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Scaling Quality v1.2

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Scaling Quality v1.2

  1. SCALING QUALITY How to make remarkable content at scale for marketing success @iPullRank
  3. So Everybody’s talking about content… @iPullRank
  4. …And expects this… Eloqua released a recent study comparing Content Marketing and Paid Search showing the CPL for Content Marketing is substantially lower than Paid Search over time. @iPullRank
  5. …And lots of this… @iPullRank
  6. …Really users react like this… @iPullRank
  7. …and this… Most content is not made with a given audience in mind and it falls flat because no one cares. @iPullRank
  8. …and this @iPullRank
  9. BECAUSE YOUR CONTENT LOOKS LIKE THIS… Ugh. Make it stop. @iPullRank
  10. BECAUSE YOUR CONTENT LOOKS LIKE THIS… Ugh. Make it stop. @iPullRank
  11. SERIOUSLY IN 2013 THERE IS NO0000000 EXCUSE FOR BAD CONTENT There are far too many costeffective resources out there to settle for bad content @iPullRank
  12. there’s more data than ever… …on how users think and what they are interested in. Why are we still making so much stuff that no one cares about? @iPullRank
  13. One of seo’s issues is this… CONTENT STRATEGY “A shared set of goals, guiding principles, and success metrics that guides the creation, delivery, and governance of content across an organization.” CONTENT MARKETING “Multichannel custom publishing.” @halvorson @iPullRank
  14. Content strategy Is the answer Content Strategy is understanding the who, what, when, why and how of content. Following this process we will build content with an inherent audience, workflow and governance. @iPullRank
  16. Focus on the roi See my mozcon Deck: @iPullRank
  17. Map content to kpis The main objective is to show business value, not just like and share counts. We tie our KPIs to and our content the proper phase of the consumer decision journey to show how Social has affected the business goals. @iacquire
  18. Tools for a quality strategy CONTENT PLANNING @iPullRank
  19. Leverage for planning content across your team - @iPullRank
  20. Storyboard that Build out story boards for Creative people to follow when creating your content - @iPullRank
  21. balsamiq Build WYSIWYG wireframes - @iPullRank
  22. trello Trello is a free project management software that is perfect for content planning and execution @iPullRank
  23. Great content has great structure Use images, bullets, formatting to capture the attention of more people. Define this structure in your styleguide @iPullRank
  24. Ways to find things people care about FINDING GOOD IDEAS @iPullRank
  25. build personas At iAcquire our audience-focused SEO and Social process leverages data partnerships with Nielsen and Experian in context with Social PPC inventories to build audience and buyer personas that ultimately drive the rest of our solutions. @iPullRank
  26. followerwonk Use the word clouds from your followers or a competitor’s to develop co-relevant content ideas. Beware of the small sample size. @iPullRank
  27. Simplymeasured + tagcrowd Using SimplyMeasured’s free follower report with tag crowd gets you insights from a sample size of 10k. + @iPullRank
  28. Social trends Bottlenose’s Sonar feature allows you to identify what terms are showing up in social media which allows you to create co-relevant content with built-in audience. @iPullRank
  29. quora Pose and/or identify questions using Question & Answer forum Quora to determine how popular an idea will before putting the effort into creating something. @iPullRank
  30. Keyword research Use keyword research tools to vet content ideas, they are a direct look into the psyche of the population. @iPullRank
  31. Crowdsource ideas Can’t come up with an idea? Use Yutongo to crowdsource it @iPullRank
  32. There’s way too much data out there… DATA COLLECTION SOURCES @iPullRank
  33. Surveymonkey Audience Get custom data right from your audience with SurveyMonkey Audience @iPullRank
  34. Google consumer surveys Do the same with Google Consumer Surveys: @iPullRank
  35. Google Public Data @iPullRank
  36. Marketing charts Marketing Charts is an interesting site with hundreds of random data points about random things related to marketing @iPullRank
  37. Consumer Barometer Consumer Barometer is a microsite by Google that features data on consume buying behaviors @iPullRank
  38. Zanran ZanRan is a search engine for data & stats @iPullRank
  39. Data Market Data source aggregator @iPullRank
  40. datahub Data source search engine @iPullRank
  41. Get The Data Question based Data Search Engine @iPullRank
  42. Data360 News-driven data @iPullRank
  43. Great resources to get your content made for you QUALITY OUTSOURCING @iPullRank
  44. 99designs Get creatives to compete for your business @iPullRank
  45. dribbble Identify Creatives in your area to hire based on the pre-existing work. @iPullRank
  46. Contently Organize high quality writers into a content calendar, manage their pitches and their submissions. @iPullRank
  47. skyword Organize high quality writers into a content calendar, manage content. @iPullRank
  48. PlagTracker Check if the article submissions are original or not @iPullRank
  49. grammarly Check the grammar of article submissions at scale @iPullRank
  50. Example outsource workflow @iPullRank
  51. You can do it yourself TOOLS FOR QUALITY CONTENT @iPullRank
  52. CAN YOU WRITE? @iPullRank
  53. @iPullRank
  56. @iPullRank
  57. piktochart @iPullRank
  58. Google fusion tables @iPullRank
  59. ICHARTS Make charts and infographcis from google docs @iPullRank
  60. Dipity @iPullRank
  61. pressbooks @iPullRank
  62. storybird @iPullRank
  63. kuler @iPullRank
  64. Adobe edgefonts @iPullRank
  65. Example in-house workflow @iPullRank
  66. This can be difficult, let me help COMMUNICATING WITH CREATIVES @iPullRank
  68. This is You after you get it back FROM THE CREATIVES… @iacquire
  69. your communication leaves creatives @iacquire
  70. I wrote a long post about it I reached out to some SEOs involved in remarkable content projects and asked them about their processes and such. I also talked to our Creative Director about how to better communicate creative ideas. @iacquire
  71. The data viz brief Story / Background Copy Audience Wireframe Data Look & Feel @iacquire
  72. Audience, Story, visual description Target Audience Men and women ages 21+ who are interested in topics in the marketing industry & may be marketing professionals themselves The entertainment & movie studio industry community Those who are engaged within the SEO and social media space Story There is one industry that starts back at square one when it comes to marketing a new product: the movie industry. Movie studios attempt to build new communities for every individual film in order to have engaged audiences yet abandon these social properties once the film is released. Would a studio’s time and money be better spent continuing to engage audiences? Center social audience focus on the studio itself rather than an individual film? This infographic examines how and what drives moviegoers to spread the word about films and gives studios a better idea of where there focus should be when promoting a new release. Conclusion When choosing or recommending a movie, people don’t care about the studios that make these movies – especially not those in the younger age range. Young people are more likely to recommend a movie through social media, however, and those who are heavy social users are more likely to follow a studio on a social network than an individual film. Younger people get more movie information from social network and TV commercials while older people get more information from TV commercials and print. Methodology Conduct a survey to find out the social behavior of moviegoers as well as how & where they talk about films. Examine different social profiles for individual films as well as movie studios to find trends that are reflected in this data. Utilize existing data to further inform survey and panel data. We frame the data viz completely with the target audience, the story and oftentimes the methodology and conclusion from whatever data collection exercise we did to give them complete context. @iacquire
  73. data How Moviegoers Hear About Movies For most people, movie trailers are still the “first look” they are intended to be. bar graph 49% Movie trailers 44% TV commercials 35% Recommendations from friends How Moviegoers Choose What to See People select movies based on the emotions they want to experience – causing genre to be the top motivating factor. pie chart 40% Genre 38% Recommendations/reviews 0.2% Studio We’ll give raw data as well as curated data points to give the designer as much latitude as a possible to tell a visual story @iacquire
  74. Wireframe with copy We’ll also hand the copy off in the deck, but here it is laid out on the wireframe. @iacquire
  75. The end result @iacquire
  76. Being creative is actually not that hard at all MAKING A SCROLLER IN 5 MINUTES @iPullRank
  77. You plenty of resources out there to learn HTML, CSS and should learn to code There’s JavaScript at the minimum. Learning minimal code opens up possibilities to make anything you want. Here’s an example… @iPullRank
  78. Make/procure an image @iPullRank
  79. Save as .svg @iPullRank
  80. Use the link setting @iPullRank
  81. Put skrollr in your html Download Skrollr: @iPullRank
  82. Open your .svg file Vector coordinates In this file Adobe Illustrator has generated the path coordinates needed for the path-based scroller we are building. @iPullRank
  83. Add the css to path tags css style attribute This style attribute was predefined in the example code. I’m using it here to show easy it is to make something cool. @iPullRank
  84. You now have a path drawing scroller @iPullRank
  85. A word from my sponsor WRAPPING UP @iPullRank
  86. we do all of this at iacquire I direct Marketing and Digital Strategy at iAcquire. Content Strategy and building quality content at scale is what we do. @iPullRank
  87. Comingis a new product from iAcquire for connecting high soon ClearVoice quality content creators and a publishers at scale. Your one stop for amazing content. to find out more. @iPullRank
  88. I’m out! @iPullRank
  89. Thank you / Q&A Michael King Director of Inbound Marketing @iPullRank

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