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Grid Lite Case Study


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It is possible to eliminate more than a kilowatt of energy consumption just by moving to LED. This important case study shines new light on the 200 year old problem of inefficient lighting solutions. The use of legacy lighting no longer adds up. A shift to next generation LED lighting is the best way to reduce energy consumption and costs, extend lifecycles, and give your senses a break from flicker, noise, and dullness. KILL-A-WATT and give something back to the environment that you live in today.

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Grid Lite Case Study

  1. 1. CASE STUDY ALL LED MODULAR FACILITY ELIMINATES 1,231 WATTSEXTERIOR WALLPACKS Up to 50,000 hour - lifetimeThe client chose a pair of ACpowered 50,000 hour LED , 895 ALL LED MODULAR FACILITYLumen, 5,487 Kelvin wallpacks IP UtiliNET Energy Services has installed an all LED solution for a Touax provided modular facility. The lightingthat consume only 14 Watts each solution consists of; Grid Lites with dimmers as fluorescent alternatives, exit signs, outdoor wall packs, and A19versus the typical 1,000 hour, replacements for traditional incandescent lamps. The legacy fluorescent, incandescent, and halogen l lighting100W incandescent lamps. The solution offered an energy consuming 1955 Watts, no dimming capability, and lifetimes of up to 6,000 hourswallpacks incorporate dusk to (fluorescent). The installed IP UtiliNET Energy Services ALL LED solution delivers 724 Watts of total powerdawn sensors. consumption leading to a net elimination of 1,231 Watts and an expected solution lifetime of 50,000 hours. TheLED EXIT LAMPS implementation achieves symmetry in design, long life, low maintenance, reduced operating cost, and simplifiedTraditional Exit lamps are power installation with the IP UtiliNET Grid Lite & Panel System. The energy efficient lampless grid-lite panels arehungry 24 Watt beasts that use installed as mechanically dimmable, and can also be electronically lifetime Lead Acid WIDE RANGE OF CAPABILITIESBatteries for emergency power. This AC based modular facility demonstrates the range of LED solutions. The bathroom uses a single A19 lamp inOur LED solution uses only 4 a traditional incandescent screw in fixture, the offices use the 2X2 Grid-Lite panels and have a wall mountedWatts and 90 minutes of lifetime dimmer knob. The exit lamps are all LED, and the ceiling lamps in the main room are switch controlled Grid-Litevia small lithium batteries. panels. Grid-Lite 2x2GRID LITE GRID-LITE SPECIFICATIONSGrid-Lite is an advanced 24 Volt  4100 Kelvin per panel ( 3200 Available)DC based 2X2 lampless LED  CRI; 80panel that can be installed in a  Lumens per watt; >70ceiling grid, on a wall, or in a  Weight; 5.5 lbscustom enclosure. Choose from  120/277 VAC Auto Sensing Power Supplyavailable 4100 Kelvin or warm  24 VDC, 1.7A Grid Lite Power Requirement D E3400 Kelvin neutral color and  ETL Safety Tested and Listedrealize the savings as each panel  Operating Environment; For dry or dampconsumes only 45 Watts. locations, Temperature – 0 to 40 degrees C, Humidity – 10% to 90% non-condensing A: LED WallpacksA19 LAMP  Lifetime; 50,000 hours B: Office 1 C: Office 2The bathroom vent fan  Dimmer; Remote, Dial, Wireless, Software B C D: Work Area E: Exit Lamps Aincorporated a 60W incandescent  Up to 30 lamps on a single power supplylamp which was replaced with a  Made in USA, Patent Pending16 Watt, 1100 Lumen, 3000Kelvin bright white LED lamp. The evolution to advanced LED lighting is not a question of when it will beIP UtiliNET available, it is now a question of which facility to do next and what components to6825 Shiloh Road East, use. Traditional AC fluorescent troffers cost more to install, operate, maintain, andSTE B-7 radiate heat causing your cooling systems to work harder.Alpharetta, GA 30005P (877)