Green Apple Business Development Consulting


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We assist small and medium businesses in expanding their reach and cater to more clients.

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Green Apple Business Development Consulting

  1. 1. I seem to be doing everything services will make sense to you.right, however results do not If either of these statements describe your thoughts, ourmatch business expectationsI have an established business,however I face frequent cash flowgaps and low profit margins.I seem kind of stuck and not surewhat is wrong with my business.I have thought of a new ventureconcept and not sure whether togo ahead or not.
  2. 2. We suggest appropriatestrategies to small and mediumsize enterprises that helps inexpanding their reach.This include enhancing theirpresence or visibility overinternet.
  3. 3. • A professionally designed introductory document and a website is absolutely essential, when your clients are corporates.• It also enables one to reach out new prospectus, that use internet to identify their suppliers / service providers / associates.
  4. 4. Positioning :• Designing a new or fine-tuning your existing business profile and website.• Configuring e-mail ids that end with your registered domain name
  5. 5. Reach expansion : – Corproate Profile preparation on Social Media Sites – Google Adwords – Posting free advts. on different portals – Search Engine Optimisation – Mass E-mails to targeted prospects – Paid advertisements of select site of specific business interest
  6. 6. In today’s growing business online promotion and socialmedia consumptions, one can never ignore to go for a prolificcompany profile as it’s one of the most vital pre-requisite forany business establishment.Company profile speaks about your company, the productsand services, the company’s achievements, and informationon the overall performance of the company.In brief, your company profile is eye-opener for generalintended audience as it’s the first stepping stone for anybusiness which is in direct focus of the visitors. This helpsbuilding a first impression for peoples and thereby creating aconfidence among the potential customers to tryout theproducts and services on offer.
  7. 7. Moreover, a strong company profile can be helpful in buildingthe stand-out image of your brand reputation (from the hugenumber of competitors) with a profuse business opportunity.Simply, it can engage and attract the right customers orsupporters for a business otherwise it can bore them to sleepdriving them to your competitors.In other words, without a well-crafted company profile, yourcompany may not be even attracting customers, but also thebest candidates when posting job descriptions, and potentialsuppliers, associates and media partners to help you grow.
  8. 8. • It goes without saying that websites have a strong impact on the growth and development of any business. A website is an online identity of a business that aims to endorse products and give information about the business to online visitors. Millions of people use Internet every day and websites are the medium through which a business owner can showcase his/her products and services.• Business web design plays an important role here; it not just advertises and gives information about your business but also contributes in sale and profit of the business. Today one cannot deny the intensity of competition in the market.
  9. 9. • It does not matter what type of business you own, a website has become a requirement for all business owners. A website is like a front office executive that works 24*7*365 where customers are free to browse from any corner of the world. Besides, website is a cost effective and convenient medium to keep in touch with your potential buyers and existing clients.• You need to ensure that information you give on your web portal should not be misleading and inappropriate. Doing so can have a fatal effect on the productivity and growth of your business.
  10. 10. Your Email ID is a valuable marketing tool foryou, and Email ID of your own domain tells thatyou have an online presence, where people canfind you, etc. Its also a tool to promote yourcompany, as you are promoting your domain bythat. Your Email ID will promote your domainrather than Gmail or Yahoo.• Convey professionalism with a domain email• Reliable protection from Hackers• Reduction in spams / junk e-mails• Access your email anywhere• Provide website visitors with a method to contact you
  11. 11. • Acts like a passive / indirect advertisement• Well drafted corporate pages creates right impression among the audience.• Creates awareness of one’s setup and services• Increases traffic on one’s website• Get found when potential customers search for local businesses• Get more phone calls, emails and sales from local customers searching for businesses like yours
  12. 12. • Acts as advertisements on internet, for relevant audience• Helps in upgrading presence among search results• Creates awareness of setup and services• Increases traffic on the website• Get found when potential customers search for local businesses• Get more phone calls, emails and sales from local customers searching for businesses like yours
  13. 13. • Campaigns can be created easily and almost instantly.• Charges apply only when a advt. is clicked i.e. confirmed site visit, no charges for impressions. System protects against multiple clicks from the same user.• It is possible to fix daily cost limit, time frame for advt. appearing, even selection of audience on the basis of age, gender is possible.• It is possible to target an advt. to a region which is of precise business interest.• Advt. campaigns can run for as little as Rs. 2000 / month.
  14. 14. • Highly cost effective method to reach targeted prospects• Can be personalised with recipients’ name, company name for better attention• Relevant information can be provided along with link to your website• Helps in increasing traffic over website• Can be repeated periodically
  15. 15. • Paid Advertisements are used to reach targeted prospective clients.• It is a very cost effective method to reach precise audience that is very relevant for a certain business.• Creates awareness of setup and services• Increases traffic on the website• Get found when potential customers search for local businesses
  16. 16.