile Applications 2011

  1. 1. Main Conference: 15 – 16 March 2011 The First Event InInteractive Workshops: 15 – 16 March 2011Venue: Dockside, Sydney, NSW Australia Dedicated to Mobile Apps M 2011Mobile Applications: Next Generation Consumer Engagement Nic Cola Warren Hamilton David Whiteman Chief Operating Officer, Product Specialist Mobile Marketing Director FAIRFAX DIGITAL VIRGIN BLUE GETPRICE Brady Jacobsen Ben Forsyth Senior Representative General Manager, Digital & Contact Centres Head of Mobile & Emerging Technologies BBC Worldwide AUSTRALIA POST NATIONAL AUSTRALIA BANK (UK) Andrew Scott Hugh Baldwin Cheryl Cooper Emerging Technology Manager Digital Media Director Field Systems Solutions Manager TELSTRA NICKELODEON PIzzA HUT CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICE AUSTRALIA & MTV NETWORKS Michael Weeding, Head of Digital Banking Shane Williamson Ryan O’Sullivan CITIBANK - GLOBAL Co-Founder Digital Operations Director CONSUMER GROUP MOBILE MONDAY SYDNEY AUSTEREO PTY LTD Doug Maloney Brian Tap David Lao, Multimedia General Manager for Innovation and New Business Regional Director Asia Pacific Marketing Executive VODAFONE HUTCHISON AUSTRALIA SUBWAY COMBINED COMMUNICATION NETWORK Dale Rankine Sebastian Chan Appland Team Lead Head of Digital, Social and Emerging Technologies Jonny Brownbill VODAFONE HUTCHISON AUSTRALIA THE POWERHOUSE MUSEUM Manager Online Development MUSEUM VICTORIA Mark Dando Tara Spence Mobile Market Development Specialist Marketing Manager FAIRFAX DIGITAL BEAUTY HEAVENMake the most of your time out of the office with3 practical workshops: Visit our Download Centre forA: Getting Your App Noticed with the Right Marketing Strategies Podcasts, White Papers andB: Measuring Mobile Application Performance to Maximise ROI much moreC: How to Build a Thorough Mobile Web Strategy to Send a Clear and Complete Mobile Message to your Target Market To Register: T: (02) 9229 1000 F: (02) 9223 2622 E: Mobile App Parter: Associate Partner: Exhibitors: Media Partner: Researched & Developed by: Organised by:
  2. 2. Day One: Tuesday 15 March 2011 Conference Registration and Arrival Coffee acceptance? • Understanding the users mindset when looking for apps9:00 Opening Address from Conference Chair • Best strategies on how to influence the user’s choice • Proving and improving utility and app longevity Global Mobile Application Deployment • Having an App Roadmap and Promotion Plan to ensure app success9:10 International Keynote: Delivering Compelling Mobile Apps on Hugh Baldwin, Digital Media Director Various Platforms for a Global Reach NICKELODEON AUSTRALIA & MTV NETWORKS Mobile applications play a huge role in the marketing mix of a global brand. Learn 2:40 Achieving Faster, Stronger and Higher Enterprise Mobility with how BBC Worldwide is tackling this challenge. Successful Mobile Apps • Evaluating why mobile strategies are becoming more and more important in Learn how a platform approach can pay huge dividends in speed to market, manage- today’s marketing mix ability and market coverage. We will show you how to: • Best practice strategies on how to use the mobile platform to complement existing • Being device agnostic and at the same time have device specific features to ap media platforms peal to any target market • Assessing why it is so important to create mobile apps for multiple platforms • Utilising reporting to unlock the information you need for developing and deploying • The BBC’s point of view of the future of mobile apps mobile apps Senior Representative, BBC WORLDWIDE (UK) • Best practice strategies on how to stay ahead of the upgrade game for all of your mobility needs, whether B2B, B2C or B2E9:50 Keynote: The Business of Mobile Convergence – How Mobile & • Building brand awareness and loyalty through mobile applications Tablets are Changing the Way Businesses are Operating & Martin Coyle, Director of Marketing and Sales Interacting More Efficiently with their Customers LOGICALTECH The humble mobile phone has become a powerful convergent device that is directly affecting how businesses operate and interact with their customers. What are some 3:00 Successful Development and Deployment of a Mobile of the major trends happening in mobile that will influence Australian businesses? The Banking App – Citibank Mobile industry is undergoing a dramatic change as the 3rd Screen of Business, the Learn from Citibank how to successfully develop and deploy mobile banking apps. Case tablet, is quickly becoming a major factor in mobile convergence. Study • Creating a mobile banking app to view account information, transfer funds, pay • How does the Australian market compare and contrast with other countries in the bills and view foreign exchange rates to meet your customers needs way that mobile devices & applications are being used • Making your mobile banking app available on multiple smartphone platforms to • Understand how local Australian companies are successfully encompassing mobile increase your coverage • Learn how the tablet has entered our market and quickly entrenched itself as the • Best practice strategies to effectively market your mobile app to your target market 3rd Screen of Business Michael Weeding, Head of Digital Banking CITIBANK – GLOBAL CONSUMER GROUP Shane Williamson, Co-Founder, MOBILE MONDAY SYDNEY 3:30 Afternoon Tea and Networking Opportunity10:30 Morning Tea and Networking Opportunity 4:00 Optimising Content Delivery by Creating Engaging Mobile Apps for11:00 Positioning Australia at the Forefront of Mobile App Development Your Consumers • Reflecting the current mobile app adoption in Australia throughout various industries Developing the right mix of content and engaging functionality to match your target • Evaluating which industries will show the most mobile app growth in the next 12 Case market is one of the most important pieces in the success story of any mobile Study Panel months and why strategy. Learn how Austereo achieved this.Discussion • How mobile apps can be turned into revenue generating wonders • Creating engaging, functional and easy to navigate mobile app content • Will mobile applications be a long term marketing channel or are they a current • Understanding the technical barriers and what is possible and what is not trend phenomenon? • Choosing the most suitable business model to maximise customer acquisition and Shane Williamson, Co-Founder, MOBILE MONDAY SYDNEY ROI Nic Cola, Chief Operating Office, FAIRFAX DIGITAL • Maintaining high accessibility of apps to enable high coverage and usability Doug Maloney, General Manager for Innovation and New Business, VODAFONE Ryan O’Sullivan, Digital Operations Director HUTCHISON AUSTRALIA AUSTEREO PTY LTD Senior Representative, BBC WORLDWIDE (UK) 4:30 Going Beyond Online Banking - Successful Development and Identifying the Right Platform and the Right Deployment of a Mobile Banking Application in Australia Content for Your Target Market Learn from first-hand experience how this financial institution mastered the Case challenge of taking online banking mobile.11:40 Understanding the Technology Directions to Prepare for Future Study • Assessing the decision making process in what to make available for mobile Demands banking on smartphones The mobile technology landscape is evolving swiftly, and presents opportunities for • Successfully choosing the right platform for a mobile application based on your early movers. Where are the enabling technologies heading in the next few years? target market preferences • What are the trends with mobile networks and why they matter? • Making mobile banking a secure and trustworthy service for your customers • What emerging mobile device types are appearing and how will they influence • Applying challenges and pitfalls with back office interfaces mobile apps? • Lessons learnt and industry insights into what makes a good app for banking • How can apps make use of new device and network APIs? Ben Forsyth, Head of Mobile & Emerging Technologies, NATIONAL BANK • Web technologies versus native applications AUSTRALIA Andrew Scott, Emerging Technology Manager, Chief Technology Office, TELSTRA 5:00 Successfully Promoting Your Mobile App to Ensure Long Term12:10 Making the most of Mobile for your Target Market Usage Offering customers and potential customers, a convenient service and at the same The panel will feature key experts from throughout the 2 days to discuss best time, have your brand creating an impression 24*7. practice strategies on successful mobile app promotion. • Why the mobile is important to SUBWAY® • Understanding the opportunities and potential pitfalls when adding mobile into the • Assessing what platforms to choose and how to start an effective mobile strategy Panel Discussion media mix • Creating engaging, functional and easy to navigate mobile applications • Using mobile apps to complement your mobile strategy and mobile appearance • Learning how to successfully integrate location-based services into your app • How an app can reinforce the message to the consumer • Maintaining high accessibility of apps to enable high penetration and usability • Future outlook: how apps will dominate over the browser in the long term Brian Tap, Regional Director, SUBWAY ASIA PACIFIC Hugh Baldwin, Digital Media Director12:40 Lunch and Networking Opportunity NICKELODEON AUSTRALIA & MTV NETWORKS AUSTRALIA David Whiteman, Marketing Director, GETPRICE1:40 The Mobile Platform as a Contemporary Contact Channel Mark Dando, Mobile Market Development Specialist, FAIRFAX DIGITAL CC Network is responsible for the Taxis Combined and Silver Service Taxi mobile apps, understand their strategic approach regarding mobile apps. 5:40 Closing Remarks from the Conference Chair • Identifying contemporary societal trends • Assessing benefits, risks, opportunities and costs of mobile applications 5:50 Evening Workshop A: Getting Your App Noticed with the Right • Choosing the most efficient business alignment strategy Marketing Strategies • Best practice for resource allocation David Lao, Multimedia Marketing Executive, COMBINED COMMUNICATIONS “M.App Con 2011 brings together a holistic view of mobile development NETWORK & industry trends in one event that is tailored for companies planning or executing on a mobile strategy for 2011.”2:10 How to Increase the Awareness and Usage of Mobile Applications Understanding the most effective strategies to market mobile apps to your target Shane Williamson, Co-Founder, Mobile Monday market to ensure awareness and usage. What is required to gain your customers To Register T: (02) 9229 1000 F: (02) 9223 2622 E:
  3. 3. Day Two: Wednesday 16 March 2011 Morning Workshop B: Measuring Mobile Application Performance • Working with a combination of business models to maximise monetisation to Maximise ROI Nic Cola, Chief Operating Officer, FAIRFAX DIGITAL9:30 Coffee and Networking Opportunity 1:10 Lunch and Networking Opportunity9:50 Opening Remarks from Conference Chair 2:10 Going Beyond Online Shopping – Offering Mobile Shopping to Reach Today’s New Shopping Generation Choosing the Correct Business Model to Learn from first-hand experience how Getprice mastered the challenges of takingMaximise Financial Retrun from your Mobile Apps Case Study online shopping mobile.10:00 Bringing Innovation to Business and the Role of Mobile Apps • How mobile shopping is different to online This session will look at the challenges and success stories from introducing • How consumers compare offers innovation to an organisation, using the creation of VHA’s Appland mobile application • Enabling transactions and ensuring smooth back office interfaces team as a case study. You’ll hear first-hand experiences related to creating a • Promoting local offers via mobile channels to attract new customers skunkworks operation, making mobile platform and technology decisions, hiring David Whiteman, Marketing Director, GETPRICE certain skill sets and measuring outcomes. 2:40 Towards Truly Valuable Mobile Apps • Effectively delivering innovation and new models of operation to business The cultural sector - museums, galleries, libraries, heritage - have been rapidly • The role of mobile apps to an innovation/product strategy embracing the new opportunities for user engagement with mobile applications. Case • Creating and managing a mobile development resource Study However a key challenge, and opportunity, for them is the creation of ‘thick value’ • Impacts to your product related to decisions around platform alignment applications - applications that deliver long lasting benefit for users and for the Doug Maloney, General Manager Innovation and New Business, VODAFONE institutions themselves, not just single use marketing and promotional gimmicks. HUTCHISON AUSTRALIA • How can mobile applications – other than ‘casual games’ provide ongoing interest Dale Rankine, Appland Team Lead, VODAFONE HUTCHISON AUSTRALIA and incentive? • What is possible in terms of ‘thick value’ creation?10:30 Discussing Whether to Use Internal or External Resources for • How can value flow back to agencies, companies and organisations? Mobile App Design, Development and Deployment Sebastian Chan, Head of Digital, Social and Emerging Technologies, Making a clever long term decision whether to outsource mobile app development or THE POWERHOUSE MUSEUM PanelDiscussion to insource the expertise. • Assessing the pitfalls and opportunities of internally developed versus bought Ensuring Interoperability and Functionality with mobile apps Existing Back Office Infrastructure • Establishing which solution is commercially more viable for your business in the 3:10 Next Generation Consumer Engagement - Taking Beauty Reviews long term Mobile • Accomplishing effective cost-benefit analysis to support the decision making Making your app successful for your business by capturing the customer data is Case process Study essential. • What extra benefit do internal versus external resources have? • Best practice on how to take a product review website mobile Ben Forsyth, Head of Mobile & Emerging Technologies, NATIONAL BANK • Determining the functionality for your app to maximise the coverage of your AUSTRALIA target market Dale Rankine, Appland Team Lead, VODAFONE HUTCHISON AUSTRALIA • Overcoming the technical challenges and pitfalls of linking your app to your Shane Williamson, Co-Founder, MOBILE MONDAY SYDNEY existing operating systems Brady Jacobsen, General Manager, Digital & Contact Centres, AUSTRALIA POST • Getting it right – how to test and review your app functionalities to ensure a smooth launch and flawless operation11:10 Morning Tea and Networking Opportunity Tara Spence, Marketing Manager, BEAUTY HEAVEN 3:40 Afternoon Tea and Networking Opportunity11:40 Building your Mobile App Business Case to Convince Management of the Necessity and Viability of Mobile Apps for 4:10 Mastering the Interoperability Challenges of Creating a Fast Food Case your Business Mobile App – Pizza HutStudy A mobile app can boost your business and customer acquisition. Arm yourself with Case Reliable and efficient interfaces of your back office infrastructure with the mobile Study app infrastructure is indispensable to ensure accuracy and customer satisfaction. the best tools to convince management to implement a mobile strategy including mobile apps. • Preparing your existing infrastructure to interface accurately with your mobile • Assessing the pros and cons of mobile applications and the financial impacts app ordering system • Best strategies on how to generate revenue from mobile web and mobile apps • Overcoming hurdles such as limited budget, bandwidth and expertise • Funding your mobile app strategy by mobile advertising • Ensuring appealing design and satisfying functionality within technical capabilities • Identifying solutions on how to make money while keeping your app free • Lessons learnt and the future outlook of app in the fast food industry Jonny Brownbill, Manager Online Development, MUSEUM VICTORIA Cheryl Cooper, Field Systems Solutions Manager Pizza Hut, YUM! RESTAURANTS INTERNATIONAL12:10 Choosing Between Different Platforms and Different Providers 4:40 Tackling the Security and Interoperability Challenge of a Mobile Available to Ensure Best Coverage Booking Application A discussion to assess the pros and cons of different platforms and platform Since mobile devices are always with us and they contain various sensitive data, the Panel CaseDiscussion providers available to make an informed decision for your business. Study issues of security, privacy and trust become increasingly important and challenging; • Understanding how apple is currently the market leader and how this trend will even more so when ordering and booking with your smartphone. develop over the next 12 months • How to make mobile booking more secure than online or card-based services • Debating the pros and cons of Windows 7, BlackBerry, Google Android and Nokia • Efficiently working with vendors that offer platforms and services to increase • How to choose the right provider and platform for your business mobile security • Clarifying different revenue and business models • How back and front office infrastructure need to interface effectively to avoid Andrew Scott, Emerging Technology Manager, Chief Technology Office, TELSTRA security flaws Jonny Brownbill, Manager Online Development, MUSEUM VICTORIA • Raising the awareness and adoption of mobile booking applications Ryan O’Sullivan, Interactive Operations Director, AUSTEREO PTY LTD Warren Hamilton, Product Specialist Mobile, VIRGIN BLUE12:40 Choosing the Best Business and Revenue Model for Your Mobile 5:10 Closing Remarks from the Conference Chair Applications 5:15 End of Conference Next to developing and deploying a mobile app for your target market, monetising your mobile applications is one of main goals. 5:30 Evening Workshop C: How to Build a Thorough Mobile Web • Comparing the different business models for mobile applications: paid apps, apps Strategy to Send a Clear and Complete Mobile Message to your on subscription, free apps driven by advertising revenue and sponsored apps Target Market • Identifying the best revenue model for your business To Register T: (02) 9229 1000 F: (02) 9223 2622 E:
  4. 4. Interactive Workshops: 15 & 16 March 2011 Tuesday 15 March 2011, 5:50pm - 8:20pm Getting Your App Noticed with the Right Marketing Strategies A As the number of mobile applications available to consumers grows and apps are no About Your Workshop Leader: longer a novelty, it’s getting more difficult to stand out. Simply launching one won’t get Mark Dando, Mobile Market Development Specialist, FAIRFAX DIGITAL mentions in the trades or consumer press; you’ll need to put some work into getting noticed. Increasing the awareness of your app in your target market is essential to Mark is focused on growing strong mobile businesses and is currently implementing achieve the set goals of your mobile app strategy. And identifying the right tools to his strategy for Fairfax Digital’s mobile media products. With more than 15 years of attract new customers with your app is the Holy Grail you can’t afford to get wrong. strategic commercial experience in mobile media and video, Mark has worked with a Attend this workshop to become a mobile app marketing expert yourself to ensure full diverse range of companies including ninemsn, British Telecommunications and the UK success of your mobile app strategy. governments 3G advisory group. The workshop will give insights into key strategies on: Mark specialises in bringing new revenue streams to established business. He • How to identify your target market and where they gather launched Australia’s first cross carrier mobile advertising network that coined deals • Best practice strategies on how to work with the press to get noticed between ninemsn, Vodafone and 3. Before this, Mark launched the world’s first film • App store ranking tips and tricks to optimise app store listings to increase user channel for mobile, now live across America and Europe, and played an integral role in awareness releasing the annual Oscar winning short films on iTunes. • Investing in an audience – a detonator for growth • Insights from recent case studies • Try out the tools to measure your progressWednesday 16 March, 7:30am - 9:30am BMeasuring Mobile Application Performance to Maximise ROIMobile Applications have emerged as an important new capability for engaging Session 3: Performance benchmarks for successful mobile applicationsconsumers, promoting brands and products, as well as directly generating revenue. • What are the most successful mobile applications and whyMany businesses are looking at how mobile applications can complement existing • How extensive is mobile application usagemarketing or business strategies with the global market for mobile applications forecast • What benchmarks should be set for mobile application performanceto reach US$25 billion by 2015.As with any business initiative, measurement, feedback and reporting should be key About Your Workshop Leader:components of your mobile application strategy and while there are some similarities Michael Stone, Chief Executive Officer, AMETHONwith techniques used for other media such as online and mobile web, there areimportant differences. Michael Stone joined Amethon as CEO in 2006 after a number of senior managementThis workshop will look at both the concepts underpinning successful measurement of roles in Ericsson. He has worked in mobile since 1996 and was part of the Ericssonmobile application initiatives as well as the tools and techniques available to ensure you team that launched the world’s 3rd 3G network for 3 back in 2003.have the most comprehensive and accurate reporting. He is particularly pleased to see that most of the crazy 3G business case concepts heSession 1: Defining SMART measures for mobile application success was presenting to Mobile Operators back in 1999 have come true.• Linking the mobile application strategy to overall business objectives As CEO of Amethon he has led this promising startup to be an emerging global leader• What are the high level metrics describing end-user engagement in understanding how mobile subscribers consume data services and has worked with• Developing revenue contribution models mobile marketing agencies, mobile content publishers and mobile operators on almostSession 2: Identifying measurement points in the mobile application value chain every continent to measure, market and monetize mobile web and mobile applications.• Measuring acquisition campaign performance Michael holds a Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Canberra and an MBA• Measuring end user engagement and usage from RMIT University.• What tools and services are available to mobile application publishers Wednesday 16 March 2011, 5:30pm - 8:00pm C How to Build a Thorough Mobile Web Strategy to Send a Clear and Complete Mobile Message to your Target MarketEvery business should have a thorough mobile web strategy. It is not just about having • Strategically deciding on the right content and design for your mobile appa website, making it accessible for smartphones and then adding a mobile app to the • Building apps that utilise big ideas on small screens mix, because this is what your competition is doing. A smart and sophisticated web • Using the app to reinforce the message of your brand to a new generation and target strategy should be in place, identifying key goals your business wants to achieve with marketits mobile presence, to ensure they are followed through and reached is inevitable tomake your brand/business a success on the mobile platforms available. By attending About Your Workshop Leader:this workshop you will learn how to build a successful mobile strategy and how to Senior Representative, BBC WORLDWIDE (UK)follow it though.• How to optimise your existing website BBC Worldwide, the commercial arm of the BBC, is a fast-growing media and• Considerations for developing a successful mobile website strategy entertainment company. Our mission is to maximise profits on behalf of the BBC by including the reuse of content, implementation options, governance creating, acquiring, developing and exploiting media content and media brands around and maintenance issues the world. Learn from a BBC Worldwide Representative how to successfully build a• Best practices for efficient mobile web content management thorough mobile strategy.• When and why you should decide to develop and deploy a mobile app to your market To Register T: (02) 9229 1000 F: (02) 9223 2622 E:
  5. 5. About Our Sponsors:LogicaltechTranslating business needs into technology solutions since 1986Established in 1986, LogicalTech is an experienced IT organisation focused on delivering enterprise andcorporate business solutions and support services.As a professional software solutions company and systems integrator, LogicalTech assists large tomedium sized organisation and government departments to:• Mobility Strategy consulting• Deliver mobile applications across various operating mobile systems.LogicalTech is a partner of preference for organisations requiring a detailed knowledge of businessrequirements, technical expertise, strategic vision and real world experience.PH: 1300 858 117.Web: is the leading global provider of maps, traffic and location data (digital location content)enabling navigation, location-based services and mobile advertising around the world. NAVTEQ suppliescomprehensive digital location content to power automotive navigation systems, portable and wirelessdevices, Internet-based mapping applications and government and business solutions. The Chicago-based company was founded in 1985 and has approximately 5,100 employees located in 212 offices in48 countries.NAVTEQ is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nokia Corporation and has local offices in Brisbane, Sydney andMelbourne.2ergo2ergo is a leading global provider of mobile enabling technology with a focus on mobile marketing, mobilecustomer relationship management, and mobile entertainment and media. Their product portfolio includesan innovative suite of mobile publishing, messaging, content management, handset applications, mobilepayment and mobile security connectivity solutions delivering a multi-dimensional approach to mobilemarketing and mobile customer communications. 2ergo Australia’s client portfolio includes; the ABC,ninemsn, Vodafone Hutchison Australia, Automotive Holding Group and Tequila. 2ergo has offices in theUnited Kingdom, North America, Latin America, India and Australia.Bizar MobleBizar Mobile is an innovative digital development firm, specialising in new and emerging mobiletechnologies. By understanding your business needs and marketing objectives, we can greatly enhanceyour mobile strategy.We offer a unique strategic approach to the mobile platform through engaging design, powerfulapplications and outstanding content management systems. At Bizar Mobile we excel in iOS, Android, andweb based applications with a focus to enhance, excite and engage your user’s mobile experience. To Register T: (02) 9229 1000 F: (02) 9223 2622 E:
  6. 6. Main Conference: 15 – 16 March 2011 Interactive Workshops: 15 – 16 March 2011 Venue: Dockside, Sydney, NSW M Venue: Dockside Balcony Level, Cockle Bay Wharf, Darling Park SYDNEY NSW 2000 Australia Tel: 02 9621 3777 Website: Accommodation To speed registration, please provide the priority code located on the mailing label or in the box below. The Lido Group is the official booking agent for the M.App Con 2011 ENQNA conference. They have negotiated event rates at a range of hotels including the conference venue. To take advantage of these rates & 19710.001 book direct on the website please go to HOW TO REGISTER: and click on the Venue & Accommodation page. (02) 9229 1000 Benefits of Sponsoring & Exhibiting: 1. Direct access to your target market. (02) 9223 2622 2. Enhancing your company or brand position. 3. Increasing your competitive selling advantage. 4. Achieving a high profile association with key decision IQPC, Level 6, 25 Bligh Street, SYDNEY NSW 2000 makers. For more information, please contact Mike Adams on +61 (0) 2 9229 1083 or About IQPC Each year IQPC offers approximately 2,000 conferences, seminars and related learning programs worldwide attracting a dedicated group of top Standard Package Early Bird Discount – Standard Pricing decision makers. IQPC leverages a global research base of best practices to produce an unrivalled portfolio of problem-solving conferences, in doing *Register and pay before 24/01/2011 so provide the fastest and most enjoyable way to find out what is going SAVE $400* on in your professional community and the best way to meet the suppliers that can help you accomplish your goals. IQPC now has offices in majoro Conference Only $2899 + GST = $3188.90 $3299 + GST = $3628.90 cities across six continents including: Berlin, Dubai, London, New York, Saoo Conference + 1 Workshop $3798 + GST = $4177.80 $4198 + GST = $4617.80 Paulo, Singapore, Stockholm, Sydney and Toronto. From finance events ino Conference + 2 Workshops $4597 + GST = $5056.70 $4997 + GST = $5496.70 New York, Rail conferences in Brussels, Marketing summits in Singapore and Mining events in Australia, IQPC transfers expertise around the world,o Conference + 3 Workshops $5296 + GST = $5825.60 $5696 + GST = $6265.60 keeping delegates competitive, profitable and delivering maximum ROI. Privacy - Your ChoiceRegister me for the M.App Con 2011 Workshops Any information provided by you in registering for this conference is being collected by IQPC and will be held in the strictest confidence. It will be added to our database ando A Getting Your App Noticed with the Right Marketing Strategies will be used primarily to provide you with further information about IQPC events ando B Measuring Mobile Application Performance to Maximise ROI services. 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