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LED Grid Lite & Panel System


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The advantage is clearly LED. This solution eliminates the need for AC wiring to fixtures and switches. Switches transform to wireless with no need for batteries. Now you can paint and wallpaper, then stick your switches where you want them.

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LED Grid Lite & Panel System

  1. 1. GRID-LITE & Panel System INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS FOR FACILITY ENERGY NEEDSGRID POWERChoose from available AC and/or Reduce the consumption of energy up to 78%DC distribution. Armstrong Gridties simplify installation and without sacrificing the quality of service.lower cost through theelimination of traditional wiring, GRID-LITE & PANEL SYSTEMconduit, and installation labor. IP UtiliNET achieves symmetry in design, long life, low maintenance, and simplified installation with the Grid LitePOWER SUPPLY OPTIONS & Panel System. Featuring the energy efficient lampless grid-lite panel, the system offers a wide range of choice inAC to DC conversion provided power , control, monitoring, and management configuration.for one lamp, and up to 30 lamps GRID-LITEper power supply. Low Voltage Grid-Lite is an advanced 24 Volt DC based 2X2 lampless LED panel light that can be installed in a ceiling grid, onWiring or choice in above ceiling a wall, or in a custom enclosure. Customers have a choice of 4100 Kelvin Neutral Grid-Lites which will brightenpower bus bar or track lighting commercial office spaces or soothe with the warmth of 3100 Kelvin. Choose your lighting temperature first, thenextends the power supply ports. choose to operate at the full 45 Watt consumption or dim to suit energy efficiency and user goals. Complement theSelect from a range of storage system with available wireless smart controls.battery technologies. Grid-Lite GRID-LITE SPECIFICATIONSOPTIONAL WIRELESS  3100 or 4100 Kelvin per panelCONTROLS  3400 Lumens per panelAdvanced non battery powered  CRI; 80Wireless Controllers for AC  Lumens per watt; >70and/or DC systems. No more  Weight; 5.5 lbsholes in walls for switches. Now,  120/277 VAC Auto Sensing Power Supplyyou can paint or wallpaper then  24 VDC, 1.7A Grid Lite Power Requirementplace your switch and remote  ETL Safety Tested and Listeddimmer or choose a location that  Operating Environment; For dry or dampsuits your unique taste. locations, Temperature – 0 to 40 degrees C,INTELLIGENT MONITORING Humidity – 10% to 90% non-condensingAvailable packaged and custom  Lifetime; 50,000 hourssoftware for monitoring and  Dimmer; Remote, Dial, Wireless, Softwaremanagement.  Up to 30 lamps on a single power supply  Made in USA, Patent Pending Shown with Optional DC Power and Renewables (LADER) The evolution to advanced DC power lighting and switching is not a question of when it will be available, it is now a question of when to proceed and what 6825 Shiloh Road East, components to use. Traditional AC fluorescent troffers cost more to install, STE B-7 operate, maintain, and radiate heat causing your cooling systems to work harder. Alpharetta, GA 30005 P (877) 901-6947