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Demand Management & Energy Conservation 2011


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Demand Management & Energy Conservation 2011

  1. 1. Demand Two Day Conference 7th & 8th June 2011 Conference Workshops 7th & 8th June 2011 Management Venue Quay Grand Hotel Sydney, NSW Energy Conservation Promoting Energy Efficiency, Reducing Peak Power Consumption and Improving Power Reliability Downloa d the full e ve details o nt nline With Programme Input and Participation from the Following Industry Leaders: Prof. Paul Simshauser, Terry McConnell, Sam Chen, Chief Economist Business and Industry DSM Technology and Group Head of Relationship Manager and Strategy Manager Corporate Affairs ENERGEX INTEGRAL ENERGY AGL Jim Brosnan, David Cornforth, Trevor St Baker, Vice President Project Leader Chairman SIMCOA OPERATIONS CSIRO ENERGY ERM POWER TECHNOLOGY Our Key Speakers Also Include: Allan Jones, Chief Development Officer Yolande Strengers, Associate Professor Terry Grimwade, Executive General Manager CITY OF SYDNEY (tentative) RMIT UNIVERSITY Market Performance AUSTRALIAN ENERGY David Heberlein, Group Manager Energy Chris Dunstan, Research Director MARKET OPERATOR LTD Conservation and Demand Management INSTITUTE FOR SUSTAINABLE FUTURES Dr Ashok Manglick, Manager, ERGON ENERGY Steve Davies, Policy Advisor Non-Network Projects TRANSGRID Jesse Steinfeld, Engineer, AUSTRALIAN PIPELINE INDUSTRY Leah Sertori, Project Director Sustainability and Environment ASSOCIATION CENTRAL VICTORIA SOLAR CITY INVESTA PROPERTY GROUP Prof. Grahame Holmes, Innovation Professor - Robert Murray-Leach, CEO Clare Petre, Energy and Water Ombudsman Smart Energy RMIT ENERGY EFFICIENCY COUNCIL NSW Matthew Dodson, Smart Network Manager THIESS SERVICES PTY LTD Demand Management and Energy Conservation has brought together the leaders in energy and utilities to give a highly informative insight into the future direction for sustainable demand management and energy conservation - a must attend event. Terry McConnell, Business and Industry Relationship Manager, ENERGEXFeaturing 2 new interactive workshops: INDUSTRY UPDATES: Keep up to date on all the important issues in the lead up to the conference:A: Understanding the Mythical and Elusive Consumer  podcasts  debates  interviews  articles  industry newsB: How Peak Demand Management and Energy Education Can Save Energy and Dollars Get the latest event updates online at: by: Organised by: Researched & Developed by: BOOK NOW! T +61 2 9229 1000 F +61 2 9223 2622 E W
  2. 2. "Proactive demand and energy management by electricity suppliers, retailers and customers has become increasingly urgent on a national and global scale."Trevor St. Baker, Managing Director, ERM POWER“ ergy Conservation is an Dem and Management and En dar for promoting important opportunity in the 2011 calen nities for demand ncy and identifying opportu ” energy efficie side management. s , Simcoa OperationJim Brosnan, Vice President Specialist, Dear Demand Management electricity infrastructure, a ing substantial investment in With the continued rise in peak demand periods driv and response and overal l What does the evolving dem we truly implement demand number of questio ns still remain unanswered. ir customers? How do h mean to utilities and the demand management pus t-effective network? a more stable and cos management policies for ped to bring been researched and develo nagement and Energy Conservation has and providing The launch of Demand Ma wth in peak electricity demand t illustrat e initiatives for reducing gro you current case studies tha costs. savings in future energy infrastructure s: vant if you need to addres This industry forum is rele and modification and augmentation through dem  Reducin g network investment and management es of peak control ement by looking at advantag  Evaluating demand manag n of demand response engthen customer adoptio sin ess process changes to str  Creating budemand side management and overall art meters nagement systems and sm technologies in demand ma  Understanding emerging ment to enable customer engage of renewable e reliability and integration erational efficiency, servic  Re-engineering op technologies ges and who are looking s who share common challen nity to network with colleague Make the most of this opportu the peak power usage. ement techniques to reduce to action their demand manag 9 1000, email her at . Call Judy Hizon on (02) 922 ce at this important industry gathering Be sure to confirm your pla enquire or visit demand I look forward to seeing you in June. BENEFITS OF SPONSORING Best regards, & EXHIBITING 4 key reasons: 1. Direct access to your target market Hykie Kwong 2. Building your company brand and position and Management and Conference Director – Dem 3. Increasing your competitive selling advantage Energy Conservation Energy IQ 4. Achieving a high profile association with key decision makers There are a limited number of opportunities available. To secure premium exposure, contact Mike Adams on +61 (0)2 9229 1083 or NOW! T +61 2 9229 1000 F +61 2 9223 2622 E W
  3. 3. DAY 1 | Tuesday 7 June 20118.30 Registration and Refreshments 2.30 Managing Demand Management and Energy Conservation through Smart Metering Options9.00 Opening Address from the Chair  Evaluating the success of smart metering at consumer level vs. demand management at industry level9.10 Reducing Network Investment with Demand Management  Assessing what’s possible with smart metering with direct load and Energy Conservation control trials  Understanding demand management through an evaluation of  Forecasting plans for the future how energy demand can be modified and managed Sam Chen, DSM Technology and Strategy Manager  Minimising the capital investment required to maintain sufficient INTEGRAl ENERGY capacity to meet peak demand by shifting peak to another time Afternoon Tea and Networking KEYNOTE of day 3.10  Evaluating demand management by looking at advantages of peak control 3.40 Understanding the Mythical and Elusive Consumer  Relieving network constraints through peak load cuts or increased  What concepts, methods and tools can be draw on to understand end use of efficiency consumers and their demand (with a particular focus on those Terry McConnell, Business and Industry Relationship Manager that go beyond the psychology and economic rationalist based ENERGEX understandings dominating current understandings)?  How is the (changing) relationship between utilities and consumers facilitated by the introduction of new smart technologies shaping9.50 Delivering on Demand Management Strategies demand for energy?  Addressing inefficiency in the energy market  Is there a new role for the consumer in the smart grid and what is  Reducing cost by increasing demand management strategy it?  Coping with peak demand and price fluctuations  How do utilities, governments and supply systems currently inform David Heberlein, Group Manager Energy Conservation and consumer expectations and how can these be managed and Demand Management ERGON ENERGY potentially changed? Yolande Strengers, Associate Professor,10.30 Morning Tea and Networking RMIT uNIVERSITY11.00 Moving Sydney towards a Sustainable Low Carbon Future 4.10 The Role of Microgrids in the Smart Grid  Highlighting updates in decentralised energy trigeneration and its Microgrids are local power systems that may or may not be connected impact on the development of the Green Infrastructure Plan for Sydney to the distribution system and are typically controlled by the local operator. Interest in microgrids is rising and it is likely that the number  Providing an overview of how a decentralised and more of microgrids connected to distribution networks will increase. KEYNOTE sustainable energy market for Sydney will impact the State’s Currently there is no consensus on how microgrids will interact with wider energy demands the distribution system - they have the potential to threaten stability, or  Establishing green infrastructure to enable future energy needs to assist. However microgrids, with their emphasis on sophisticated to be derived from wholly renewable or sustainable resources control in order to manage their particular challenges, address many Allan Jones, Chief Development Officer of the problems that will be required to overcome in realizing the smart CITY OF SYDNEY (tentative) grid. This session examines some of the issues involved in connecting microgrids to the distribution networks, and illustrates how microgrids have a key role to play in the development of the smart grid.11.40 The EWON Experience: The Customer-Retailer Relationship David Cornforth, Project Leader  Providing an analysis of the impact of pricing issues on households CSIRO ENERGY TECHNOlOGY with differences in consumption, income and other characteristics  Working with the customer and retailer on the road to establishing effective demand management and energy conservation 4.40 Energy Literacy and Demand Management programmes Central Victoria Solar City trials demand management through cost  Ensuring accurate and reliable information for energy customers reflective pricing and by facilitating regional planning for demand management with our fourteen local government partners.  Resolving customer concerns and identifying patterns, trends and issues from customer complaints  Product design and purpose – extended time of use and critical peak pricing Clare Petre, Energy and Water Ombudsman NSW  Key lessons learned from the Central Victoria Solar City demand management trial12.20 An Overview of the Australian Electricity and Gas Markets  Managing customer’s expectations– the importance of tailored Terry Grimwade, Executive General Manager Market Performance sales channels for critical peak pricing products AuSTRAlIAN ENERGY MARkET OpERATOR lTD  Increasing the energy literacy of project partners to facilitate engagement in demand management1.00 Lunch and Networking Opportunity Leah Sertori, Project Director Central Victoria Solar City2.00 Managing Energy Costs - Simcoa’s Experience with DSM 5.00 Closing remarks from the chair  Identifying opportunities for DSM with an example from Simcoa and their DSM development process 5.05 End of Day 1  Determining the value of DSM to Simcoa  Is DSM participation a drain on resources? 5.10 Start of Workshop A: Understanding the Mythical and Elusive  Evaluating what it takes to enter into DSM in the WA Energy market - Consumer does participation require an in depth knowledge of the electricity market? Facilitated by:  Detailing the benefits to your bottom line by looking at how DSM Yolande Strengers, Associate Professor, RMIT uNIVERSITY has worked for Simcoa Jim Brosnan, Vice President SIMCOA RESOuRCESBOOK NOW! T +61 2 9229 1000 F +61 2 9223 2622 E W
  4. 4. DAY 2 | Wednesday 8 June 20118.30 Registration and Refreshments 12.40 Lunch and Networking9.00 Opening remarks from the chair 1.40 APIA: The Future for Natural Gas in Australia  Promoting the use of natural gas to substantially reduce9.10 Limited-form Dynamic Pricing in the NEM greenhouse gas emissions  Trend analysis of electricity costs and AWE  Encouraging investment in the required infrastructure to ensure  Preliminary results from dynamic pricing pilots natural gas will provide power alongside renewable energies KEYNOTE  Ethics of dynamic pricing and formulating policy  Initiating better policies for gas for Australia’s energy needs Prof Paul Simshauser, Chief Economist and Group Head of Steve Davies, Policy Advisor Corporate Affairs AuSTRAlIAN pIpElINE INDuSTRY ASSOCIATION (ApIA) AGl 2.20 Transgrid Case Study9.50 The Future for Natural Gas in Australia Session details to be confirmed  Promoting the use of natural gas to substantially reduce Dr Ashok Manglick, Manager, Non-Network Projects greenhouse gas emissions TRANSGRID  Managing resource demand and satisfying customer’s KEYNOTE requirements 3.00 Afternoon Tea and Networking  Understanding clarity of demand, forecasting of resource requirements, and demand management tools 3.30 Customer Perspectives – Wow do we Make DM&EC Work? Trevor St Baker, Chairman  What are the costs and the benefits to a customer? ERM pOWER  How can we align the value of DM&EC between the distributor, retailer and customer?  At what point does the utility involve the customer in the decision10.30 Clean Energy Council Presentation process and at what point does the customer want to be involved? Robert Murray-Leach, CEO  The effectiveness of the regulatory test in the decision to augment ENERGY EFFICIENCY COuNCIl the network verses a DM&EC solution? Matthew Dodson, Smart Network Manager11.00 Morning Tea and Networking THIESS SERVICES pTY lTD11.30 Strategies in Carbon Reduction and the Role of Network 4.10 The Technology of Smart Grid Demand Side Management Demand Management  Electrical energy management using power electronic converters  Managing infrastructure requirements and securing demand  Microgrids, autonomous generation, demand side power  Reducing increases in energy prices through greater network management efficiency  Smart meters – what they can and cannot do  Demand management and reducing carbon emissions  Changing the Distribution Network Structure to accommodate Chris Dunstan, Research Director, Demand Side Management INSTITuTE FOR SuSTAINABlE FuTuRES Prof. Grahame Holmes, Innovation Professor - Smart Energy RMIT12.00 Energy Conservation and Peak Demand in Office Buildings: Different Problems, Same Solutions 4.50 Closing Remarks from the Chair  Linking energy efficiency, better building management and peak load performance in office buildings  Technological and non-technological factors for improved 5.00 End of Day 2 and Main Conference performance  Redefining comfort: opportunities for energy savings through 5.00 Start of Workshop B: How Peak Demand Management and adaptive comfort Energy Education Can Save Energy and Dollars  Show me the data: an analysis of static and dynamic comfort Facilitated by: strategies Terry McConnell, Business and Industry Relationship Manager Jesse Steinfeld, Engineer, Sustainability and Environment ENERGEX INVESTA pROpERTY GROup View the full agenda and more at Here - you cannot only view the full agenda and speaker line-up, but if you head to our Download Centre you will be able to gain access to relevant industry articles, speaker interviews, podcasts, past presentations and research papers. All of our content is current and regularly updated. It’s FREE and available 24 hours a day! If you would like to contribute to the Download Centre, please feel free to get in contact with Carl Price, Senior Online Marketing Manager on 02 9229 1000 or NOW! T +61 2 9229 1000 F +61 2 9223 2622 E W
  5. 5. Interactive WorkshopsWorkshop A Tuesday 7 June | 5.10pm – 8.10pmUnderstanding the Mythical and Elusive ConsumerRationale: • Is there a new role for the consumer in the smart grid and what is it?The rise of the smart grid and its associated technologies has led to greater • ow do utilities, governments and supply systems currently inform consumer Hemphasis on understanding, managing and potentially changing consumer expectations and how can these be managed and potentially changed?expectations and demand. However, the consumer remains an elusive andalmost mythical creature – difficult to pin down and predict. This workshop About your workshop facilitator:will provide, discuss and share innovative concepts, methods and tools Yolande Strengers,to understand consumers and their demand. It will challenge participants to Associate Professor,think more broadly about the consumer, and the role energy utilities play in RMIT UNIVERSITYshaping who the consumer is and what they want. Dr Yolande Strengers is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Design (RMITAgenda: University), where she leads the Beyond Behaviour Change (BBC) research group. Yolande was recently awarded a PhD in Social Science focusedThis workshop will address the following challenging questions: on the institutional and behavioural dynamics of smart metering demand• Who is ‘the consumer’? management programs. Her PhD involved interviews with households from• How are consumer expectations set and how can they be managed? three Australian trials and demand managers across Australia. She has• hat concepts, methods and tools can be draw on to understand W also worked on a range of energy-related projects with clients and partners consumers and their demand (with a particular focus on those that go beyond including EnergyAustralia, ANZ Bank and the Moreland Energy Foundation. the psychology and economic rationalist based understandings dominating Prior to her research career, Yolande worked in corporate communications, current understandings)? media and community relations roles in the energy and environment sectors.• ow is the (changing) relationship between utilities and consumers H facilitated by the introduction of new smart technologies shaping demand for energy?Workshop B Wednesday 8 June | 5.00pm – 8.00pmHow Peak Demand Management and Energy Education Can Save Energy and DollarsRationale: • cquiring the tools necessary to develop your own energy AAn effective demand management programme addresses the causes rather management approachthan the symptoms of excessive energy needs. Demand managementuses a range of strategies to modify the level and timing of energy demand. About your workshop facilitator:This workshop will demonstrate the way to benefits such as lower energy Terry McConnell, Business and Industrybills, better energy services, the improved utilisation of resources and fewer Relationship Manager,environmental costs. ENERGEX Terry has over 30 years of experience at a local, national and internationalAgenda: level. He has specialised in the areas of energy reduction and product• Defining an action plan for curtailing energy consumption optimisation to the commercial and industrial markets.• aining insights from a peak demand management programme to locate G Terry joined Energex in 1998. significant cost savings Some five years ago he took over as Group Manager Energy Efficiency• upplementing your demand management programme by training S within the non regulated arm of Energex and in 2009 joined the Network personnel on energy, sustainability and the role everyone plays Performance division specifically working in the area of Network Demand• ncorporating techniques and educational tools to promote energy I and Risk Management. conservation This group is responsible for implementing a number of energy conservation• nderstanding the value of peak demand management and how to U and demand management strategies and programs to reduce future energy implement it consumption and demand in South East Queensland.Information exchange for the energy industryJoin the debate and have your say! Smart Energy is Australias new and growing business network, providing a vibrant anddynamic online community of professionals who can readily share knowledge and thought leadership to help drive the evolutionof smart energy.Keep up-to-date with the latest developments by following us on andBOOK NOW! T +61 2 9229 1000 F +61 2 9223 2622 E W
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