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Prince william (level 1)


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level 1 of leveled reader

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Prince william (level 1)

  1. 1. 1:, PEN G U I N REA 0 E R 5 L EVE L IPrince William is the son of Princess Diana. One dayhes going to be the King of England. This is Williamsstory - family, school, sports, girls. What do you wantto know? Its all here!Penguin Readers are simplified texts designed in association withLongman , the world famous educational publisher. to provide a step-by-step approach to the joys of reading for pleasure. The series includesoriginal stories. contemporary titles based on todays best-selling mediahits. and easily accessible versions of the literary classics published byPenguin around the world . Each book has an introduction and extensiveactivity material. They are published at seven levels from Easystarts (200words) to Advanced (3000 words).Series Editors: Andy Hopkins and Jo ce lyn Po tter 6 Advanced (3000 words) Contemporary 5 Upper Intermediate (2300 words) Classics 4 Intermediate (1700 words) Originals 3 Pre-lnterrnediate (1200 words) 2 Elementary (600 words) I Beginner (300 words) British English Easystarrs (200 words) American EnglishCover photograph © Rex Features/james Gray John Escott ISBN 0- 99 7-8 0574- 9Published and distributed byPearson Education Limited IIIIIII 9 780997805741
  2. 2. A New Prince!It is the even ing of 2 1 Jun e 1982 - th e first day ofsu m mer. N ewspaper and tele vision reporters near thedoors of St Mary s H ospital in Paddington , London ,talk qui ckly into th eir telephones. Its a boy ... Yes! ... Princess Dian a has a littleboy ... at 9.03 this evening ... England has a newprince! ... Yes, and moth er and child are well ... Werewaiting to see Prince C harles ... At eleven oclock that night, Prince C harles - thePrince of Wales - co mes o ut of the hospital. H e answersquestion s from th e reporters about his new SOI L H e has blue eyes, Prince C harles says. He and hismother are very well. Th eyre co ming home tomorrow. Whats his name ? the reporter s want to kn ow. Prince C harles sm iles. We dont know, he says.Were thinking about it. Charles likes the name Art hur, but Dia na does not.She wants W illiam . A week later, the repo rters haveth eir answer: W illiam Arthur Philip Loui s. Hi s moth ersname for him is W ills. Earl y DaysPrin ce C harles wants Mabel And erson to be Prin ceWi lliams nanny. She was Pri nce C harless nann y yearsbefore. Prin cess Diana says no. She do esnt want an o ldperson .They g ive th e j ob to Barbara Barn es. Prin cess Dian a is a very loving mother. She likeshaving W illiam near her. and her bedroo m at Kensington
  3. 3. Palace is nea r his room. Later, she often gets int o bed wit h Wi lliam and his brothe r at night. She says, Who loves you? T hey answer, You! T he princess smiles. • It is 1983. Pr in ce C harles and Prin cess Di an a are go ing to visit Australia and New Zealand. But D iana wants to be w ith W illiam. W hat can she do? Then the Prime M ini ster o f Australia , Malcolm Praser, w r ites a letter to D iana . In it h e says, Please bring Prince Wi lliam w ith yo u. Diana talks to C harles, and he says yes. T hey take William to Au stralia with th em. Th e yo ung pr inc e stays in Woomargama, a place in New So uth W1les, with Nanny l3arn es. Hi s moth er and fath er oft en visit him . • On 15 Sept ember 1984, a new brother arrives for W illiam . Two days later, h e go es to th e ho spital to see him. The new childs name is H arr y, and William loves playin g w ith him. School Days A year later, on 24 Septem ber 1985, William starts school at Mrs M ynors Scho ol in N otting Hill, in London . It is very near to Kensington Palace. A policeman goes to school with William every day. On the first mo rning W illiam runs ou t of th e car, but his mo th er sto ps him .Th e newspap er repo rters all want to take his photograph . Televisio n rep orters want his~jlilliml/ ,11 rile age !f uuo. picture, too. W illiam goes to school two mornings a week, the n 3
  4. 4. every morning, Now he knows numbers. and he canw rite his name. H e qu ickly makes a lot of friends. Bu t he is no t always a good boy at home. Go to bed , Wi lliam, says Na nny Bar nes, N o, says Will iam . Yo u can t say that to me! Imgo ing to be king on e day. •In Janu ar y, 1987 , Willi am has a new nanny - Ru thWallace. Wil liams na me for he r is N an ny R o of . At the same time, Will iam starts at Wetherby School.This is in Notting H ill, too. H ere he plays a lot ofsports, and he gets a pr ize for sw im ming. Every year thescho ol has a Sports Day. W illiam and his friends wa tchPrincess Diana and Prin ce C harles in the games formoth ers and fath er s. H e moves to Lud grove School in Berk shire inSepte mber 1990. H e lives there, and he goes home forscho ol holidays. W illiam is very happy at Ludgrove.Again, he plays a lot of games, and h e is good atfootball . At twe lve, he gets a prize for sho oting. Pr in ce C harles likes co unt ry spo rts an d o ften takeshis you ng son w ith him . William watches h is fathe rshooting at Sandring ha m, one o f the Q ueen s co untry Ihom es. After that, Wi lliam wants to shoot, to o. At Ludgrove, W illiam is good at writing. H e gets th escho ol pr ize for writing in 1992 . An Accident at SchoolIt is June 1991 , and W illiam is playi ng golf w ith his Princess Diana in 11 gamej(Jr mothers.frie nd s at Lud grovc. Sudde nly, the re is an acci de nt . A 4
  5. 5. fri end hits him on the head .T he schoo l sends Willi amto a hospital in R eading. Princess Diana is eating w ith a friend. She hearsabo ut the accide nt and goes qui ckly to the hospital.Prince C harles also hears abo ut it and dri ves toR eadin g. The doctor s are not happy. They send W illiam toGreat O rmond Street H ospital for C hildre n, inLondon . Diana goes w ith Will iam , and Prince C harlesgoes in his car. At Great O rmond Street, William has a sma ll butimportant ope ration on his head . H is mot her waits atth e hospital. Prince C harles can no t stay because he hasimpo rtant visitors. But the ope ration goes well. Thedoctor s say to Princess D iana,William is OK . Charles and Diana DivorceW illiam ofte n teleph on es his mot her from school. H elikes talking to her, and she wants to talk to him . Diana and C harles are not happy. Wi lliam kn owsthi s. H e knows about th eir problems, and he is unhappyabo ut the m . Th ey are not goo d for th e Qu een or forthe co untry, and Wi lliam knows this, too. Prin ce C harles and Princess Diana do not live in theS;l111C hou se. C harles lives in his co untry home atHighgrove H ou se. W illiam visits him there. H e likesH ighg rovc, and he loves his father. Bu t it is a diffi culttime for him . W illiam likes watching television . Television is bad for you: his father says.W hy do ntyou read a book o r co me for a walk in th e cou nt ry" J Villian: at the agc of nine. 6
  6. 6. Pr incess Di ana lives at Ken sington Palace with th e boy s. Wi lliam loves to ru n to his mothers bedroom every mornin g. H e plays games w ith her an d they talk . • O ne day, W illiam says to H arry, Im go ing to be a policem an . Yo u can t, says H arry. You re going to be kin g. William do es not want to think ab out thi s. • Pri nce C ha rles and Pri ncess Diana divorce in Aug ust, 1996 . After that, hol idays w ith th eir moth er and father are ne ver the same for W illiam and Harry. Th eir mother takes th em to the Ca r ibbea n to sw im in th e sea. Or she takes them skiing in Ca nada or Ameri ca. Charles takes them skiing in Klosters, in Switzerland, or to G reece, or on a boat in th e M editerranean.They o ften go to Balm oral , th e Queen s home in Scotland . After th e divorce, William and his brothe r have a new nanny at th eir fath ers home. H er nam e is Alexandra Tiggy Legge-Bourke and she is young . Diana is not ver y happy about T igbY, but W illiam and Harry like her. P lease Stay Away! After l.udgrove, William goes to En gland s famous f sch ool for boys - Eton . It is a friendly schoo l. H e is I very happ y th ere, and he has man y friends. So me times Willi am goes o ut of the school w ith two or three boys. They go into the town o f Windsor, toIVilliam skiill.~ ill Kl<1SICTs. the sho ps or to a cafe. William likes go ing sho pping
  7. 7. so metimes. But two policem en always go w ith theboys, and they are always near. So metimes ph o to graphers go after th em an d takeph o tograph s. W illiam does not like th is. And ne w spap errepo rte rs o fte n write stories about his unhappy m otherand fath er. T h is m akes hiin very unhappy, to o. But he is start ing to look at girls! H e has pi ctures ofgi rls at Eton - photographs o f beautiful g irls and yo u ngW0111cn from tele vision and film s. On e yea r at Klosters. Williarn m eets a g irl. She goesskiing wi th him , and th ey have a very hap py time. Eve ry yea r, at Eto n, there is an O pen D ay. The boysfami lies can visit th e school on that im po rt ant day. Bur o ne year, Wi lliam does no t wan t his m other andfathe r at th e Open Day. It is a happy day for his friendsand th eir fam ilies, and he do es not wa nt a lo t ofphotographers th ere.T he prince and pri ncess un derstand,an d th ey do not go. But Willi am does ask TigbY. It is a happ y day fo r W illiam. H e eats w it h T igbY.T he n he and o ne of hi s fr iends wa lk and talk w ith th emothers, fat he rs and siste rs of th e boys. And th ey m eeta lot o f beauti ful yo u ng gi rls I T he Car AccidentEarly in th e m orn ing of 3 1 Au gu st 1))7 , Pri ncessD ian a co m es out o f the R itz H o tel in Paris w it h D odiFaved . A sho rt tim e later , they are dead, in a caracc ide nt. Princess Di an a is o nly thirty- six years o ld. J Villinn. Oil hisfirst day at ErOIl . Williarn and Ha rry are o n holi day at Balm o ral w ithth eir father. At 3 o clock in the m orni ng, C ha rles and 10
  8. 8. the Queen hear about the accid ent. T he two you ng prin ces are slee ping . At 7.30. th eir fathe r talks to them abo ut th e accide nt. He th en tele pho nes Ti ggy. She co mes to Sco tland to be w ith th e boys. William and Harry go to ch urc h w ith their fathe r later th at morning. Newspaper and television reporters an d a small num ber o f people watch quietly. Five days later, C harles and his so ns go to London and look at the thousands of flower s near Ken sing on Palace. t T hey talk to some of the people th ere. Peop le in every co untry watch th e pictures of Willi am on television. Prince Wi lliam is not a boy now - he is a yo ung 1113n . • Di an a was a very good mothe r. Her boys we re very im portant to her. An d she wanted to reach th em about people - not o n ly about qu eens, princes and pnncesses. Wi lliam went shopping w ith her and they went into cafes. T hey we nt to see people w ith no homes, and to see very ill people. Now Diana is dead , and Prince C harles is tr ying to do so me of the same thing with Wi lliam and his s brother. It is a difficu lt time for them all, but th ey are a stro ng and loving fami ly Prin cess Di an as family want to do things for Wi lliam and H arr y, too. N ew spaper rep o rters do not w rite about Will iarn o r H ar ry very o fte n now. or take ph ot ographs of them. There are not many pictures o f them o nJ illialll I"" b ,lI the thousands ,{flowers lIearV television . Many peopl e say, T his is right. They are Kensington Palace. on ly you ng boys:
  9. 9. WilliatTI,We Love You!Wi lliam and H arry go to CJnJ dJ w ith the ir fat her for Jskiing holi day. Hu ndreds of g irls wait for J lon g time inthe hot sun in Vancou ver. Th ey VJ I lt to see PrinceWilliam and Prince H ar ry. T he b ig CJr stops.The doors open. T he re are th e twoyo ung prin ces. WilliJm! WilliJm! the g irls SJY. Welo ve yo u ! And th ey gi ve him flow ers. T his is very diffi cult for William, but he smiles. H etak es th e fl ower s and talk s to one or two of th e g irls. "Thank yo u : he SJYs. Some days later, Williarn visits J school in Van couver.Girls are waiting there to see him, too. and to give himflowers. I love him! SJys one girl. Ive got pictures ofhim at home in m y bedroom! •And now W illiarn likes Eton and hJS so me very good ~Villia lll talks to 01/( or tllO of thegirls.friends there. But he does not talk ab out them. H e is W ills to them . to the cine ma. H e lik es anim als, and he hJS J dog. T he H e lo ves Highg rove H o use, and he goes there at clogs name is Widgeon.weekend s and in the school ho lidays. It is q uiet th ere. • Wi lliam is J yo u ng man , but o ne thy h e is goi ng to beT her e are 110 reporter s, and nu photograph ers. H e andH ar ry play foo tba ll in the garde ns. T hey sw im at King of En gland . H e kn ow s this, but h e does no t th inkH igh g rove, too. Th er e are pi ctures of spo rts m en and about it J Il the tim e.Vo nH~ 11 in their bed rooms. William is J pri nce, but he is his m othe rs son. H e hJ S T heir London ho m e is in St j am ess Palace now. h er blu e eyes and fri en dl y sm ile. William likes driving. H e likes skiing. H e likes She WJS th e Peo ple s Princess . WilliJm is theshooting and J Il cou nt ry sports. H e loves go ing to People s Pri nce .Balmoral in Scotland . H e lik es readi ng bo oks and goi ng 14
  10. 10. Pearson Education Limited ACTIVITIES Edinburgh Gne. Harlo ....; Essex CM20 2JE. EnglandBefore you read and As~onH("d Companies mroughout the world.1 What do you know about Prince William? ISBN 0997 805749 a Who is his father? Fir<t published I99R b Who was his mother? This cdnion published 20062 Find these words in your dictionary: 13579108642 accident church divorce dog flower Copyright (J John Escort 1998 golf hospital king nanny operation palace prime minister prince princess prize TypCiCC by Digital Type. London queen reporter shoot ski sport Set in 12/Hpt Bembo a Which are words for: people? buildings? an animal? Printed ITl Chnu SWTC /Ol b Which do people do at weekends and in holidays? All rights (lm/ltd; ne ,,01./ IJ! thil puhlulltjtm mdJM rrprodwud. SlomJ " 01 rrl1lll"/ J"(flrm. or rrammltlrd III ,my f."" 01 by <lily rnt,lnJ,Aller you read rftd,unJ(, mtt:h.",il:aJ.pnot«opymg, rtl:ordlllg 01 Mhtm-iu, u~lh,uf Iht3 Answer these questions about Prince William. prlOT ,mtlt1l p(fflljlJicn of Ih. Pwblishn!, a Where does he go on his first visit away from Britain? Published by Pc;U"Wn Educanon Lrrmted in associauon with Pengum b Why does he get prizes? Books led. both ccrnparncs bo:mg subsidiaries of PeOlISOn Plc c Why does he go to hospital? Photograph Acknowled gcmcm s: Camera Irea/Perer Abbery/LNS: 2;AJphOl/DOlve Chancellor: 5:AII Acnon/Paul Smith: 7: d Why cant he be a policeman? All Acnon/Mark Cutbhert: 8; Nunn Syndrcarion Led: 11: PA Ncws/n.ebecca Naden; 12: e Where does he live now? Alpha/Srcve Daniels: 154 Talk about Prince William. What do you think? a Is it difficull to be a prince? Why (not)? b What does he like doing? Do you like these things? c Why do girls want to see him?Writing5 You are William, at Ludgrove School. Write a letter to your mother. Answer these questions: Are you happy? Have you got any friends? What do you like doing?6 You are a newspaper reporter. Write about Prince Williams visit to Canada.
  11. 11. Penguin Readers Answer Key Prince WilliamAnswers to Book Activities 1 a Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales b Princess Diana, the Princess of Wales 2 a king, nanny, primeminister, prince, princess and queen are all words for people. church, hospital and palace are all words for buildings. dog is a word for an animal. b People play golf, shoot, ski and play sport at weekends and in holidays. 3 a Australia b Because he is good at swimming and shooting. And he is good at writing too. c Because his friend hits him on the head playing golf. d Because he is going to be king. 4 a Open answer b William likes driving, skiing, shooting and all country sports. He likes reading books and going to the cinema. / Open answers. c Because he is handsome and famous.5-6 Open answers © Pearson Education Limited 2002 Published and distributed by Pearson Education