Social Link Building (SMX Sydney)


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Social Link Building at SMX Sydney

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Social Link Building (SMX Sydney)

  1. 1. SOCIAL LINK BUILDINGHow to increase the effectiveness ofoutreach using social data and channelsMICHAEL KINGDIRECTOR OF INBOUND MARKETING @ipullrank
  2. 2. DOWNLOAD THIS DECK: @ipullrank
  3. 3. BUILDING LINKS IS TOO HARD. @ipullrank
  6. 6. LINK BUILDING SYNERGYEffective Link Building is done at the intersection of budget, content and outreach. We will be discussing effective outreach Venn-Diagram: (@wiep) @ipullrank
  7. 7. WE’RE THE BEST BUT WE WANT TO BE BETTER Gender Opening Salutation Day of the Week Hour of the Day Number of Mails Message Length First Touch on Twitter Email Trust Signals Combining the iAcquire iRank and Buzzstream datasets we analyzed the features of 297,791 emails to develop definitive insights on outreach link building. Download the study: @ipullrank
  9. 9. RANKING DIRECTORIES 647,631 OUTREACH RESULTS & LINK DB’S OPPORTUNITIES 3-4 attempts made 12,558,303 PAGES REVIEWED MANUAL VIEWING QUALITY CONTROL CLIENT • Full-time Highly-trained REQUIREMENTS POTENTIAL PARTNER BLUELIST FILTERING Team • Relevancy Guidelines • Multi-layered Review • Content Guidelines TOP 5,000 • Evolving Quality Guidelines • Legal Requirements,,, etc NO “NO” RESPONSE BLACKLIST FILTERING “DO NOT CONTACT” LIST 535,062 (internally established) 112,569 “YES” UNQUALIFIED OPPORTUNITIES PAGES BAD NEIGHBORHOODS (link network & spam) SEO METRICS FILTERING Client Specific – Filtering out data based on IBL, Moz-Rank, OBL, PR, etc. POTENTIAL FUTURE QUALIFIED PAGES NEW Content OPPORTUNITIES & Link Partner 11,487,318 PAGES REMOVEDVETTING PROCESS VIEWING PROCESS OUTREACH PROCESSTechnology Driven
  10. 10. SO WHAT, MIKE? I CAN’T DO THAT!@ipullrank
  11. 11. IT WON’T BE AS IN-DEPTH, BUT YES YOU CAN Crawl prospects Pull any other metrics you Pull Open Site in list mode care about Explorer metrics Download Screaming Frog: Download Niels Bosma’s SEO Tools: Read: @seogadget @ipullrank
  12. 12. 2011 OUTREACH RESULTS 216,554 emails 70,393 initial emails 3,319 QUALITY ASSURED LINKS Our 40 people in-house outreach team gets results through contacting publishers at a volume. @ipullrank
  13. 13. FIRST TOUCH IN TWITTER YIELDS HIGHER RESPONSE TWEETED FIRST TWEETED FIRST Got a Response to Email After Tweeted before emailing Tweeting First Did not get a response Did not tweet first While the dataset is limited Buzzstream’s data backs up my own personal experience in that there is was a 37.5% response rate from outreach that began in Twitter. @ipullrank
  14. 14. LINK BUILDING IS ABOUT PEOPLE Link Building Is NOT about getting a link. It’s about convincing someone you don’t know to take a real world action that benefits you. @ipullrank
  15. 15. HEY I’MAWESOME LINK TO ME! @ipullrank
  16. 16. BUILD RELATIONSHIPS NOT LINKS Tailor your link building efforts to your audience and your business goals for more effective results. @ipullrank
  17. 17. EAVESDROP ON YOUR AUDIENCE Scout Labs Radian6 Lithium SM2 Social Mention Topsy Amplicate @ipullrank
  18. 18. USE QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS TOOLS Invest in sites like Doubleclick Adplanner, ComScore, Compete or Quantcast to identify a demographic by industry and to get a preview of their search behavior. @ipullrank
  19. 19. USE FACEBOOK AD CREATOR Use the FB tool to see how many people fall into an audience by interest and demo. This tool is the Adwords Keyword Tool of Personas @ipullrank
  20. 20. USE QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS TOOLS TARGET INFLUENCERS Curious George Gamer Film Purist Tech Geek This group represents people Gamers talk about their 3D This conversation revolves This group talks about the considering buying a 3D TV gaming experience and the around use of 3D in film. They technical details of their AV components and games they talk about 3D in a broad way, setup. They treat their TV’s like use. and occasionally touch on a racecar driver treats their car. 3DTV specifically. Personas help you identify how to find your link prospects and how to start a conversation with them once you do. Read: (@justinrbriggs) @ipullrank
  21. 21. EXAMPLE PERSONASMusic Moms Happy Raging Rock stars Involved InstructorsTypically uninformed gift givers Typically professional musicians at Typically professional musicians andlooking for information on the Hobbyists various stages of their careers that thought leaders/content creators whoright guitar for their happy Typically students or tend to spend more time creating talk about new techniques and havehobbyist or raging rockstar. amateur musicians content with their guitars only strong opinions about instruments andThese people enter the looking for the latest tips consuming content as new guitar brands. These tend to be quite active inconversation when they are and tricks for playing their technology is released. These are the acoustic guitar conversation.looking to make a purchase. guitar. These tend to be the influencers of the happy the most active content hobbyist group. creators in the acoustic guitar conversation. Search is about needs and the standard keyword classifier are not enough to understand a searcher’s intent. @ipullrank
  22. 22. SEARCH AND SOCIAL WILL CONTINUE TO INTEGRATE I predict that Google will use rel-me and rel-author as ways to connect people to content and apply a sliding scale of value to links based on algorithmically determined authority of the writer to help solve search quality issues. Read: Google’s Heading for Life after Link Trust – Here’s How to Prepare by @simonpenson - @ipullrank
  23. 23. LINK BUILDING GOLDEN RULE @ipullrank
  24. 24. THE SEER METHOD – QUICK HITS Pull your Twitter followers using SimplyMeasured then pull your Link Profile. Contact users that follow but don’t link. Use it: (@ethanlyon) @ipullrank
  25. 25. ISSUES WITH THE SEER METHOD The Simply Measured tool gives you URLs with shorteners and Open Site Explorer exports only give you up to 10k links. @ipullrank
  26. 26. MY FIX FOR SHORTENED URLSStep 1Download SEOTools for Excel by Neils Bosma 2Use my simple ExpandURL tool with theSEOTools DownloadString function. =DownloadString(“ ls/expandurl/?url=[INSERT SHORTENED URL HERE]”) ProTip: Use =DownloadString(CONCATENATE("",[CELL NAME])) to fill cells @ipullrank
  27. 27. HAVE A PERSONA FOR LINK BUILDINGPeople will most likely check out your timeline so fill it withcool relevant content and conversation. Build an authenticseparate persona and use it for your link building. @ipullrank
  28. 28. USE FOLLOWERWONK WITH SCRAPER You can find Twitter users by keyword or search for users associated with a given site but FollowerWonk’s export feature is not free so install Scraper for Chrome Read: (@justinrbriggs) @ipullrank
  29. 29. USE ZERPLY, ETC There are many sites like Zerply, and where users input their interests and social profiles. Use them to identify prospects @ipullrank
  30. 30. USER MENTIONMAPP You can find Twitter users by keyword or search for users associated with a given site but FollowerWonk’s export feature is not free so install Scraper for Chrome Read: (@justinrbriggs) @ipullrank
  31. 31. DO YOUR RESEARCH (ACT ONE) ProTip: A lot of people use the same username for many different social networks. Put it in Knowem and find out what they are about. @ipullrank
  32. 32. DO YOUR RESEARCH (ACT TWO) Analyze Words tells you about a twitter user’s personality based on the words they use. @ipullrank
  33. 33. LINK PROSPECTING BY PERSONA Building links by persona helps measure the effectiveness of efforts on business goals @ipullrank
  34. 34. SITESKOUT SiteSkout allows you to quickly identify popular content and topics of sites by pulling the social metrics of all the URLs on the site and the main idea using natural language processing. Read: @ipullrank Use it: Note; Requires an API from
  35. 35. TALK TO PEOPLE LIKE PEOPLE Outreach Link Building should be fun. If you approach it with a genuine interest in people you will increase your hit rate and not think of it as such an fruitless task by having actual conversations. @ipullrank
  36. 36. MAKE YOUR MESSAGE STAND OUT Use Short Subjects Converse with Context Use Natural Subjects Do NOT Just Tweet a Link at a Prospect Do NOT Use “Link Request” Escalate Quickly (“Follow So I can DM”) Send Emails as an Actual Person not a Participate in the Company or Team Subject’s Conversation Include a Natural Salutation Ride a Relevant Hashtag @ipullrank
  37. 37. OFFER VALUE Value does not mean always mean incentives. Show the person that it interacting with you is valuable by being entertaining or a resource by sharing other relevant content or information. @ipullrank
  38. 38. DON’T BE THIS GUY Don’t send the same exact message to everybody, they will look at your timeline and disregard you as a spammer. @ipullrank
  39. 39. SCHEDULE TWEETS TO BUILD YOUR PERSONA At the beginning of the week schedule regular tweets with awesome industry related content using HootSuite, SocialOomph, FutureTweets, Twuffer, etc @ipullrank
  40. 40. USE IFTTT TO BUILD YOUR PERSONA Use ifttt to setup automatic tweets whenever a certain RSS feed updates or user tweets to fill your timeline with relevant content Tool: @ipullrank
  41. 41. DANGLE THE CARROT If you have nothing more to offer or can’t spend the time use incentives. Couple incentives with campaigns to draw links in a one-to-many fashion. @ipullrank
  42. 42. USE FACEBOOK ADS TO PROSPECT Put your blogging contest right in front of the exact people you want to enter without having to do super broad PR campaigns to get the word out. @ipullrank
  43. 43. FOLLOW ME @ipullrank @ipullrank
  44. 44. MAINTAIN THE RAPPORTAfter you close a link continue to engage withyour link prospects over time on Twitter or G+.Add them to private Twitter lists and GooglePlus Circles. @ipullrank
  45. 45. ONE MORE THING @ipullrank
  46. 46. ZEMANTAZemanta is a content network that integrates with a free Wordpress / Movable Type plugin that suggests related articles and images to bloggers as they write. Place your content for contextual links. @ipullrank
  47. 47. MEET GARY & COGSWELL What’s up Sydney?! Hi, I’m I’m Gary! Cogswell! Gary & Cogswell are the stars of a new SEO comic strip that I write on the iAcquire blog. They will be dropping link building tips! Check them out! @ipullrank
  48. 48. MICHAEL KINGDirector of Inbound Marketing @iPullRank THANK YOU / Q&A