Optimising the online shopping journey


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Site conversion and basket abandonment have been on-going challenges for online retailers. In this presentation, delivered in our webinar on 14 Nov 2012, Laurence Veale and Steven Cassin (EPiServer Partner Sales Manager) outline how strategic design can ensure your website is optimised to convert every visitor into a customer.

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  • This is how our EPiServers products map into the user journey.Social Reach - EPiServer Social Reach enables you to use a single interface to tailor socialized and personalized content across social channels, including Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn. Site Attention - SiteAttention for EPiServer, help marketers optimize content for better search results. Google Analytics for EPiServer - The solution allows marketers and content editors to access the right data at the right time, adding insight and context to their content creation processs
  • Both M&S and Debenhams sites are excellent examples of attractive, easy to navigate websites that allow customers to find and purchase what they’re looking for efficiently. Indeed, many of the top retailers that we looked at scored highly for navigation, but Marks & Spencer gave itself an edge by providing added-value content through its M&S Stories site and offering a mobile version of the main website. Meanwhile, Debenhams joined M&S in top position by scoring well for its range of customer service options and its Beauty Card loyalty scheme.
  • M&S and VERY came out on top, both scoring 84% against the browsing benchmark. They are great examples of how going the extra mile with user reviews, product recommendations, and video content can elevate a retail site from providing a good visitor experience, to an outstanding one.
  • Amazon is a great example of a painless purchase process, scoring top marks for speedy checkout (including a ‘1-Click ordering’ option), free shipping, support for multiple payment options, and a clearly displayed returns policy
  • Topshop and Boots scored a healthy 85% by providing online order tracking, email notifications, SMS alerts and delivering orders in good time.
  • Notice how Amazon, the top scorer, has scored an even spread of points in each of the four key areas. This shows that the company has carefully considered the entire shopping journey and implemented best practice at every stage.
  • Optimising the online shopping journey

    1. 1. Ecommerce Performance Index 2012Steven Cassin, Partner Sales
    2. 2. Introduction toEPiServerInnovative solutions for multichanneldigital marketing and e-commerce
    3. 3. User Journey “Communication” “Commerce” Marketing “Content” EPiServer Arena “Traffic” EPiServer CMS Commerce EPiServerSocial Reach “Traffic” EPiServer “Communication”SiteAttention “Community” EPiServer for “Content” EPiServer Google EPiServer Find Relate Analytics
    4. 4. User Journey Digital Marketing Online Sales
    5. 5. Christmas 2012The growth of mobile continues3rd December – Cyber Monday
    6. 6. Christmas 2012 eCommerce Stats• Ebay expects to see approx 1/3 of all sales carried out on a smartphone – UK M-Commerce worth £920m• Online is seen as the most useful information source for holiday shopping (80%), followed by store fliers (60%) and in-store displays (51%)• 3rd December to be the busiest day for UK eCommerce transactions• November to be busiest period for consumers as they search for gift ideas and best deals• Research firm eMarketer forecasts online holiday sales will grow 16.8%, excluding travel purchases
    7. 7. Conversion RateOptimisationMore focus required on CROMany methods of CROVarying returns
    8. 8. Report SummaryMeasured customer expectations againsttop 10 performers in Hitwise Report
    9. 9. Digital Highstreet Benchmark study• Started in 2011, done annually• Objective – To access how the UK’s top retailers fare against consumer expectations• Methodology – Selected 25 of the top UK retailers from Hitwise Top 50 Hot Shops list – Areas of assessment – Overall website experience – Browsing – Buying – After sales
    10. 10. Key Findings• The retailers scored a disappointing average of 58% (down from 63% in 2011)• The top five performers scored an average of 68% (a 2% improvement on last year)• Top performing retailers: – Amazon 72.5% – Marks & Spencer 70% – House of Fraser 66% – ASOS 65% – Argos 65%
    11. 11. Average score 2011 vs 2012
    12. 12. Overall website experience
    13. 13. Overall website experience• Top performing retailers – M&S and Debenhams
    14. 14. Browsing and Research
    15. 15. Browsing and Research• Top performing retailers: M&S and Very
    16. 16. Buying
    17. 17. Buying• Top performing retailer – Amazon one-click
    18. 18. After Sales
    19. 19. After Sales• Top performing retailer – Topshop and Boots
    20. 20. Conclusion – ecommerce a balancing act
    21. 21. For more informationDownload the full reportBenchmarking the Digital Highstreet:Ecommerce Performance Index 2012www.episerver.com/ecommerce2012
    22. 22. What Ill cover today. Some good & bad examples4 User insights Mobile Moving from usable to delightful
    23. 23. 1. Some examples
    24. 24. Browsing.
    25. 25. “ I’m not ready to buy right now. ”
    26. 26. Once upon a time in Ireland...
    27. 27. “ Their selection isnt good...If you go into a Vodafone shop they have any amount of phones on display. On their website now there isnt a good selection. ”
    28. 28. “ I was trying to find a screen where I could look at everything that was on offer. I found it very difficult at this point to find a screen with everything available on it..the size of the ” button compared to everything that’s there.
    29. 29. What users wanted See all phones
    30. 30. Remember:The user is in the driving seat
    31. 31. Cart & Checkout.
    32. 32. Our variant started out“winning” test control Then the current design control took over as winner Our design variant was not statistically better than control.
    33. 33. 2. User insights
    34. 34. What’s not working
    35. 35. Why it’s not working Qualaroo
    36. 36. Talk to yourcustomers
    37. 37. Talk to yourcustomers
    38. 38. The idea came from their photographer who hadpreviously worked in the footwear department at one oftheir stores. He just instinctively knew to tip over theboots because, in the stores, he watched the customerspick up the boots to look at the tread. Had he notworked there, the team never wouldve thought to tipthe boots over.
    39. 39. 3. Mobile
    40. 40. Smartphone penetration 50%
    41. 41. PayPal mobile payment transaction volume hasdramatically increased$25 million in „08$141 million in „09$750 million 2010/2011$7.5 10 billion by 2013
    42. 42. 82% have researcheda product or service on their phone.
    43. 43. When do visitors access our mobile site? Peak access to mobile site after 7pm = it‟s not commuters
    44. 44. Major Irish utility company20 fold increase in mobile traffic in 2 years.
    45. 45. “ I was sitting on my couch watching TV. My computer was down the hallway. I couldn‟t be arsed getting up so I tried to get ” my bill on my phone.
    46. 46. webmobile emailphonesocial
    47. 47. 4. Delight.
    48. 48. “if you use a standard approach, you’ll get standardresults.”Brian Kalma
    49. 49. KanoModel http://www.uie.com/articles/kano_model/
    50. 50. Make my life easier & better. Understand me. Surprise me. Delight me.
    51. 51. Currently, 75 percent of products are shippedthrough an outsourced warehouse partner, whichtakes an average of 12 days to get products tocustomers.We can do it in one to four days from our ownwarehouse, so were building a new one in NewJersey now.
    52. 52. My co-founder, Bradford, and I decided from thebeginning that wed never make a single decisionabout what goes on the website based on howmuch money well make on a particular product.Instead, we ask, Will it make customers smile?Excite them? Make them tell their friends aboutit?
    53. 53. How do we makeecommerce better?
    54. 54. Takeaways• Get the basics right• Follow a structured approach to conversion optimisation• Embrace the mobile imperative• Think of how you can add delight• Finally, this isn’t just redesigning the website, it’s redesigning your business around your customers
    55. 55. Thank you!Contact us:Laurence.veale@iqcontent.comSteven.cassin@episerver.com@iqcontent@EPiServer_UK