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Google Adwords Overview


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Google Adwords Platform Overview

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Google Adwords Overview

  1. 1. Google Adwords Platform
  2. 2. Agenda Paid Search Campaign Process
  3. 3. ■ What is Google Adwords? Search Query - Keyword Advertiser’s Ads When people search on Google using one of campaign keywords targeted or added by advertiser, ad may appear next to the search results.
  4. 4. Search Importance
  5. 5. Adwords Campaign Structure 1. 2. 3. 4. Campaign AdGroups (Themes / Categories) Keywords (Search Queries) AdTexts (Ad Copies)
  6. 6. Adwords System Overview
  7. 7. Campaign Formats 1. Keyword Targeted Campaigns - Runs on Google Search & Search Network and Content Network 2. Placement Targeted Campaigns - Runs only on Content Network and on the sites selected by Advertiser
  8. 8. Google Ad Distribution Network Other 20% network The Google Network reaches over 80% of Internet Users worldwide* 80% Google Properties: Search Network: * Source: comScore Media Metrix (September, 2004) Content Network:
  9. 9. Keyword Advertising ■ Targeted (Keywords) Reach ■ Better ROI than untargeted medium
  10. 10. Selecting Keywords Select keywords by keeping objective in Mind. 3 phases of Buying Cycle: Research / Awareness / Branding - Product / Business / Services specific Keywords - Audience Specific keywords - Competition Keywords - Reviews / Rating / Free keywords Engagement / Consideration - Product / Business / Services specific Keywords - Competition Keywords - Reviews / Ratings / Free Keywords Purchase / Leads / Subscription - Focused Product Specific Keywords - Few highly competitive keywords
  11. 11. Selecting Keywords – Important Points 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Include Product names, brand names, model numbers and codes Use Google Keyword Selection tool to analyze search volumes Include Misspellings, hyphenated, synonyms, brand urls and competition urls Research competition site Use third party tools (if target market is outside India)
  12. 12. Keyword Matching Google Adwords provides 3 options for “Keywords” to serve the ads on Google Search & Search Network : • Broad Match – This is a default option. If ad group contained the keyword Flight Tickets Online, ad would be eligible to appear when a user's search query contained tickets and flight. For example, ad might show on air tickets and Air India Flights. • Phrase Match - If advertiser enter keyword in quotation marks, as in “Air Tickets" ad would be eligible to appear when a user searches on the phrase Air Tickets, in this order, and possibly with other terms before or after the phrase. For example, ad could appear for the query cheap air tickets but not for air plane tickets. • Exact Match – In this option, advertiser should ad keywords in brackets – [air tickets] then ad would be eligible to appear when a user searches for the specific phrase air tickets without any other word in the query. This match is highly beneficial at the Purchase level of buying cycle. • Negative Match - If keyword is flight tickets and you add the negative keyword –air deccan, your ad will not appear when a user searches on air deccan flight tickets. Negative keywords are especially useful if account contains lots of broad-matched keywords.
  13. 13. Writing AdText Note: ■ Display URL must match with landing page URL in the ad as per the new Google policy on landing page and display URL. EXAMPLE: - If landing page URL is then it should be same in display URL, we cannot use URLs like or
  14. 14. AdTexts – Important Points 1. Title should contain important keywords 2. Description line should contain the keyword once 3. Highlight benefits and features in the 1st line of description 4. Highlight price in the title (helps to increase CTR & attraction) 5. Differentiate from Competition 6. Relevancy with Landing page 7. Highlight Brand (to promote brand and generate awareness)
  15. 15. Adwords Ad Formats Text Ad Banner (Image) Ad Gadget Ad Video Ad Mobile Ad - Currently Local business ads are available in the US only.
  16. 16. Landing Page – Important Points 1. Should be design by keeping overall campaign in mind 2. Relevancy between Ad and Landing page 3. Should be easily navigate 4. To generate leads, landing page should contain a small form with basic information 5. Less load time 6. Avoid Pop-ups
  17. 17. Bidding – Important Points Higher bids for higher positions, high CTR and for high Quality Score Quality Score: “A score that is calculated by measuring an keyword’s click through rate (CTR), relevance of the landing page & ad text, historical keyword performance and other relevancy factors.” Good or Higher Quality Score helps to reduce CPC (High QS, pay less) and to get higher positions. Click Through Rate (CTR): “The average number of click-through per hundred ad impressions, expressed as a percentage.” CTR Formula: (Clicks/Impressions)X100
  18. 18. Google Search Network Search Query “air tickets” Adwords Ads
  19. 19. Google Content Network Adwords ads on Google content network.
  20. 20. Search Benefits • Targeted reach & timings - Reach users who all are searching for your product/business/services. - Help you to target new audiences on Google search network and content Network. - Reach your audience at the right time, with the right message • Greater Control / Flexibility - Flexibility to change Budget, bids and ads whenever you want. - Target multiple locations and languages - No minimum spending required - Time Scheduling • Cost - With Cost-per-click payment option, advertiser is only charged if people click on the ad. - Low costs (compared to all other mediums) for high ROI
  21. 21. What can we do for you? • Planning – Help in SEM Plans – SEM Budgets – CPCs • Research – Competition Research – Search Volumes Research – Opportunities • SEM Activities – Campaign Creations • To explore important keywords and sites
  22. 22. Search Case Studies
  23. 23. Reliance Money
  24. 24. – Case Study Challenge: Drive traffic to the website, increase customer acquisition & conversions and expand into new markets, within a reasonable budget. Solutions & Results: Google Adwords helped the company in allowing complete control in reaching the right target audience. Consequently, company has seen an increase in revenues from both US and India businesses. By using Adwords, MMT was able to sharply focus its target segments a critical factor in increasing their business in the us markets. For example, it is possible to target Indians by city, by month of travel and by choice of airline. This results in greater ROI for the company. Adwords contributes to over 8% phone calls, 15% traffic on the website, as well as increased lead generation. Google Adwords is amongst the top three publishers, and, delivers the lowest CPC.
  25. 25. Thank you !