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FACIAL BIOMETRIC ENTRY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS             Command Pointtm                 Veri-Pointtm       Mobi-Pointtm     ...
Facial Recognition OverviewAccurate positive ID based on reliable biometric           In the past, face recognition techno...
FACIAL BIOMETRIC SECURITY PORTFOLIO                                                                                       ...
“It hasFACIAL BIOMETRIC                                                           proven to beSECURITY APPLICATIONS       ...
FACIAL BIOMETRIC ENTRY MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS                                VERI POINTTM                                Ver...
FACIAL BIOMETRIC ENTRY MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS                                                                               ...
FACIAL BIOMETRIC ENTRY MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONSVANTAGE POINTTMVantage Pointtm is a passive surveillance system that continuous...
FACIAL BIOMETRIC ENTRY MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONSMOBI POINTTMMobi Pointtm solution is compact andlight enough for mobile applica...
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FACIAL BIOMETRIC SECURITY SOLUTIONS       ADVANCED FEATURES       The IP UtiliNET Facial Biometric Security Solutions prov...
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IP UtiliNET ©Fusitronics Facial Biometric Systems Application Brief


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IP UtiliNET ©Fusitronics solves the problem of human identity management. Finally, a multi-modal security system arrives that brings the worlds of human and machine language together while avoiding the common single point solutions that the rest of the market offers. Experience the IP UtiliNET difference … Simply More Secure

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IP UtiliNET ©Fusitronics Facial Biometric Systems Application Brief

  1. 1. FACIAL BIOMETRIC ENTRY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Command Pointtm Veri-Pointtm Mobi-Pointtm Vantage Pointtm Enrollment & Identity Mobile Presence Centralized Verification Identity Awareness Management Appliance Verification Device System StationABOUT USIP UtiliNET is a Georgia based Sustainability Engineering firm that specializesin technologies that provide reductions of budgetary consumption.IP UTiliNET is delivering next generation facial biometric security andnetwork technology (LANvisn™) that consolidates all communications andsecurity cabling to a single, multi-tenant, all property system. IP UtiliNETcontinuously advances the state of technology with improved LEED, EnergyStar, and other industry specific regulatory benefits.The IP UtiliNET Application Services focus on Facial Biometrics easespersonnel adoption as it is less intrusive than iris scans, less of a germ andbacteria touchpoint than finger and palm print, and more acceptable to thegeneral public. Unlike these other fixed station based technologies, we spanentry points, surveillance cameras, and mobile technologies. What They Say When you have to identify over 60,000 inmates perMULTIMODAL BIOMETRIC SECURITY SOLUTIONS year – “This system is theIP UTiliNET advanced facial biometric offerings include complete standalone Holy Grail for Lawor integrated solutions for subject identity, access control and location. Enforcement”Our team has decades of successful technology and security deployment Everyone has a Faceexperience. IP UtiliNET Facial Biometric Solutions improve accessmanagement, security for; Government, Medical, Law Enforcement, When you have to controlHospitality, Public Venues, Airports, and Commercial deployments. Our $3.5M a day in Veterans Rxsolutions span diverse applications including: – “The company’s units routinely maintain a 0%  Secure Credentialing false acceptance rate and  Enterprise Access less than a .001% rejection  Asset Management and Tracking rate. The system, as  Loyalty Systems installed, has proven to be  Payment Systems an asset to our facility, management and the nearly 1,800 people enrolled”©2012 All Rights Reserved, IP UtiliNET LLC
  2. 2. Facial Recognition OverviewAccurate positive ID based on reliable biometric In the past, face recognition technology relied on ameasurements deliver potent solutions in verification, 2D image to compare or identify another 2D imageaccess control and location applications. Rising from a database. Offering little more than aconcerns over the threat of security breaches, photograph, the image is subject to variances in light,increasing criminal activity, and false identity affects facial expression, angle of the face to the camera andgovernment, individuals and society as a whole. a variety of other factors. 2D comparisons replicate visual and photographic image recognition and relyFacial biometric solutions offer the best combination upon complex image comparison algorithms that areof accuracy and ease of use and are increasingly simply not accurate.popular in a wide range of applications inConstruction, Law Enforcement, Banking, 3D images compound the image comparison by addingGovernment, Gaming and Leisure, Airports and more image data and requiring more complex andSeaports, Utilities and Hospitality. powerful computer systems that produce similar lackluster results. IP UtiliNET Entry ManagementEach face has a number of distinguishable landmarks: Systems simplify the visual image recognition problems with Fusitronic pattern matching Boolean  Distance between the eyes (numeric) algorithms that reduce storage  Width of the nose requirements, speed complex searches, and take  Depth of the eye sockets advantage of today’s compute technologies without trying to match the Fusiform image matching function  The shape of the cheekbones of the Human Brain. Establishing Facial DNA, we storeIP UtiliNET’s Facial Recognition technology captures up to 150 unique views with an average total storagereal-time multidimensional facial recognition of a consumption of only 8K per individual.subject’s face where rigid tissue and bone is mostapparent, such as the curves of the eye socket, nose Face recognition has a number of advantages overand chin for identification. These areas are all other biometrics currently in use. It is non-intrusiveunique and do not change over time. Images are since it does not require a subject’s co-operation andcaptured in a range of positions and converted into awareness in order to perform an identification orbinary data, which results in significant storage and verification, such as looking into an eye scanner orcomputer processing capability. placing their hand on a fingerprint reader. The biometric data used to perform verification is also inMultidemensional Facial Biometrics from IP UtiliNET a format that is readable and understood by humansprevent the use of photographs and masks which has for back up or alert purposes.been a recognized issue with systems of the past. IP UtiliNET unique multidimensional facial biometricsThe system measures and creates a face template bridges the gap between fingerprint which is used forusing unique Fusitronic algorithms (step-by-step criminal identity, IRIS which can detect medicalprocedures). It translates the template into a unique conditions and be used to covertly alert insurancecode that gives each template a set of numbers to firms and employers, and storage and computerepresent the features on a subject’s face. Each intensive image comparison 2.0 and 3.0 facialimage and unique code is stored in a secure database. biometric solutions. 2 ©2012 All Rights Reserved, IP UtiliNET LLC
  3. 3. FACIAL BIOMETRIC SECURITY PORTFOLIO In one affordable, modular, scalable integrated package. Secure Access Control and Presence AwarenessCOMMAND POINTTMCommand Pointtm enrollment is a Veri Pointtm appliances can connect toconfigurable system that complements standard door control systems. The modularexisting security processes, Command Point capabilities and configurable interfacesEnrollment is ideal for facial and multimodal make installation simple. The system maybiometrics. Offered as an appliance or a be wall mounted, floor standing orlicensed software package, Command Point integrated into a turnstile.Enrollment helps the security staff toimplement identity management best Flexible and scalable, the systems may bepractices and can be customized to meet used for secure credentialing,individual access, authority, and border/perimeter control, or to provideidentification needs. secure access control for premises or high security zones within premises. SimpleCommand Pointtm Management is a console integration allows for easy integration intothat centrally administers Veri Point tm and existing systems including time andMobi Pointtm appliances, it also provides a monitoring and annunciation station.Additional features include user Veri Pointtm appliances may be installedregistration, access scheduling, system standalone or configured for full integrationconfiguration, alarm selection, event into major systems including easy camera /viewing and recording and more. console combinations, up to large scale integrated deployments.The Command Pointtm Management consoledisplays up to 16 door locations per page, Veri Pointtm face searching is fastproviding live video where required. Up to and accurate for watch list searches and16 separate monitoring pages (door groups) general identity matching.may be configured and selected for display.When customers choose to expand, IP VANTAGE POINTTMUtiliNET designs / builds command and Vantage Pointtm is a passive surveillancecontrol centers that complement the system that continuously monitors "who" isLANvisn™ switchless network. moving past various cameras. Delivering "presence awareness", it is a smart systemEvent alarms from any Veri Pointtm access that updates last known location data ascontrol point or any LANvisn™ campus "known". Employing powerful on-demandsensor automatically switch video/voice "locator" technology, it enables activemonitoring to the alarming door, hallway, or searches for individuals that are enrolled inroom. LANvisn™ carrier grade distribution the security system or suspects that need toswitches have the capability to provide be found. Vantage Pointtm can be coupledswitchless services to an Area of some 482.8 with involuntary enrollment capabilities andmiles. configured to alarm when individuals whoVERI POINTTM do not exist in the system are identified.Verification and identification applianceprovides positive real-time facial Vantage Pointtm integration withrecognition and combined touch pad surveillance modules allows individuals tooperation at an installed point of location. be enrolled by simply walking up to the door or down a corridor. Each VantageVeri Pointtm modular panels can be installed Pointtm module can be programmed forin standalone configurations or connected to multiple pan / tilt / zoom waypointControl Point central management systems schedules.via wired and wireless networks. Vantage Pointtm modules may also beVeri Pointtm appliances are modular and may integrated with access scheduling, so thatbe combined with swipe card, RFID and/or individuals are allowed time periods ofsecondary biometrics. access within controlled or protected zones. 3©2012 All Rights Reserved, IP UtiliNET LLC
  4. 4. “It hasFACIAL BIOMETRIC proven to beSECURITY APPLICATIONS a non-invasive, reliable and secureACCESS CONTROLTraditional access control solutions rely on access control system”badges, key cards or PINs. These can easily be“borrowed”, stolen or hacked; making the - Airportaccess control system highly vulnerable to - Assistant General Managerfraud and misuse. IP UtiliNET provides;• Increased security with rapid entry• Reduced tailgating with system alert• Increased security within a zone• Minimized light requirement LAW ENFORCEMENT• Modularized Plug & Play solution Facial recognition provides a unified solution for• Flexible configuration law enforcement, municipal and business – Stand alone or as part of a network security. The solution is ideal for covert surveillance, facility security, and bookingCIVIL IDENTITY rooms.Governments and organizations rely • Alert upon entry for repeat offendersincreasingly on more positive biometric • Increased alias detectionenabled solutions for infrastructure protection, • Flexible location surveillanceto ensure safe and secure • Visitor access controltravel and to protect citizens. The non-fragmented LANvisn™ networks provide choice SEAPORTS, AIRPORTS AND BORDERSin additional sensors and offer maximum all Public Transportation environments are targetsproperty protection. for terrorists and are widely recognized among the front line of defense capability. Airports,CONSTRUCTION Seaports and Borders among others are subjectThe nature of work in construction can make to variation and language barriers. Knowingfingerprint technology unsuitable. Facial "who" is being allowed to pass into the secureBiometric systems are an ideal solution for area is as critical as ensuring that the individualconstruction site applications. providing the identification is not using an alias. A face is a face and multidimensional facial• Reduced risk of ‘ghost workers’ biometrics can help to transcend language• Increase levels of security confidence barriers. IP UtiliNET Security Systems are Smart• Tightened subcontractor management Systems that are capable of storing and• Reduced light & environment constraints searching millions of faces quickly due to the• Increased Health & Safety compliance capability to utilize binary data.FINANCE The diversity of access points, both indoors andWith the ever-rising threats of fraud, identity out, can pose significant operational challenges;theft and crime the secure management of often made more complicated by the need foridentity and access control is recognized as gloves and other protective clothing.mission critical. Multidimensional facial biometric technology• Improved subject verification adds the positive identity factor to any access• Heighten security control system. IP UtiliNET Security Systems• Increased teller, vault security provide practical solutions to meet controlled access challenges:GAMING AND LEISUREFraud, money laundering and registered • Airport Entry Management Systemgambling offenders are growing threats to the • “Traveler Identity” synchronized with RESgaming and leisure industry. More secure • “Aviation Worker ID (AWIS) Systemaccess control and monitoring systems are an • Accompanied Transport Entry Mgmt (ATEM)important part of the industry’s response to for Law Enforcementthese threats. • Optional AFIS and NCIC Passive validation • Flexible robust system for ambient condition, 4©2012 All Rights Reserved, IP UtiliNET LLC light or weather
  5. 5. FACIAL BIOMETRIC ENTRY MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS VERI POINTTM Verification and identification appliance provides positive real-time facial recognition and combined touch pad operation at an installed point of location. Veri Pointtm appliances are modular and may be combined with swipe card, RFID and/or secondary biometrics. The appliances connect to standard door control systems. The modular capabilities and configurable interfaces make installation simple. The system may be wall mounted, floor standing or integrated into a turnstile. SPECIFICATIONS Item Description • CPU / custom watchdog timer • Intel Atom™ processor N270 1.6GHz CPU, XP Embedded • RAM • 400MHz or 533MHz DDRII SO-DIMM (2GB Max.) • LCD • 8-inch 262K color, 800x600 Pixels, Resistive Touch 5Wire • LCD Brightness (cd/m2) • 250 watertight and dustproof • Viewing Angle • 140 / 130 degrees • Backlight MTBF • 30,000 hours • I/O Ports • 1x RJ-45 for RS232 COM Port • RFID Reader Working Frequency 1x RJ-45 for RS232/422/485 COM Port • Power Requirement 1x RJ-45 for Giga LAN / LANvisn™ • Audio 3x USB 2.0 1x 12V DC Jack 1x4 pin terminal block for signal input 3 sensor ( Door Sensor x1, Exit Button x1, Tamper Sensor x1, GND x1) 1x8 pin terminal block for Relay Output 6 Relay ( Electronic Lock x3, Alarm x3) 1x 12V 1A max. output (for door control) 1x GND 1x8 pin terminal block for Wiegand Reader 5 Input/Output (Card Reader Data Input x1, Card Reader Clock x1, Card Reader Indicator X2, Card Reader Alarm x1) 1 x 5V / 12V output 2X Ground • EM 125 KHz and MIFARE 13.56 MHz • 12 VDC, 38W • Dual 3W Internal Speaker & Mic Function 5©2012 All Rights Reserved, IP UtiliNET LLC
  7. 7. FACIAL BIOMETRIC ENTRY MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONSVANTAGE POINTTMVantage Pointtm is a passive surveillance system that continuously monitors "who" is movingpast various cameras. Delivering "presence awareness", it is a smart system that updateslast known location data as "known". Employing powerful on-demand "locator" technology,it enables active searches for individuals that are enrolled in the security system orsuspects that need to be found. Vantage Point tm can be coupled with involuntaryenrollment capabilities and configured to alarm when individuals who do not exist in thesystem are identified.. TCP / IP ENVIRONMENT COMMAND POINTTMCAMERA SPECIFICATIONS Item Description • Image sensor • ½ 7” Progressive scan RGB CCD • Lens • 4.0-8.0mm, F1.4, DC-iris, C mount, 38”-72” angle view • Video Compression • MPEG-4 Part 2 (ISO/IEC 14496-2), Motion JPEG • Resolutions • 160x120 – 1600x1200 • Frame rate MPEG-4 • Up to 12 fps at 640x360, 9 fps at 640x480 • Video streaming • Simultaneous MPEF-4 & Motion JPEG, Controllable frame rate & bandwidth • Security • Password, IP address filtering, HTTPS encryption, IEEE 802.1X network access control, user access log • Application Programming • Open API for software integration • Intelligent video • Video motion & audio detection, tampering alarm • Connectors • RJ-45 for 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX, RS485/4SS half duplex, Terminal block for 2 alrams inputs, D-sub for RS-232 7 ©2012 All Rights Reserved, IP UtiliNET LLC
  8. 8. FACIAL BIOMETRIC ENTRY MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONSMOBI POINTTMMobi Pointtm solution is compact andlight enough for mobile applications.Mobi Point is designed to connect viaWAN, WLAN, and Bluetooth or, thedevice can operate with a locallymanaged database.The system provides a 1.3 megapixelback side mounted camera that can beused to process tens of thousands ofbiometric records cached locally, or tensof millions of records through ourControl Pointtm management console.The Mobi Pointtm solution is ideal for lawenforcement and civil identification.SPECIFICATIONS Item Description • Ambient light immunity • 650 nm +/- nm • Focal distance • Near: 5 in.; Far: 9 in. • Operating system (OS) • MS Windows Mobile 5.0 • External Interfaces • RS232 • Memory • 64MB (RAM) 128MB (ROM) or 128 MB (RAM/ROM) • Processor (CPU) • Intel XScale 624 Mhz • Scan rate • 104 (+/- 12) scans/sec (bi-directional) • Display • 2.5” QVGA, 65K colors, 240x320 WxL • Display Type • LED backlight, touch screen, TFT-LCD • Keyboard • 26 Numeric key, 44 QWERTY key • Network connections • Ethernet via cable, Full-speed USB, host or client • Notification • Vibrator, LED • Rugged • Yes • Power (Main battery) • Rechargeable, Li-ion, 3.7V; 1900 mAH Smart Battery • Power (Backup) • Rechargeable, Ni-MH battery, 20mAh, 1.2V. 1 cell • Power (Extended capacity) • Rechargeable, Lithium Ion, 3.7V, 3800 mAH Smart • Antenna • Internal for LAN, External for WAN • Wireless Individual Rate Support • 1, 2, 5.5, 6, 9, 11, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48 & 54 Mbps • Operating channels • Chan 1-13, Chan 14 (Japan Only), Chan 8-169 • Security • WPA2, WEP, TKIP • Voice Communication • Integrated VOIP (P2P, PBX, PTT), WiFi, 802.11 a/b/g • WLAN • 826 • WPAN • Bluetooth v 1.2 with BT Explorer • WWAN • GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800 & 1900 MHz), CDMA-EVDO 8 ©2012 All Rights Reserved, IP UtiliNET LLC
  9. 9. ©2012 All Rights Reserved, IP UtiliNET LLC 9
  10. 10. FACIAL BIOMETRIC SECURITY SOLUTIONS ADVANCED FEATURES The IP UtiliNET Facial Biometric Security Solutions provide configuration flexibility for secondary security tags such as code entry, ID card readers, fingerprint readers and other biometric devices. Our Veri Point tm module provides a complete hardware/software solution with integrated touch Highest Level of screen, video and voice feedback, advanced scheduling, device control Security at the interface (door latch, alarms, etc.), as well as many more advanced Lowest Cost features not available on any other security system. Any component of the IP UTiliNET Facial Biometric Security Solutions can communicate with any other components, allowing access control and video to integrate functionality and operate from a shared common software framework. LANvisn™ wired connectivity solutions provide a switchless 20KM or 12.4 Mile switchless option from the Command Point™ console and can be complemented / extended via WAN or Wireless connectivity.Mobi Pointtm Interface to Legacy SystemsMobi Pointtm solution is compact and light enough A variety of interfaces allow you to integrate the IPfor mobile applications. Mobi Point™ is designed to UtiliNET Security Suite with legacy access controlconnect via WAN, WLAN, and Bluetooth or, the systems.device can operate standalone with a locallymanaged database. The option is provided to read and generate industry standard Wiegand input, allowing our system to talk toThe system provides a multi megapixel back side your existing access control system.mounted camera that can be used to process tensof thousands of biometric records cached locally, We interface to input/output control devices (dooror tens of millions of records through our sensors and latches) through standard based IP control,Command Pointtm Management console. as well as to an existing range of data links for all events generated by the system using common formatsThe Mobi Pointtm solution is ideal for law in order to integrate into your existing time andenforcement and civil identification. attendance, door control or legacy monitoring and annunciation systems.Facial Biometric Security Solutionsa one affordable, modular, scalable integrated packageInc Additional Information Please Contact: or call 877-901-MYIP (6947)a©2012 All Rights Reserved, IP UtiliNET LLCl