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retail store - aeonbig

  1. 1. NAMA : MATRIX
  2. 2. BACKGROUND OF THE ESTABLISHMENT • AEON CO. (M) BHD. is a leading retailer in Malaysia with total revenue of RM3.26 billion for the financial year ended 31 December 2012. • The Company was incorporated on 15 September 1984. • AEON CO. (M) BHD. (AEON or the Company) was set up in response to the Malaysian Government‟s invitation to AEON Japan to help modernize the retailing industries in Malaysia. • The „AEON‟ name today is well established among Malaysians as well as foreigners, especially due to its association with the international AEON Group of Companies. • At all times, in every market, AEON‟s activities are guided by its unchanging „Customer First‟ philosophy. • AEON BIG (M) SDN BHD ( formerly known as Magnificient Diagraph Sdn. Bhd.) ( hereinafter referred to as “AEON BIG” ) AEON Co. Ltd. From Japan has recently taken over AEON BIG on the 1st of November 2012.
  3. 3. • Following from the said takeover, AEON BIG is currently managing and operating 27 stores which comprise of hypermarkets and supermarkets in Malaysia. All the aforesaid stores (formerly under the trademark of “CARREFOUR” ) are currently undergoing the rebranding exercise under the new management. • AEON BIG has a wealth of hypermarket know-how inherited from “CARREFOUR” which started as the pioneer developer of the “hypermarket” concept in Malaysia in 1994 and “CARREFOUR” is one of the world‟s most successful hypermarket chains with more than 9,500 stores in 32 countries around the world • The hypermarket concept of AEON BIG offers one-stop shopping, self service, customer convenience facilities, free parking (selected store only) and low price on a wide range of fresh produce and non-food categories. • It is also one of the hypermarkets to offer 100% refund policy that protects the consumer’s right against defective goods.
  4. 4. Merchandise Assortment • A retailer‟s array of goods is called its assortment. Assortment refers to the range of stock, or total selection, a retailer carries, whether it is full, limited, or specialty, 13-14. • Assortment breadth (width) is the number of different item categories or classifications offered by a retailer, regardless of how many of each category is stocked. • Assortment depth indicates the quantity of each item available in the assortment of goods offered to customers. • Three different approaches to stock depth and breadth are (A) broad and shallow, (B) narrow and deep, and (C) moderate breadth and depth. These are illustrated in 13-15. Stores that carry a broad and shallow assortment stock small amounts of many different styles. Upscale, prestige retailers tend to stock broad and shallow assortments. They offer small stocks of many styles in limited sizes and colors because their customers desire exclusivity. • Stores that cater to mid-range fashion and quality might stock moderate breadth and depth.
  5. 5. • • • SERVICE SELECTION Customers shop with retailers that provide services comparable to the prices they are paying. The amount of service corresponds with the price/quality level, whether self-service, limited service, or full-service. The services mix is one of the key non price tools for setting retailers apart from each other. For instance, companies might decide to lengthen their credit payment terms or extend their evening hours to differentiate their store from their competitors. Discount stores, featuring low prices, offer only basic customer services, such as free parking, credit, and merchandise return privileges. Traditional department stores provide additional customer services, such as gift wrapping, repair services, and alterations. Exclusive stores might provide special services , such as a store employee delivering an evening dress and making sure it fits the customer properly, or helping a customer coordinate a dress, shoes, and jewelry. Services encourage customers to stay in the store as long as possible. The store provides all the needed services to keep customers there to make more purchases. They don‟t have to leave to put money in a parking meter or use a rest room elsewhere. Customer services will be discussed more completely later in this textbook.
  6. 6. Store Design And Visual Merchandise • • • • Store Front Design
  7. 7. Interior Design
  8. 8. Lighting Design
  9. 9. • Sound - Slow-tempo music in supermarket encourage people to move slowly. • Smell - Wet market product such like fresh product is separate located from others product.
  10. 10. CUSTOMER SERVICE PRE TRANSACTION SERVICES • Service provided to the customer prior to entering the store. • Example: Parking Lot, trolly and catalog TRANSACTION SERVICES • Services provided to customers when they are in the store shopping & transacting business. • Example: Credit card mechine, gift wrapping and packaging POST TRANSACTION SERVICES • Services provided to customers after they have purchased merchandise or services. • Example : Complaint and suggestion box. Customer Services.
  11. 11. Advertising and Promotion • Is paid, non-personal communication through various media by business firms, that inform or persuade members of a particular audience. 1) Newspaper
  12. 12. 2) Internet • • • • Aeon big has own website, Facebook and Instagram to promote their promotion of product to customer. Beside that, easily to company to have a communication with customer. -Website -Facebook : Aeon Big -Instagram : MYAEONBIG
  13. 13. PROMOTION • Involves the use of media and non-media marketing pressure applied for a Pre-determined. - Aeon big also provide to do free member card to get more regular customers. - Lifetime membership - Instant cash rebates (Redemption using points with your member card) - Earn 50 Aeon big eco points (When you shop using any AEON BIG recycle bag on Saturday ONLY) - RM1 = 1 POINT - Through the 100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo in Malaysia, Aeon Big is doing a promotion AEON BIG Malaysia 100 Design 3” Doraemon figurine is available for collection from 15 January until 14 April 2014.
  14. 14. - During festival celebration, Aeon big will do promotion and discount to their customer. To attract more customer to shopping when festival celebration.
  15. 15. Conclusion • AEON Co. Ltd, the biggest retail group from Japan has recently taken over AEON BIG on 1 November 2012. Following the said takeover, AEON BIG launched its Orange Campaign for its advertising and promotion activities. • During the launch, AEON BIG also unveiled its Orange Campaign series. The bright orange color will give people a fresh outlook and an energetic feeling. As for the five lovely items – The Happy Family Orange Badges, these indicate a happy and joyous family. • At the end of the year AEON BIG is also launching their private brand – TopValue, with over 500 products to choose from.