Uni-Power for Retail, Banking, and, Hospitality


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Reducing cost and complexity for your retail, bank, hospitality, and conference room facility. A game changing combination of elements that give you back more than savings.

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Uni-Power for Retail, Banking, and, Hospitality

  1. 1. Uni-Power Smart System INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS FOR FACILITY ENERGY NEEDSGRID POWERChoose from available AC and/or Reduce the consumption of energy up to 78%DC distribution. ArmstrongFlexZone™ Grid ties simplify without sacrificing the quality of service.installation and lower costthrough the elimination of Demand Side Intelligent Managed Power (DSIMpower©)traditional wiring, conduit, and IP UtiliNET achieves excellence in design, long life, low maintenance, simplified installation, and smart use of theinstallation labor. lowest cost power available. Uni-Power can support up to 30 Grid-Lites and is complemented by a series ofPOWER SUPPLY OPTIONS conversion components such as DC ballasts.AC to DC conversion provided UNI_POWERfor one lamp, and up to 30 lamps The system uses all available energy from locally generated sources (such as photovoltaic cells) first, then fills inper power supply. Low Voltage with power from the grid or, when the grid is not available, from batteries. Power generated as DC (direct current)Wiring or choice in above ceiling is used as DC to support fixed DC loads such as DC lighting, DC ceiling fans, motor controls, and more. Since thepower bus bar or track lighting system never changes the power to AC it avoids power-robbing conversions, grid interconnection issues, and oftenextends the power supply ports. requires no utility permitting. Low-voltage controls allow lighting to be more easily connected to occupancySelect from a range of storage sensors, low-voltage switches, and wireless energy management systems. The low-voltage control wiring makes itbattery technologies. safer and less expensive than traditional switching and control systems.OPTIONAL WIRELESSCONTROLS UNI-POWER SPECIFICATIONSAdvanced non battery powered  Standards; UL2043, UL1310, UL1012,Wireless Controllers for AC UL2577, Emerge and Zigbee Alliance Grid-Liteand/or DC systems. No more registered, RoHS compliantholes in walls for switches. Now,  Weight; 21 lbsyou can paint or wallpaper then  Input Power; 208-240 VAC input; 1500 Wplace your switch and remote outputdimmer or choose a location that  Alt. Input Power; 24.0 to 24.5 VDC, 65Asuits your unique taste. Max. UNI-PWR  Channels; 16 Channel, Class 2, 24V DC OutINTELLIGENT MONITORING  Efficiency; Quiescent Power; 7W, 90%Available packaged and custom @240 VAC input; 1500 W outputsoftware for monitoring and  Operating Environment; For dry or damp Shown with Optional DC Powermanagement. locations, Temperature – 0 to 40 degrees C, and Renewables (LADER) Humidity – 10% to 90% non-condensing 6825 Shiloh Road East, The evolution to advanced DC power lighting and switching is not a question of STE B-7 when it will be available, it is now a question of when to proceed and what Alpharetta, GA 30005 components to use. P (877) 901-6947 www.iputilinet.com info@iputilinet.com