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Club Entrepreneur SustaNET©, GA, Case Study


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Case Study overview of Club Entrepreneur commercial facility in College Park, GA

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Club Entrepreneur SustaNET©, GA, Case Study

  1. 1. IP UtiliNET Creates Technology Showcase Combining high-speed communications, intelligent energy systems and advanced automation from facial biometric security to lighting, IP UtiliNET delivers a “showcase” of advanced technology that lowers costs and reduces the environmental impact. IP UtiliNET’s highly functional 21st Century Commercial facility mirrors the entrepreneurial “living laboratory” that is Club Entrepreneur. IP UtiliNET proves that academic campuses, municipal buildings, commercial facilities and consumers can reduce costs, improve services, improve security, access renewable forms of energy and successfully deploy intelligent, technologically advanced systems. David Quinn, CEO of IP UtiliNET, is working with Bob Johnson, CEO of Club Atlanta, to showcase the very best in what technology has to offer today, while proving new technologies for tomorrow. Maximizing Energy Use Efficiency IP UtiliNET sets a new standard with the introduction of Demand Side Intelligent Managed power (DSIMpower©). DSIMpower© is based on DC Microgrid technology, which is proven through the use of 24 Volt Direct Current or DC based lighting solutions throughout Club E. This low consumption intelligent energy capability monitors, optimizes and reduces power consumption for energy “sources and uses” within Club E. The DSIMpower© system dynamically controls all energy input sources to determine the most cost efficient and environmentally friendly source of energy at any given time, whether it’s multiple alternative energy sources, the power company electrical grid or backup battery sources. As the first DSIMpower© solution in the state of GA, all LED lighting in the facility is managed from a central module connected by intelligent fiber to the power grid. The lighting system is prepared to induct any number of renewable forms of electricity such as stored DC power, or energy generated by wind, solar and vibration among other renewables. The power supply is activated and monitored by centralized software so no wall switches are required. The software determines how much power is being drawn and automatically shifts from the use of grid-supplied AC power to alternative energy sources in order to reduce reliance on the grid and cut power costs. Automation Begins with SustaNET© Club E College Park features Sustainable Network Technology (SustaNET©), which represents the convergence of IP UtiliNET LANvisn© Passive Optical LAN (high-bandwidth communications) and standards based DC Microgrid (intelligent energy) technology, enabling organizations to automate power use and facility access. By using single strands of single mode optical fiber that can deliver services up to 12.4 miles away, the campus area network system supports connectivity in areas that can be up to 483 square miles. The campus managed platform eliminates the need for expensive and power hungry network switches. SustaNET©’s converge IP UtiliNET LANvisn™ fiber based communication networks and IP UtiliNET DSIMpower© systems to provide dramatic reductions in budgetary consumption, site survivability, improved security, and improved manageability. IP UtiliNET LLC, a Veteran-Owned Company - 6825 Shiloh Rd. East, Suite B-7 - Alpharetta, GA 30005 TEL: 877-901-6947 (MYIP) CASE STUDY
  2. 2. Providing High Speed GPON Fiber Communications IP UtiliNET’s all-fiber LANvisn™ solution provides the intelligent fiber fabric used to provide layered services on the Gigabit Passive Optical LAN Network. The GPON single mode fiber network includes voice, video, data, sensors, and security (surveillance and access control) and eliminates 70% of traditional M&O cost. Because it does not require additional equipment to relay the signal, operations can be centralized on one hub and can be used to respond intuitively to a request for building access, activating only the power and services required by the individual accessing the facility. The IP UtiliNET solution dramatically reduces power consumption and increases security. IP UtiliNET Academy for Industry Housed within College Park’s oldest entrepreneurial facility, Club E College Park is headquarters for IP UtiliNET Academy. This learning services business provides curriculum that leads to industry recognized certification in next generation Passive Optical Network technology, renewable energy, DC Microgrid technology, and layered or specialty software such as Libre Office. ABOUT IP UTILINET IP UtiliNET is an Atlanta based, veteran-owned professional services firm specializing in centrally managed communications, energy networks and security solutions. Offering site service solutions in 145 countries with existing 4 hour or lower response times, IP UtiliNET partners with its clients to streamline operations, lower costs and enhance profitability for long-term environmental, social and financial benefit. Service offerings include Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) LANvisn™ single mode fiber networks, facial biometric security, sustainable and renewable energy including LED lighting systems, global support, and technology lifecycle services. For more information about IP UtiliNET please visit our website at For sales information please address; ABOUT CLUB E Club E College Park is an entrepreneurial ecosystem enabling individuals and small start-up companies to have access to quality office space, high-speed Internet, discount health and medical plans, training and collaboration opportunities as well assistance with business and financial plans. The unique offering, conveniently located near Hartsfield Jackson International Airport, provides tiered pricing based on individual requirements. Club E currently offers collaborative full-service business centers in Phoenix Arizona, Bonita Springs, Florida and College Park, Georgia. Launched in 2007, Club E – Phoenix has 7,000 members and has received national recognition from USA Today, CNN and the Wall Street Journal for the creation of the “Tax and Relax” Package. Club E network members have access to a growing social network of business entrepreneurs, weekly workshops and monthly meetings as well. IP UtiliNET LLC, a Veteran-Owned Company - 6825 Shiloh Rd. East, Suite B-7 - Alpharetta, GA 30005 TEL: 877-901-6947 (MYIP) CASE STUDY