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iPublishCentral Widget Brochure


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iPublishCentral Widget Brochure

  1. 1. ipublish central Publishing. Evolved search details search inside the book 10 ways to market your book widgets: Tips for using your iPublishWidgets
  2. 2. ipublish central Publishing. Evolved10 ways to market your book widgets:Tips for using your iPublishWidgets Widgets are like little It’s all about your target audience. How does one reach them quickly and convincingly? And how does one grab windows to your their attention and get them to buy your service or product website that are – in this case, your book. Since Internet is now as common as your telephone line, traditional marketing has quickly shed its distributed all over regular mantle and gone on to tread new cyber-ground. Market- the web ing online comes with a slew of advantages. Time to market, cost, efficiency and an exciting way to keep your customer constantly engaged. The aim is to reinforce your relationship with your customer and inspire them to make repeated purchases. A McKinsey global survey shows that digital tools – from websites to wikis to widgets – are increasingly being used for brand building, albeit in a more dynamic interactive way. Given the rapidity at which digital content is evolving, publishers should also change their marketing strategy to promote their brands/books online. As more publishers create books, online publishing tools will only help them reach their audiences swiftly and in a gripping manner. And with widgets, online marketing has become more viral and participative A small application, a widget offers a plethora of interactive Going the extra mile elements including streaming content, games etc.…. the list is with Widgets literally endless since it involves incredible possibilities. A widget can be added to a blog, much like adding a link to a page. Very simple to do but, once added, a widget offers advanced functional- ity. When it comes to publishing, iPublishWidget offers several advan- tages in marketing books online. An exceptional viral marketing tool, iPublishWidget is designed to enhance your audiences’ experience. It allows additional marketing pages to be pulled up as well as offering a preview of the book. This is done with the help of iPub- lishViewInside, which enables readers to browse a few sample pages from a book before they decide to buy. iPublishWidget and iPublishViewInside is created in a way that only enhances readers’ online experience. • It increases traffic to your book portal and facilitates direct selling to readers leading to a positive impact on your revenues / profits • It increases back links to the portals helping you improving SEO and SEM • It helps make your books more accessible to your readers, also making it easy for them to share with their
  3. 3. ipublish central Publishing. Evolved10 ways to market your book widgets:Tips for using your iPublishWidgets • It enables content samples of your book in the form of Going the extra mile preview pages with Widgets • It helps boost sales with the addition of rich-media, which includes author interviews and videos • It increases visibility by being available where your readers are and giving you reader insight . Two of the biggest influencers in making a buy decision on books are other readers’ recommendations / opinions and book previews. This alone is one of the major deciding factors to ensure easy availability of the books to your target audience. All roads lead to the The statistics is evident proof. The number of people searching to know more about books and e-books has doubled in the last four target audience years according to Google trends. The prospective audience base is tremendous. If you look at the number of active users of social networking sites, MySpace alone has some 110 million active users worldwide and Facebook has a little more than 66 million. Leading publisher Harper Collins launched the Browse Inside program in 2006, becoming one of the first publishers to do so. There was an increase of print sales by 30% and 250% for specific titles once the Browse Inside functionality was introduced. Similarly within five days of introducing the Search Inside program on their site, Amazon reported a 9% increase of print sales across 120,000 titles, a record feat. Given the fact that there are several social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and StumbleUpon among many others, the audience base has only grown larger and
  4. 4. ipublish central Publishing. Evolved10 ways to market your book widgets:Tips for using your iPublishWidgets Ten ways to As we traverse the marketing route, we have identified ten simple yet impactful ways of promoting your iPublishWidget market your book widgets 1 Replace flat one-dimensional cover art on current e-commerce site with widgets and suggest reviewers to use widgets instead of cover art in their book coverage 2 Showcase new / featured titles as full-fledged widgets on your main site homepage 3 Add ViewInside URL to email signatures 4 Add ViewInside URLs to social bookmarking sites like Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, etc. and as comments to blogs that cover the title 5 Identify Twitter # marks or groups relevant to the book and tweet the ViewInside URL to them 6 Identify discussion groups and mailing lists relevant to the book and post the ViewInside link on them 7 Add the book widget to widget aggregation sites like WidgetBox, etc. 8 Ask authors to include the book widget on their blog 9 Ask authors to add the ViewInside URL to their email signatures and / or to change their LinkedIn status to include the ViewInside URL 10 Ask authors to add the widget to their FaceBook and MySpace profiles While the bottom line is good marketing strategy, iPublishCen- tral takes the burden off your shoulders with iPublishWidget and iPublishViewInside. And marketing has never been this easy!