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Mine Site Feasibility 2011


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Definitive Feasibility study is essential in determining the potential profitability and productivity of a Mining Project. However, stringent legislation, time restrictions, a shortage of skilled technical staff along with no guarantee of financial approval, makes conducting a feasibility study difficult. IQPC’s 5th Annual conference on Mine Site Feasibility, along with our 4 specialised workshops, will equip you with the information you need in order to improve the overall management and success of your feasibility study.Hearing from experienced industry professionals will help you in the development of your own feasibility study.

Mine Site Feasibility’s success is evident as in 2011 we will be reproducing the event for the 5th time. The improved and updated event will maintain its relevance as it will answer the immediate issues facing today’s Mining market.

For more information about the event, please visit or call +61 2 9229 1000.

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Mine Site Feasibility 2011

  1. 1. Main Conference: 12 & 13 April 2011 Fe se s pe fes in fr str ca ex pro at tu rie sio om yWorkshop: 12 April 2011 du ur di nc naVenue: Mercure Brisbane, QLD in e s e d ls gMine Site !Feasibility 2011STRATEGIES TO CREATE, MANAGE ANDDEVELOP A FEASIBILITY STUDY THAT IS Presentations by: With an ExpertKim Stanton-Cook, Speaker Line Up:Managing Director,GOLDEN CROSS RESOURCES Harald Muller, General Manager of Projects,Mun Lum, METALS FINANCEHead of Mining & Resources Infrastructure, Project & Structured Chris Groves,Finance Specialised Lending, Associate Director Natural Resources,ANZ NABINSTITUTIONALLindsay Delzoppo, David Thiel,Senior Director – Environmental Impact Assessments, in Brisbane, Professor - Griffith School ofDERM QLD Engineering, GRIFFITH UNIVERSITY Erhan Kozan, Professor – Faculty of Science & Technology,Why Attend Mine Site Feasibility in 2011? QUEENSLAND UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGYLearn more about the development and management of a definitivefeasibility study. Dr. John Whiteoak, Professor – Faculty of Business,Improve your knowledge on environmental legislation UNIVERSITY OF THE SUNSHINE COASTand approvals to ensure adherence to government policy. Andrew Querzoli, Manager – Project Development,Develop your strategies to help you build a strong project URANEX NLmanagement team for the life cycle of your feasibility study. Juan Camus,Increase bankability and ensure your business case covers all the PhD Industry Fellow Miningelements required by the bank. Engineering Division, THE UNIVERSITY OF QUEENSLAND Hugh Thompson,Upgrade Your Workshop Principle Mining Consultant,Registration through Leading an Effective Cross-Functional GHDAttendance at: Project Team for Improved Project OutcomesOrganised by: Researched & Developed by:BOOK NOW! T +61 2 9229 1000 F +61 2 9223 2622 E W
  2. 2. Conference Agenda Day One Tuesday 12 April 20118.30 Registration and Refreshments • etermining NPV (Net Present Value) D9.00 Opening Remarks from Conference Chair and Mining IQ • Sensitivity of commodity price, fluctuations, and the type of Mine site • uccinct estimates on return and income in relation to commodity value S9.10 CASE STUDY: The Lucky Break Feasibility Study • efining a commodity from an inferred resource to an indicated resource D T his session is presented by the General Manager of Projects for Metals Finance. J oined by key speakers from the day The case study examines their Lucky Break nickel project in Northern Queensland and focuses on feasibility study strategies that can help you deal 12.45 Lunch and Networking OpportunitySTuDY with the impact of the current economic climate.CASe • The influence of the Global Financial Crisis 1.45 CASE STUDY: Feasibility Studies - A Uranium Perspective • Reducing the scope of the Lucky Break study This presentation will use Case Studies to analyse numerous factors that • Maximising benefits of economies of scope rather than economies of scale influence Uranium Project Feasibility. The topics discussed will focus on aspects that are unique to “Uranium” Feasibility Studies. Harald Muller, General Manager of Projects, METALS FINANCE • he effect of Uranium Grade on Feasibility. A particular focus on the recent T STuDY CASe9.55 Feasibility of Demand-Responsive Integrated Mine Transport System trend of applying Heap Leach to Low Grade Uranium Deposits The development of an integrated mine transport system may bring many • he Specifics of an InSitu Recovery (ISR) Feasibility Study. Field Leach Trials T benefits towards achievements of some long-term goals including: i) (FLTs) are essential to determine Wellfield Design/Recovery/OPEX, but they determining the more efficient feasible operational mine train schedules; ii) can add complexity, cost and time to the Studies increasing the railing capacity to the full; iii) preparing the latent capacity to • he effectiveness of fast tracking Feasibility, EPCM and Commissioning - T meet even the highest forecast tonnage demands; and iv) offering accurate A Case Study and quantitative advice on relatively balanced mine, port and rail capacity • he uniqueness of the Uranium Market and its impact on Feasibility Studies T expansion. To achieve these goals: (Supply and Demand / Spot vs Contract) • Mine rail corridors and mine terminals in a demand-responsive integrated • he uniqueness of the Uranium Regulatory Approvals Process T system Andrew Querzoli, Manager – Project Development, URANEX NL • n innovative integrated methodology for better control strategies and A optimisation techniques 2.30 Feasibility Consulting for Successful Study Completion • ew models and solution techniques in the areas of tactical planning on N In recent times the pathway to a succesful definitive feasibility study in our stockpiles and sophisticated operational scheduling in a demand-responsive industry has changed significantly, therefore the effective way to select and integrated transport system; use consultants needs to be re-assessed. • case study is presented to provide the meaningful insights and A • hat is the current reality regards the pathway to a successful feasibility W quantitative advice on feasibility to upgrade the infrastructure and improve study the utilisation rate of coal rail network; • ow to select consultants H • comprehensive sensitivity analysis is applied to validate the proposed A • How to align consulting scopes, deliverables and rewards with corporate techniques, which are able to make a great efficiency improvement on the goals overall mine supply chain. • hich contract types work best with which consulting breakdowns W Erhan Kozan, Professor, QUEENSLAND UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY • ow to value innovation in a consulting environment H10.45 Morning Tea and Networking Opportunity Hugh Thompson, Principle Mining Consultant, GHD11.15 Raising Financing: What Banks Look for in a Bankable Feasibility Study 3.15 Afternoon Tea and Networking Opportunity Nobody wants to spend time and money on a study and then not win 3.45 ROUNDTABLE: Completing a Rough Budget to Improve Cost funding. This session covers how to increase the chance of your feasibility Efficiencies study being bankable. Managing Costs in a feasibility study is crucial in order to produce a successful ROunDTABLe • nderstanding the financing process U and detailed study. • Ensuring your Bankable Feasibility Study covers all the elements required by • xamine a variety of Infrastructure costs E a bank to assess your project • ptions for financial modelling O • enders Base Case vs Equity Base Case L • ontinual awareness of the budget to ensure limits are maintained C • Ensuring a smooth and efficient financing process • oordinating with the finance manager/officer to set realistic budgets C Mun Lum, Head of Mining and Metals Project Finance, ANZ • uotations to set preliminary cost calculations Q12. 00 PANEL DISCUSSION: Forecasting of Commodity Value: Helping you Set • ccounting for closure costs A Realistic Expectations of Return on Investment • etermining equipment, operation and mining personnel costs D Within the current mining market, the majority of mining companies will F acilitated by the conference chair agree that it is difficult to determine the price of commodities. This can have a 4.30 Closing Comments from the Chair and End of Day OneSeSSIOn significant impact on predicting your possible return and income on a mining PAneL project. 4.45 Beginning of Workshop: • Using schotastic parameters in replace of the more traditional terministic L eading an Effective Cross-Functional Team for Improved Project Outcomes parameters • nput parameters to establish price, grade, and cost IWORKSHOP Tuesday 12 April 2011 • 4:45pm - 7:45pm (including a light dinner)Leading an Effective Cross-Functional Team for Improved Project OutcomesThis session draws upon research conducted by the facilitator on leadership and Your Workshop Leader:performance in Queensland mine sites. Leading an effective project team requires Dr. John Whiteoak, successful professionals to learn and apply skills that are often beyond their technical training. In this session we explore some of the fundamentals of leadership and team Professor – Faculty of Business, effectiveness. The workshop will provide participants with practical leadership skills to UNIVERSITY OF THE SUNSHINE COASThelp improve their personal leadership capacity. The session will also investigate team Dr. John Whiteoak has more than ten years experience working with many well known dynamics that are associated with a more successful project team. Australian and Global organisations. He is known as a dynamic and engaging presenter on topics including leadership, strategy, change, teamwork and culture. As a Agenda management consultant he has extensive practical experience facilitating strategic planning sessions and running organisational development workshops across a wide 4.45 Leadership fundamentals range of corporate management issues in many industries including the mining industry. 5.15 What makes a great leader? John has conducted research investigating employee performance and leadership in the 5.45 Personal leadership assessment Australian mining industry and has published work in team effectiveness and motivation 6.15 Light Dinner with many high quality international management journals. Finally, John has worked with 6.45 Developing a strong team hundreds of Executive Masters of Business of Administration (MBA) students lecturing leadership in Australia and overseas. 7.15 Success factors in a project team7.45 End of Workshop
  3. 3. Conference Agenda Day Two Wednesday 13 April 20119.00 Opening Remarks from Conference Chair 12.45 Lunch and Networking Opportunity9.10 DERM’s Approach to Management of Environmental Impact Studies 1.45 Value Creation in Mining for Mining Projects This presentation challenges the deep-rooted notion that value creation in When conducting your feasibility study it is crucial that you understand the mining is all about production and costs. This session will focus on; approval process especially in regards to Environmental policy and legislation. • he capacity of companies to continually increase the prospective mineral T This session will focus on environmental impact studies for mining projects. resources and transform them into economically mineable mineral reserves • he approval processes and how an EIS slots in T • orter’s value chain framework where the sequential activities along the P • riggers for the EP Act EIS process T value chain are: mineral resources management, project management, • hat can the EIS cover W operations management, and marketing management • hat you get at the end W • ractical mining profitability is usually measured in aggregate, from P exploration to market, the thesis is supported by inference from analysis of • inks with Federal Government approval process L public domain information on company financial and technical Lindsay Delzoppo, Senior Director – Environmental Impact Assessments, in performance. Brisbane, DERM QLD Juan Camus, PhD Industry Fellow Mining Engineering Division, THE UNIVERSITY OF QUEENSLAND9.55 CASE STUDY: Copper Hill Project: Making the Transition from Pre-Feasibility to a Definitive Feasibility Study 2.30 Filling in the Detail – Ground-based Electromagnetic Geophysics on The Copper Hill Project has recently confirmed extended economic grades of Green Field Sites. copper at Copper Hill North. This session delivered by the Managing Director This session will be facilitated by Professor David Thiel who has extensive of Golden Cross resources will focus on how you can make the transition to a STuDY experience in Ground-Based Electromagnetic Geophysics on Green Field Sites. definitive feasibility study. Accurate planning and forecasting of your project CASe It will focus on: can help in the management of cost and time. • he steps following the detection of a potentially viable deposit T • cheduling the timeline of the mining project to ensure efficiency S • etailing the near surface extent of the ore and the host rock for effective D • erifying steps in the process (pilot tests) to optimise performance V mine site planning. • esting equipment to ensure that it is capable of performing as required T • urface based electromagnetic geophysics has proved to be: Accurate, S • mporting mining equipment from overseas I Rapid, Cost effective, Minimally intrusive and Environmentally sensitive • ncreasing the drilling program to determine Indicated or measured material I David Thiel, Professor - Griffith School of Engineering, GRIFFITH types from inferred material UNIVERSITY • elect preferred development options to gain a better estimate of costs S Kim Stanton-Cook, Managing Director, GOLDEN CROSS RESOURCES 3.15 Afternoon Tea and Networking Opportunity10.45 Morning Tea and Networking Opportunity 3.45 ROUNDTABLE: Managing Risk to Avoid Surprises in Project Implementation11.15 What The Banks Expect from Your Feasibility Study Feasibility studies have to consider the potential risks involved in your project. ROunDTABLe A lender will be interested in the economics of your feasibility study. In In particular methods to deal with risk need to be well though out. particular the assurance that your Mining project will be able to generate • void “warehousing” of the project A funds for financial repayments • roduction decision delayed due to drop in commodity prices P • reating a business case that will secure a financial investor C • ccounting for internal budget constraints A • now what the financial investors find attractive in a proposal K • nclude a definitive cost on risks that have been identified I • xamination of key bankable papers that are required E F acilitated by the conference chair Chris Groves, Associate Director of Natural Resources, NABINSTITUTIONAL 4.30 Closing Remarks from the Conference Chair and End of Conference12.00 PANEL DISCUSSION: Forecasting of Materials and Machinery: Ensuring availability and optimizing efficiency A ccurate forecasting of material and machinery requirements is important in the timely running of the feasibility study. Shortages of drilling rigs and other exploration equipment must be taken into account in order to correctly SeSSIOn estimate time and its effect on costs in your feasibility study. PAneL • stablish availability of equipment/machinery E • ourcing second hand machinery S • reating a timeline detailing what equipment will be required at each step C of the project • ost saving options, including rig pooling, in order to enhance core activities C Joined by key speakers of the dayWho Will Attend Mine Site Companies That Have Previously AttendedFeasibility 2011? Mining IQ events Include: Project Managers/Directors AMEC Minproc  Integra Mining  General Manager Projects Arafura Resources Ltd  Jabiru Metals  Operations Managers Ausenco Services  Lincoln Minerals Ltd  Managing Directors Australasian Resources  Minara Resources  Chief Operating Officers  ustralian Bulk Minerals A Mindax Ltd  Barrick Gold  Panorami Resources  Geology Managers Bauxite Resources  Perilya Mining  Exploration Managers  Iron BC  Tinto Rio Chief Geologists  Billiton BHP  aracen Mineral S Mine Planning Engineers Golden Cross Resources  Holdings Heads of Mining Golden West Resources  Silver Mines  Regional General Managers Grange Resources  SKM Consulting  Engineering Managers Independence Group  Syrah Resources Ltd  BOOK NOW! T +61 2 9229 1000 F +61 2 9223 2622 E W
  4. 4. Register Early & Save! WHeRe mercure Brisbane, Qld 85-87 north Quay, Brisbane 4000 Tel: 07 3237 2300 fax: 07 3236 1035 To speed registration, please provide the priority code located on the mailing label or in the box below. ENQLD WHen? 12 & 13 April 2011 Team DiscounTs IQPC recognises the value of learning in teams. Take advantage of one of these special rates:  Register a team of 3 to the conference at the same time from the same company and receive $500 discount  Register a team of 4 to the conference at the same time from the same company and receive a free pass for a 5th delegate  Ask about multi-event discounts. Call + 61 2 9229 1000 for more details Please note: Only one discount applies accommoDaTion The lido group are the official booking agent for the mine site feasibility 2011 event. The lido group have negotiated event rates at a range of hotels for all attendees of this event. To take advantage of these rates & book direct on the website, please go to and click on the Venue & Accommodation page. 11623.005 QUick and easy Ways to register telePhone +61 2 9229 1000 Main Conference: 12 & 13 April 2011 FaX +61 2 9223 2622 Workshop: 12 April 2011 email Venue: Mercure Brisbane, QLD WeBsite mail IQPC, Level 6, 25 Bligh Street, SYDNEY NSW 2000  RegisTeR me for Mine Site Feasibility 2011  PLus Workshop (PhoToCoPy ThIs form for AddITIonAl delegATes) DELEGATE 1 [TITle] Mine Site [sUrnAme] [fIrsT nAme] Feasibility 2011 DELEGATE 2 [TITle] [sUrnAme] [fIrsT nAme] STRATEGIES TO CREATE, MANAGE AND PosITIon DEVELOP A FEASIBILITY STUDY THAT IS BANKABLE emAIl orgAnIsATIon SAVE Address early Bird $400 Packages *register & pay standard Price before 11 february 2011 PosTCode Conference Only $2999 + GST = $3298.90 $3399 + GST = $3738.90 TelePhone ( ) fAX ( ) Conference + Workshop $3898 + GST = $4287.80 $4298 + GST = $4727.80 APPROVING MANAGER [TITle] [sUrnAme]* Payment must be received by IQPC prior to 5pm AEST on the cut-off date. 2 WAYS TO SAVe!# Registrations received without payment or a Government PO will incur a processing fee of $99 + GST = $108.90 per registration. Book early for huge [fIrsT nAme] * Please send me set(s) of AUdIo ComPACT dIsCs and PresenTATIons Cd at $878.90 eARLY BIRD savings. ($799 plus gsT) or $603.90 ($549 plus gsT) Presentations Cd only Book as a TeAM, PosITIon * Please keep me informed via email about this and other related events save & benefit as a team. NOTE: PAYMENT IS DUE WITHIN 7 DAYS FROM REGISTRATION TO SECURE YOUR PLACE. Registrations received without payment emAIl or a Government PO will incur a processing fee of $99+GST = $108.90 per registration. Payment prior to the conference is mandatory for attendance. Payment includes lunches, refreshments, a copy of conference presentations via FTP website or workbook and all meeting materials. If payment has not been received two weeks before the conference, a credit card hold will be taken and processed. * CheQUe enClosed for $ (Please make cheques payable to: IQPC) This card will be refunded once alternate payment has been received. PrIVACy - yoUr ChoICe PleAse ChArge * American express * Visa * masterCard * diners Club Any information provided by you in registering for this conference is being collected by IQPC and will be held in the strictest confidence. It will be added to our database and will be used primarily to provide you with further information about IQPC events and services. By supplying your CredIT CArd nUmBer email address and mobile telephone number you are agreeing to IQPC contacting you by these means to provide you further information about IQPC products and services. From time to time IQPC may share information from our database with other professional organisations (including our event sponsors) to promote similar products and services. Please tick the box below if you do NOT want us to pass on your details. To amend your current details, advise of duplicates or to opt out of further mailings, please contact our Database Integrity Maintenance Department, Level 6, 25 Bligh Street, SYDNEY NSW 2000. Alternatively, email, call 02 9229 1028 or fax 02 9223 2622. AmeX 4 dIgIT Code eXPIry dATe * I do not wish to have my details made available to other organisations IQPC CAnCellATIon And PosTPonemenT PolICy: for deTAIls of IQPC’s nAme of CArd holder [PleAse PrInT] CAnCellATIon And PosTPonemenT PolICy PleAse VIsIT: © 2010 IQPC ABn 92 071 142 446 All rIghTs reserVed. The format, design, content and arrangement of this brochure constitute a copyright of IQPC. Unauthorised reproduction will be actionable by law.