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Construction companies and Telcos to forge partnerships to support NBN


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We at Telecoms IQ quickly caught up with Matthew Schultz, NBN and Digital Economy Coordinator at Ipswich City Council. In this interview, he shares how he believes Telcos and construction companies should come together for the NBN.

Matthew Schultz will be speaking at the Communication Network Design and Construction 2011. For more information about the event, please visit or call +61 2 9229 1000. Or email us on

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Construction companies and Telcos to forge partnerships to support NBN

  1. 1. Construction companies and Telecos to forge partnerships to support NBN Q&A with Matthew Schultz, NBN and Digital Economy Coordinator at Ipswich City Council Communication Network Design and Construction 2011Communication network design and construction is a difficult process giventhe circumstances that fibre optic cable needs to be laid under. The logisticsinvolved as well as the construction considerations that need to be taken intoplace is an important process and developing a best practice should be seenas crucial to a projects success.IQPC’s Communication Network Design and Construction conferenceaddresses such pressing needs by presenting expert insights and industrycase studies into minimising construction disruption, overcoming “to premises”construction issues, and best practice and technical developments. This eventwill ensure that your team achieves all of these goals.Telecoms IQ: The biggest project within the industry is the NBN.So in you perspective what you perceived to be the main challenges inimplementing it?Matthew Schultz: I could say that the main challenge is being the sheersize and scale of the NBN. This is in addition to the individual myriad of localissues that will be faced by constructing the NBN further down in every urbanstreet in Australia.Telecoms IQ: The NBN is the largest infrastructure project in thenation’s history, with high stakes among numerous industries, so whereshould we look to model and benchmark our process?Matthew Schultz: I think we can look to model from many overseascountries in the deployment of their SDTP networks. This can include Verizonin the U.S, the myriad of European initiatives, and the activity that is currentlyhappening in Japan and Singapore.
  2. 2. Telecoms IQ: How do you see the various stakeholders comingtogether to work towards implementing the NBN?Matthew Schultz: So far, there is good evidence of stakeholders workingtogether to address the practical information of the NBN project and I amconfident that this momentum of industry engagement and goodwill ofstakeholders working together will continue.Telecoms IQ: How do you think construction companies andTelcos should work with city councils to ensure the smoothimplementation of the NBN?Matthew Schultz: Councils are staking to forging close partnerships with therelevant construction companies in telecommunication carriers, such as NBNCo., to ensure local issues are recognized. This will also support and expeditethe NBN role at typical issues that large councils will be interested and includecomponents of the NBN that require aerial cabling; the placement of furtherdistribution hubs in road reserves and local streets; and the potential impactand implications in future designs.Matthew Schultz, NBN and Digital Economy Coordinator at Ipswich CityCouncil, will be presenting at the Communication, Network Design, andConstruction 2011. For more information about this event, please or E-mail you can call us on 02-9229-1000. Telecoms IQ: Can you give us a little introduction about yourself and your experience in communication networks? Matthew Schultz Yes certainly look I always had quite a range of experiences in the information technology, telecommunications, geospatial, and engineering perspective. More recently I have been specializing in mixed generation broadband infrastructure developmentprojects and with a focus on SDTP network design from a local governmentperspective an emerging digital innovation initiative over high speedbroadband network to realize economic benefits.