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Personas for SEO in 2012 (PubCon)

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Personas for SEO in 2012 (PubCon)

  1. PERSONAS FOR SEO IN 2012 How to build them and how to use them. MICHAEL KING Director of inbound marketing @ipullrank
  2. DOWNLOAD THIS DECK: @ipullrank
  3. WHY DO WE NEED PERSONAS FOR SEO? What are you guys targeting?! A question I get a lot is “why do we need to use personas for SEO?” The answer is you don’t… unless you want to do a good job. You are creating content for an audience whether it be customers, influencers or people who will link to you. You should understand who those people are and what they want. @ipullrank
  4. CONSUMER INSIGHTS ARE PARAMOUNT UX, Content Strategy, Digital Strategy, Conversion Rate Optimizers and traditional marketing all employ consumer insights. Why did SEO ever think it was exempt? @ipullrank
  5. WTF IS A PERSONA? PERSONA A PERSONA B PERSONA C PERSONA D DEMOGRAPHICS DEMOGRAPHICS DEMOGRAPHICS DEMOGRAPHICS LIFESTYLES LIFESTYLES LIFESTYLES LIFESTYLES USER STORY USER STORY USER STORY USER STORY USER NEEDS USER NEEDS USER NEEDS USER NEEDS A persona is a hypothetical representation of a segment of an audience. I tend to use four because I find that to be a manageable number but you can use as many as you’d like @ipullrank
  6. PERSONAS ARE NOT AN EXACT SCIENCE “A major virtue of personas is the establishment of empathy and understanding the individual who uses the product” -Donald A. Norman, Nielsen Norman Group @ipullrank
  8. BUYER VS AUDIENCE PERSONAS Buyer Personas buy your products. Audience Personas Participate in the conversation. You want them to convert. You want them to keep sharing and linking Sometimes your audience and buyer personas are the same, but most of the time they are not. The people you want links from are most likely not the same people that are going to buy your product. Treat them accordingly. @ipullrank
  9. AD HOC PERSONAS USING “AFFINITY DIAGRAMMING” Many people advocate the post-it note approach. I personally find it unrealistic and not that useful. I prefer more quantitative approaches backed by data. @ipullrank
  10. AD HOC PERSONAS USING SOCIAL MEDIA I outlined a process in my “Understanding Your Audience Using Social Media” Mozinar about how to use Keyword Research, Social Media and Discussion Search to develop ad hoc personas. @ipullrank
  11. THE REAL PROBLEM WITH AD HOC PERSONAS While this approach can be very effective stakeholders may potentially challenge it because it’s not empirical. However neither is the old method of handing out post-its to stakeholders Ad Hoc personas don’t work well because there’s not enough hard data behind them when people question their conclusions. Everyone has an idea of who they think the audience is. @ipullrank
  13. DATA DRIVEN PERSONAS Much more realistic, empirical and easier to justify are data-driven personas which can be created from a variety of sources of information. @ipullrank
  14. iACQUIRE’S DATA DRIVEN APPROACH At iAcquire we have a data-driven approach starting from Nielsen’s PRIZM segments, layering data from Experian Simmons and finally using Social Inventories from Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and DoubleClickto develop empirical and social media-relevant personas. Google killed most of cool stuff in DoubleClick’s AdPlanner. @ipullrank
  15. NIELSEN PRIZM Nielsen’s PRIZM segments all of the US into 66 predetermined types or “codes” with demographics and psychographics that can be identified by zip code. @ipullrank
  16. INSTANT PERSONAS FOR LOCAL SEARCH WITH PRIZM A common complaint is that personas will take too long. Use MyBestSegments’ free demo to find the top occuring PRIZM, P$YCLE or CONNEXIONS Segments per Zip Code. @ipullrank
  17. EXPERIAN SIMMONS Experian Simmons is an expensive tool made based on survey data made just for this type of customer profiling. They provide 61 Mosaic types and a whole lot of cross-tabbing and correspondence mapping of data. @ipullrank
  18. MOSAIC INTERACTIVE GUIDE Get free Experian Simmons data by Zip Code: @ipullrank
  19. HITWISE Hitwise is also integrated with Simmons and can provide direct insights into Search behavior by Mosaic type @ipullrank
  20. GOOGLE CONSUMER SURVEYS Google AdPlanner has scaled back the data it gives away significantly, but Google’s new Consumer Surveys is used to collect data off the back of the DoubleClick network at 10 cents a response. @ipullrank
  21. SURVEY MONKEY MARKET RESEARCH SURVEYS SurveyMonkey gets explicit demographic data from respondents while Google infers it from sites you visit while logged in. We actually have a study using SurveyMonkey that examines Search Behavior launching in November @ipullrank
  22. YAHOO CLUES Yahoo provides demographics at the keyword level with the Yahoo Clues tool There is also an API: @ipullrank
  23. SHARE TYPES The New York Times performed a study called “The Psychology of Sharing” in which they segmented all social media users into six sharing personas. This is especially useful if your just using personas for link building. @ipullrank
  25. MEET NORRIS A. ROWLEY JR. @NorRocwell Norris is our Manager of Market Research & Analytics. We work together to build sound and actionable audience reports for our client base. What follows is the data-driven process we’ve developed to build personas. @ipullrank
  26. CHOOSE BEST GUESS PRIZM TYPES We start with our best guess of Nielsen MyBestSegments from PRIZM, P$YCLE or ConneXions types as a base to make assumptions @ipullrank
  27. DEVELOP EMPATHY FOR THE CONSUMER Put yourself in the shoes of the consumer and go through all of a given brand’s web properties. @ipullrank
  28. GO THROUGH THE SITE AS THE CONSUMER Go through the brand’s site thoroughly as a consumer and continue to document the experience. @ipullrank
  29. EXAMINE THE AVAILABLE DEMOGRAPHIC DATA Once we have an idea of the client’s online presence we examine our data from both PRIZM and Simmons to start filling in the gaps and building a story. @ipullrank
  30. EXAMINE PSYCHOGRAPHICS Attitudes and characteristics from Simmons adds another layer of insights to who is a persona within the client’s target audience and helps tell the story. @ipullrank
  31. EXAMINE MOSAIC TYPE PSYCHOGRAPHICS We slice and dice psychographics based on cross-tabbing relevant questions, but we also take another look at the canned psychographics of the Mosaic types to see @ipullrank
  32. VALIDATE USING SOCIAL INVENTORIES Determine how valid the segment is online by placing as much data as possible into Facebook, LinkedIn, or YouTube ads. You may have to infer relationships in some cases. @ipullrank
  33. BUILD YOUR PERSONA FROM CONCLUSIONS We use the all the data we’ve collected to build a user story, key traits, digital behavior and engagement insights. @ipullrank
  34. HOW TO USE PERSONAS @ipullrank
  35. WHAT ARE NEED STATES? This replaces the obsolete Informational, Transactional, Navigational query classification Need States are classifications of goals that users are trying to fulfill when searching for a given keyword. You can define these however you like, but the consumer decision journey is more than adequate. This post talks about them @ipullrank
  36. MAP KEYWORDS TO NEED STATES [flowers] [when do roses bloom] [what flowers for a first date] [buying chrysanthemums] [flower a month club] Mapping keywords to the need states or in this case the consumer decision journey will keep the content aligned with the audience and ensure that it meets their needs. @ipullrank
  37. STRATEGIC PLANNING – KEYWORD PORTFOLIO When performing keyword research we map our keywords to personas, need states and a variety of our data points to ensure the integration of the consumer insights into the SEO program. @ipullrank
  38. STRATEGIC PLANNING – SEO COPY BRIEF We also create a document called the SEO Copy Brief which outlines strategy, personas, keyword bucketing, best practices, measurement planning and so on to prepare any copywriter that will touch the site to create copy. @ipullrank
  39. LINK BUILDING - PROSPECTING Use attributes of your personas to perform searches in Followerwonk and FindPeopleOnPlus. @JustinBriggs talks about this approach in his Content-based Link Building post on @OutSpokenMedia @ipullrank
  40. LINK BUILDING - OUTREACH or Under the personas approach you can make use hyper-relevant canned messages for outreach or zero on a user’s interests with hyper-personalized messages. @ipullrank
  41. MEASUREMENT - SURVEYS Place a custom survey on your site and get user demographics right into Google Analytics with @ipullrank
  42. KEYWORD-LEVEL DEMOGRAPHICS This is the future. Read up on it and use it. @ipullrank
  43. KEYWORD OWNERSHIP Use Keyword-Level Demographics to determine what persona is actually searching and converting. If there’s a large disparity only focus messaging on those that do search and convert. @ipullrank
  44. DYNAMIC TARGETING Since you get the data in real-time you can tailor the experience to the persona that is visiting the site. @ipullrank
  45. KEYWORD ARBITRAGE This data will give way to keyword matrices and allow you to understand there the place initial places it to spend your money. @ipullrank
  46. SUBSEQUENT CONVERSION PREDICTION This data will also allow you to predict the subsequent conversion of the user and then aggressive target them in another channel such as retargeting to ensure the next purchase. @ipullrank
  47. KEYWORD-LEVEL DEMOGRAPHICS BEST PRACTICES Incentivize the Opt-In Just track the persona (Communities or Coupons) Use the appID Cross Property Cookie and Remarket I have a half-finished Wordpress plugin. If you’d find that useful tweet at me and let me know. @ipullrank
  48. MAP USER PROFILES TO MEASUREMENT If your site requires profile collect the relevant persona information and map that to measurement. @ipullrank
  49. USERREPORT.COM Place a custom survey on your site and get user demographics right into Google Analytics with @ipullrank
  50. PERSONAS ARE POWERFUL – USE THEM We as SEOs need to catch up to other disciplines and adopt consumer insights into the process industry-wide. Search is about people. @ipullrank
  51. PERSONAS ARE POWERFUL – USE THEM We as SEOs need to catch up to other disciplines and adopt consumer insights into the process industry-wide. Search is about people. @ipullrank
  52. MICHAEL KING Director of Inbound Marketing @iPullRank THANK YOU / Q&A