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Toc 2013


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Toc 2013

  1. 1. Winning eBook Strategies iPublishCentralSameer Shariff,Founder & CEO, Impelsys Workshop
  2. 2. iPublishCentral Publisher Infrastructure Company
  3. 3. iPublishCentral – Overview Publish, Market, Deliver digital assets and access Analytics through SaaS model.– Content Warehouse – Retail & Institutional support– Branded portals – Subscriptions & Purchase– Online & Offline reading – Discounts and promotions– DRM protection – Marketing Tools– Desktops, iPad and Android – Back Office No upfront or on-going costs Transaction based modelSaaS Advantage Rapid time to market On-going technology refresh for new features Publisher Infrastructure Company
  4. 4. iPublishCentral Workflow Publisher Infrastructure Company
  5. 5. iPublishCentral Success Stories Publisher Infrastructure Company
  6. 6. Elsevier Publisher Infrastructure Company
  7. 7. McGraw-Hill Publisher Infrastructure Company
  8. 8. MIT Press Publisher Infrastructure Company
  9. 9. Sesame Street Publisher Infrastructure Company
  10. 10. Publisher Infrastructure Company
  11. 11. Hamdan Bin Mohammed e-University Publisher Infrastructure Company
  12. 12. Encyclopedia Britannica Publisher Infrastructure Company
  13. 13. Powering Over 100 Publishers Publisher Infrastructure Company
  14. 14. Connecting Millions of Users Globally Publisher Infrastructure Company
  15. 15. Data Collection & Analytics Publisher Infrastructure Company
  16. 16. Data Rules Relationship Solution Analytics Direct relationship with Right infrastructure Convert this data into your customers solution to collect this meaningful data information Data Intelligence Editorial Sales/Marketing Production Create content that Plan Promotions & Plan and Schedule sells Campaigns Data | Knowledge | Decisions | Sales Publisher Infrastructure Company
  17. 17. Who Reads When During The Week? STM K121.2 Trade 10.8 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Reading patterns show a clear dip in reading on Saturday. STM readers start on Sunday and peak on Tuesday. K12 readers’s reading pattern show a peak from Monday through Thursday. Trade content is most read on Tuesday but the deviations are not as varied as K12 or STM. Publisher Infrastructure Company
  18. 18. Who Reads When During The Day? 8 7 6 5 4 STM K12 3 Trade 2 1 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 K12 reading usage peaks during late morning and post lunch. STM content usage peaks from morning through late afternoon and later before mid-night. Trade content peaks late morning through late afternoon. K12 reading shows the highest deviation compared while Trade shows the lowest deviation. Publisher Infrastructure Company
  19. 19. When During The Day Do Users Buy eBooks? www.ipublishcentral.com4.5 43.5 32.5 2 Number of sales1.5 10.5 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 Most purchases are made from the afternoon through late evening, peaking at 7pm. The least purchases are during the morning hours. 7am brings the lowest revenues. Publisher Infrastructure Company
  20. 20. Back Office Dashboard Publisher Infrastructure Company
  21. 21. Web Traffic Report Publisher Infrastructure Company
  22. 22. Popular Books, Searches and Geography Publisher Infrastructure Company
  23. 23. Book Report: Pages and Search Terms Publisher Infrastructure Company
  24. 24. Leveraging Your Content iPublishCentral – Supporting Business Models Publisher Infrastructure Company
  25. 25. F+W Media www.ipublishcentral.comF+W Media, a leading trade publisher, createscontent for communities & enthusiasts. - Decided to build content stores around specific verticals - Did not want a general eBookstore to compete with Amazon - Wanted to build bookclubs for each vertical - Build the community around the bookclubs and connect with readers directly - Utilized iPublishCentral to manage multiple ebook club portals through iPublishCentral Back Office Publisher Infrastructure Company
  26. 26. Art Book Club 140+ Titles $19.99 Per Month Publisher Infrastructure Company
  27. 27. How eBooks & Magazines 100+ Titles $19.99 Per Month Publisher Infrastructure Company
  28. 28. Family Tree eBooks 125+ Titles $14.99 Per Month Publisher Infrastructure Company
  29. 29. Writer’s Digest 80+ Titles $19.99 Per Month Publisher Infrastructure Company
  30. 30. Print eBooks & Magazines 110+ Titles $19.99 Per Month Publisher Infrastructure Company
  31. 31. Popular Woodworking eBooks 170+ Titles $19.99 Per Month Publisher Infrastructure Company
  32. 32. Crimson Romance eBook Club 180+ Titles $12.99 Per Month Publisher Infrastructure Company
  33. 33. Business models supported in iPC Purchase of individual books Retail Purchase of collections Online, Offline Books / collections rentals Desktops, Tablets Book Clubs subscription Individual books subscription Institutional Collections subscription Online, Offline Site subscription Desktops, Tablets Books / collections purchase Publisher Infrastructure Company
  34. 34. Social Media & Marketing Publisher Infrastructure Company
  35. 35. Social Media & Marketing Success www.ipublishcentral.comHumanist Press is the publishing house of theAmerican Humanist Association, providing materialfor the humanist/free-thought/atheist market since 1995. Humanist Press wanted to • engage their current community members • to build new opportunities to connect with their customers • work with other communities with shared interests • tie it all back and ultimately generate revenues on their eBookstore. Humanist Press realized early enough the need to adopt a robust social media strategy to meet their goals. Publisher Infrastructure Company
  36. 36. Social Media & Marketing Success Sales Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan The eBook digital marketing team at Impelsys used platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin from Jan 2013 onwards resulting in 42% increase in traffic. Publisher Infrastructure Company
  37. 37. Leveraging Google Adwords Use Google Adwords to drive traffic based on specific keywords. Measure the effectiveness by reviewing ROI The SMM team at Impelsys generated incremental revenues of $2,500 against the Google Adword investment of $500 in a month. Publisher Infrastructure Company
  38. 38. Leveraging www.ipublishcentral.comImpelsys team pinned publisher eBooks to be Re-pinned on this community-basedpinboard sharing platform.And generated 30% increase in the web traffic. Publisher Infrastructure Company
  39. 39. Leveraging – www.ipublishcentral.comImpelsys used YouTube to• create eBook related videos• place the videos in appropriate channels and around the other videos• increase viewership through linking and generating awarenessResulting in increase of book views by 3 times month-on-month Publisher Infrastructure Company
  40. 40. Marketing Add-on: eNewsletter Publisher Infrastructure Company
  41. 41. Marketing Add-on: Advertisement Publisher Infrastructure Company
  42. 42. Tweeting & Stumbling Use StumbleUpon to market the titles to the users who stumble upon them Bookmark Stumble to Tag Titles Titles relevant pages Publisher Infrastructure Company
  43. 43. Tweeting & Stumbling Use Twitter to generate awareness, build a loyal following and sustain interest. Create Tag Include Tweet & Tweets Keywords Title Links Retweet Sample F W Media - >@dcm_Pauline 179 Ways to Save a #Novel, >@Darescofield Improve Your #Writing and Get #Published with #Writers Digest eBooks Publisher Infrastructure Company
  44. 44. Building Your Direct Channel Publisher Infrastructure Company
  45. 45. Innovations – Online Promotions www.ipublishcentral.comThieme wanted to• build direct relationship with readers• acquire new customers• monetize content through their iPublishCentral storeWorking with Impelsys SMM team, Thieme decided to run strategicpromotional campaigns on Thieme eBookStore:• Holiday promotions• Event-based promotionsThe results were astounding with sales reporting solid growth in a directresponse to promotions. Publisher Infrastructure Company
  46. 46. Impact of Online Promotions Holidays & Event based promotional campaigns To increase traffic to their eBookstore. 20 days Sales (in 1,000$) Holiday Sale 40 (30%) 30 16 days Fall Sale 10 days (20%) 4 days 20 Summer Sale Sale 2 days Sale (30%) (10%) (20%) 10 0 Publisher Infrastructure Company
  47. 47. Institutional Markets Publisher Infrastructure Company
  48. 48. McGraw-Hill www.ipublishcentral.comSelling Direct to Libraries & Institutions Impressive collections of books on • Business • Engineering & Computing • Medical • Student Study Aids Traditionally used aggregators to sell subscriptions Shifted to iPublishCentral - Direct relationship with libraries - Self Serve: Manage collections & pricing - Gain: Insight into valuable analytics Publisher Infrastructure Company
  49. 49. Encyclopedia Britannica www.ipublishcentral.comState Adoptions 550+ educational to year book titles State-wide adoption iPublishCentral helped • Support state adoption criteria • Content protected using iPublishCentral DRM for online reading • Access usage statistics and institutional analytics Publisher Infrastructure Company
  50. 50. Marshall Cavendish www.ipublishcentral.comEconomical DRM for Downloaded Titles 600+ Reference books for School & Libraries subscription iPublishCentral helped support • PDF & ePub content • Offline downloads to library system & patron devices • DRM protection for downloads • Automatic content expiry • PO workflow for library subscription • Counter reports Publisher Infrastructure Company
  51. 51. American Academy of Pediatrics www.ipublishcentral.comHospitals & Clinics 100+ premier titles Users: Association members iPublishCentral helped support - Sell to hospitals & clinics worldwide. - Opened up the global markets Impelsys’ Publisher Sales team helped tap into new markets and demography. Publisher Infrastructure Company
  52. 52. iPublishCentral 4.2 Beta Publisher Infrastructure Company
  53. 53. Continuous Innovation – 1.0 to 4.2 4.1 Release – 1st Half 2013 • Android support for institutional users • Google & Facebook login support • Portal enhancements • Citations, Dictionary support • Notes & Highlights for ePub reader • iPC iPad & Android readers • ePub3 support for iPad app 4.2 Release – 1st Half 2013 • Enhanced eBook support on iPad • International payment gateway • Admin Console functionality enhancements Publisher Infrastructure Company
  54. 54. Phase 1 of eBooks• Establishing basic infrastructure of eBook delivery.• 2008 to 2012: o Kindle introduction, iPad introduction, Android• Content Repository, Distribution Platform, eBook Delivery to portals on Desktops and mobile devices• Delivery of simple PDF’s/ePub files – simply duplicating print books• Connecting directly to end customers• Publishers options to execute – build in house OR outsource to IT services company Publisher Infrastructure Company
  55. 55. Phase 2 of eBooks - Content becomes software• Basic Infrastructure already set up in Phase 1• Phase 2 is focused on content and analytics driven dynamic rendering• Content becomes software with ePub 3 which will support increasingly complex content structures and organization • Solution should allow you to capture the data on how readers interact with the content software and then deliver content more appropriate to the customers needs. • This require critical components needed for ebook delivery – content repository, DRM, reader & analytic engine. Analytics• This intelligence on reader’s interactions can make content more dynamic to support adaptive learning for educational books, alternate book endings for Intelligence fictions, additional reference content for academic titles and more. eBook Delivery Components Publisher Infrastructure Company
  56. 56. iPublishCentral Core Values Publisher Infrastructure Company
  57. 57. Rich eTextBook www.ipublishcentral.comiPublishCentral rich eTextbooks allowsthe reader to: Navigate easily Search quickly Discover content Access ancillary material integrated within the eBook Organize the content Sequencing the content Build Lesson Plans Preview of chapter through images, videos, audios, context, diagr ams and much more! Rich Content. Richer experience. Publisher Infrastructure Company
  58. 58. Rich eTextBook – Enhanced TOC • Enhanced Table of Contents for easier discoverability • Users can see important images, videos, and other materials right in the ToC • Users can use filters to find the information required • Users can search the Table of Content to quickly find information Easier Navigation. Easier Search. Information at the fingertips. Publisher Infrastructure Company
  59. 59. Rich eTextBook – Reader Ease of Use. Simplicity Redefined. Publisher Infrastructure Company
  60. 60. Rich eTextBook – Embedded Videos • Audio, Videos and interactive elements embedded right in the reader • Can be inline with the content or rendered as a popup Integrated media enriched content. Publisher Infrastructure Company
  61. 61. Rich eTextBook – Quizzes & Flashcards An eBook that tests your knowledge Publisher Infrastructure Company
  62. 62. Rich eTextBook – Quizzes & Flashcards All-in-one resource for learning and assessing Publisher Infrastructure Company
  63. 63. Conclusion Publisher Infrastructure Company
  64. 64. Winning eBook Strategies Content Infrastructure solution Services - Engaging - Allows you to connect to your readers - Marketing - Dynamic - Support your business models - Sales - Rich - Let you try out new models - Content - Offer flexibility of usage enrichment - Support today’s dynamic content - Support evolving platforms & devices - Content protection – online & offline - Generate analytics Publisher Infrastructure Company
  65. 65. Contact Us,, Publisher Infrastructure Company