Alternative fuels and their uses


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Alternative fuels and their uses

  1. 1.  The increase in energy consumption particularly in the past several decades has raised fears of exhausting vital natural resources Rapidindustrialization and massive growth in population has increased the dependence and use of natural fuels Approximately90% of our energy requirement are met by fossil fuels
  2. 2.  Studies suggest that if exploited at the same rate, the coal reserves will deplete in the next 200-300 years and petroleum deposits will deplete in the next few decades So,it is important for us to engage in research and development of alternative fuels so we may not face scarcity of natural resources in the future
  3. 3.  Hydrogen Biodiesel Ethanol Biomass
  4. 4.  Clean source of fuel Extracted by electrolysis of H2O Helps lower CO2 emissions End product is H2O
  5. 5.  Widely used for Rocket Engines Used for Internal Combustion Engines when mixed with natural gas Used extensively in fuel cells
  6. 6.  Clean burning alternative fuel source Derived from Soy beans and animal fats Has same vehicular performance as Diesel Completely renewable fuel source
  7. 7.  Popularly used in vehicles and power generators
  8. 8.  Is a renewable energy source canbe produced from a variety of feedstock such as sugar cane, potatoes, sweet potatoes, molasses, corn, etc. Mostly produced by Fermentation Is a particulate-free burning fuel source
  9. 9.  Most commonly used to power automobiles Additive for gasoline
  10. 10.  Is the most important source for energy productions supplied by agriculture Is a “carbon lean” fuel producing a fraction of the Carbon emissions of fossil Anaerobic digestion converts biomass, especially waste product such as municipal solid waste and market waste.
  11. 11.  Canoffer local business opportunities and support the rural economy Can be used as a domestic fuel Used for boilers
  12. 12.  The alternative fuel sources are environment- friendly as opposed to fossil fuels Byusing alternative sources we can reduce, Air pollution, soil pollution and water pollution Using alternative fuel helps diminish Global Warming
  13. 13.  Due to technological advancements vehicles are made with improved fuel efficiency and also perfect hybrid vehicle are available Throughout the year these sources are available without affecting the Environment Helps conserve natural resources
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