Content Strategy for William Way Community Center


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Content Strategy for the William Way Community Center in Philadelphia as part of a presentation of free SEO consulting for a non-profit organization as put on by Seer Interactive

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Content Strategy for William Way Community Center

  1. Content StrategyFor the William Way Community CenterDate: 6/22/2012Author: Michael King (@ipullrank)
  2. CONTENT IS LIFEBLOOD OF THE WEBFor inbound marketing content is the price of admission. Make remarkable contentor you won’t be around next year. 2
  3. CONTENT STRATEGY + SEO MUST WORKContent Strategy and SEO go hand in hand. To maximize the effectiveness of eachyou should absolutely NEVER have one without the other. 3
  4. WE BET OUR AGENCY ON ITCreating remarkable content is required to build links at scale. At iAcquire we’veshifted our entire offering to reflect that. 4
  5. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR WILLIAM WAY? Brands are the new content creators of the future Watch this It’s time to become a brand committed to building remarkable content targeted at the LGBT audience. 5
  6. Content Audit 6
  7. EVERYTHING IS CONTENT!I did a complete content audit of assets across the William Way ecosystem…. 7
  8. WHAT I FOUND41 HTML Pages (excluding individual calendar entries) 14 PDFs9 YouTube Videos 4 Vimeo Videos (2 exclusive to Vimeo) 8
  9. WHAT WAS LINK-WORTHY?The only thing link-worthy on the site right now is the annual report PDF. Other thingsmay be ephemerally share-worthy, but nothing else on the site is likely to naturallyattract links. 9
  10. THE INTERNET HATH SPOKEN!Apparently, I’m not the only one who feels this way. Only 3 URLs on the site haveexternal links and 2 of those are the homepage. 10
  11. THE INTERNET AGREES AGAIN!According to this Social Crawlytics ( report your contentdoesn’t get much traction in social media and most activity is in Facebook 11
  12. BUT! 12
  13. …ALL IS NOT LOSTMuch of the content on the site can be spiced up with a few engaging additions andmade link-worthy 13
  14. PUT THE VIDEOS ON THE SITEPlace the videos on the William Way site itself (using Wistia) and leverage transcripts(using and video sitemaps to improve visibility. While you’re at itput the other 2 videos on YouTube. 14
  15. MAKE MORE VIDEOSVideo appears to be the strong suit of William Way’s content creation. Leverage thecommunity create more video assets for every event that happens in the CommunityCenter. 15
  16. ADD PICTURES, MAPSAdd richer media to existingpages to make them morecompelling and share-worthy.Give them as much of anexperience is possible withoutthem having to leave theWilliam Way site. 16
  17. USE GOOGLE CALENDARThe Calendar is a large draw to both the site and the community center itself. Placeit on Google Calendar so that it is easily shared and imported by users. 17
  18. PUSH MORE TO SOCIALWilliam Way’s social accounts don’t update as often as events happen. Reminders ofevents and live-tweeting of special events should be implemented. 18
  19. MAKE IT EASY TO SPREAD THE WORDIncorporate social share buttons that allow people to share the event that they havesigned up to attend 19
  20. PULL MORE FROM SOCIALBlack Milk Clothing pulls pictures ofpeople wearing their garments fromhashtagged pictures on Instagram andTwitter.Do the same for event specific hashtags. 20
  21. THE NEW DESIGN Make “Donate” Stand outThe new design of the site is great. Ithank you, the internet thanks you.Only real suggestion I’d give is:Make the donate button a different coloror size so it draws more attention. 21
  22. Content Strategy 22
  23. PERSONAS MONEYBAGS MONTY LIVELY LISA SELF-CONSCIOUS SUE PROUD PETE• Moneybags Monty is a 36 year Lively Lisa is 32 year old Self-Conscious Sue is a 31 bi- Proud Pete is a 24 year old out of old gay suburban home owner social butterfly who is proud sexual recent divorcee mother work college grad who has who is has an active voice in to let her lesbian “wings” fly. of one, who is very concerned recently told his family he was the LGBT community. Bob She currently works in about her job and how much gay. “Coming out” has given Pete works for a Fortune 500 Philadelphia and lives just the housing downfall will a new out look on life, and being company in Philadelphia and outside of the city. Her main affect her and her family. out of work give him plenty of has a disposable income which concerns in life is finding Being a single gay time to have a very heavy online he uses to partake in the finer love, her career and raising a mother, her concerns vary social presence, which is greatly things in life. While most of his family one day. While she from LGBT political issue as influences by his friends, limited social beliefs fall in align with does have her hand in all well as social acceptance of budget and being openly gay. the LGBT community, he is aspects of social media on a lesbians in America. And how very fiscally responsible. daily basis, LGBT issues her sex life would affect the However being a fiscal aren’t the focus of her life. raising of her child conservative does not hinder And mostly places her his willingness to donate to sexuality on the back burner LGBT based organizations. 23
  24. PERSONAS MONEYBAGS MONTY KEY INSIGHT MoneyBags Monty thinks of his involvement as both a lifestyle and a sociopolitical statement. He needs to be armed with content that he can use to• Moneybags Monty is a 36 year make his statement. old gay suburban home owner who is has an active voice in the LGBT community. Bob works for a Fortune 500 company in Philadelphia and has a disposable income which he uses to partake in the finer things in life. While most of his social beliefs fall in align with the LGBT community, he is very fiscally responsible. However being a fiscal conservative does not hinder his willingness to donate to LGBT based organizations. 24
  25. PERSONAS LIVELY LISA KEY INSIGHT Lively Lisa’s participation is like to be intermittent as she recognizes herself as part of the LGBT community but she doesn’t use it to define her everyday life.Lively Lisa is 32 year oldsocial butterfly who is proudto let her lesbian “wings” fly. Capture her regularly with reactions to newsShe currently works inPhiladelphia and lives justoutside of the city. Her mainconcerns in life is findinglove, her career and raising afamily one day. While shedoes have her hand in allaspects of social media on adaily basis, LGBT issuesaren’t the focus of her life.And mostly places hersexuality on the back burner 25
  26. PERSONAS SELF-CONSCIOUS SUEKEY INSIGHTSelf-Conscious Sue is looking for answersand is likely to be engaged in social mediadaily. She’s like to blog, participate andshare content on her quest to solidarity. Self-Conscious Sue is a 31 bi- sexual recent divorcee motherSelf-Conscious Sue is likely to be the most of one, who is very concerned about her job and how muchactive content consumer in the mix. the housing downfall will affect her and her family. Being a single gay mother, her concerns vary from LGBT political issue as well as social acceptance of lesbians in America. And how her sex life would affect the raising of her child 26
  27. PERSONAS PROUD PETEKEY INSIGHTProud Pete is the quiet supporter who willbecome a one of the loudest members ofthe audience once he “comes out.”Proud Pete will ultimately become a large Proud Pete is a 24 year old out of work college grad who hasconsumer and creator of content in this recently told his family he was gay. “Coming out” has given Petespace. a new out look on life, and being out of work give him plenty of time to have a very heavy online social presence, which is greatly influences by his friends, limited budget and being openly gay. 27
  28. CORE STRATEGY“We will develop informative, educationaland entertaining content for distributionon the William Way site and across socialmedia channels with the goal ofincreasing membership, Share of Voice inthe LGBT conversation and overall brandawareness in the Philadelphiacommunity.” 28
  29. BRAND PROMISE“The William Way Community Centerseeks to encourage, support, andadvocate for the well-being andacceptance of sexual and genderminorities throughservice, recreational, educational, andcultural programming.” 29
  30. tactics. 30
  31. The Smartest Thing I Can Ever SayEliminate thedistance betweenwhat’s happeningonline and offline. 31
  32. SHOWCASE THE PEOPLEChicago’s Center on Halsted focuseson the people that are a part of thecommunity and have joined thecenter.Place them front and center and youwill find people are far more likely toengage. 32
  33. HUMANIZE THE BRANDThe GSA network does a greatjob of putting their team frontand center and showing thereare actual people on the otherside. 33
  34. TELL COMPELLING STORIESThere’s a variety of ways to tell stories online. Some have used the Storybird.comchildren’s book format to create great content around the subject, you can also usevideo as well. 34
  35. PLAY UP DONATIONSWorking on the Big Brothers BigSisters “Start Something”campaign we saw an uptick indonations after a counter wasinstalled 35
  36. COMMUNITY BLOGGERSTurn members of the community intothought leaders by leveraging theirwriting talents for a daily blog aboutall the topics that align with WilliamWay’s business goals.Use this to spotlight communitymembers as well. 36
  37. USTREAM EVENTSBroadcast community center events onlineso those that cannot be there can enjoy andthose from other cities can see what theyare missing.You can also use the recordings as contentafter the fact. 37
  38. ENGAGE COMMUNITY IN SOCIAL MEDIATweetups, Google Hangouts and Polls on Facebook are all easy and repeatable waysto engage the community in social media 38
  39. VISUALIZE YOUR DATA Infographics work. Give peoplesomething portable and they will spread it and link to it. 39
  40. CREATE GUIDESLike any other niche the LGBT community can benefit greatly from definitive guidesthat educate and entertain. 40
  41. MORE IDEAS Add An Online Community Comment On News Crowdsource Video #TweetupsI wanted to suggest more of these things, but I think we’ve loaded up with enough toget it started! 41
  42. HOW DO YOU COME UP WITH CONTENT IDEAS? ASK EAVESDROP STEALPost Questions to Do keyword See what youryour audience in searches in free competitors madesocial media social listening and make a better 42 tools version of it
  43. Keyword Research 43
  44. INFORMATION ARCHITECTUREEach page should have 2-3 keywords associated with it. 44
  46. THE REST IS UP TO YOUInput a keyword or a URL, set Match Type to [Exact] go for the ones with enoughLocal Monthly Searches. 46
  47. MAXIMIZING KEYWORD USAGEPage Titles should be up to 70characters, unique, keyword-relevant, start with thetarget keyword.Meta Descriptions should be up to 155characters, unique, keyword-relevant and include a callto action.Heading Tags should be keyword-relevant, there shouldbe only one H1.Images should have keyword-relevant filenames andalt attributes.URLs should be short and keyword-relevant withoutqueries.Body Text should have keywords distributed naturallyand evenly throughout. 47
  48. INTERNAL LINKING STRUCTURE Each page owns a keyword. The first time a keyword or a variant is mentioned on any page link back to its owner. Do a quick keyword search in the Adwords tool when titling your articles and determining the keyword a new page owns. 48
  49. Content Calendar 49
  50. 6-MONTH CONTENT CALENDAR July Aug Sept Oct Nov DecContent DevelopmentTopic Focus TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD Plan out themes for the next six months, potentially around LGBT holidays and create big content around those themes. 50
  51. CONTENT SCHEDULE One Blog Post per weekday (minimum) Weekly Google Hangout Monthly #lgbtchat tweetup Bi-weekly Other content launch (Video, infographic, etc).Stick to this schedule and push this content out to social at 9am, 12pm, 3pm, 5pmand 9pm in addition to your mailing list and you will build traction. 51
  52. EXAMPLE SITES are some of the sites I looked at that had elements of great content strategy.Under this plan William Way is poised to be even better! 52
  53. MICHAEL KINGDirector of Inbound Marketing @iPullRank THANK YOU / Q&A 53