Our means of transport


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I mezzi di Trasporto per la classe V C

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Our means of transport

  1. 1. Our means of transport Classe 5C scuola Iqbal Masih
  2. 2. We go to school by
  3. 3. By cycle, by car, on foot
  4. 4. Last year we was gone in Kranjska Gora by
  5. 5. By train, by private bus
  6. 6. We was gone to Scuderie Del Quirinale by
  7. 7. By tram, by bus
  8. 8. Valerio was gone in Madrid; Camilla was gone in Sharm El Shake, Tatiana was gone in Paris; Lucilla was gone in Norfolk (USA)
  9. 9. We travelled on the world by by plane
  10. 10. We was gone in many countries by ship