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  1. 1. Maximizing Revenue Potential of Your Content Assets Through Innovative Business Models Sameer Shariff Founder & CEO of for Digital Book World Conference 2014
  2. 2. We Have Learned A Lot Phase I: 2008 - 2013 Phase II: 2013 - 2018 Phase III: 2018 onwards
  3. 3. Phase II: 2014 onwards DISRUPTION & LEARNING Wondering. Searching. Discovering. FINDING YOUR SOUL Exploring. Enhancing. Experimenting with comfort. The 2-Phase Revolution Phase I: 2008 onwards
  4. 4. Phase I: Disruption & Learning Sameer Shariff Founder & CEO of for Digital Book World Conference 2014
  5. 5. Phase I: Disruption & Learning • In 2008, Publishing market anxious to include eBook as key offering • eBooks as alternates for Print Books • Conversion of Print Books to eBooks • Rise of Distributors and e- tailers • eBook sales shoot up • Mad Rush for “e” • Afraid to get left behind
  6. 6. eBook Consumption
  7. 7. 3 Pillars of Digital: What We Learnt  Enable further readers’ engagement  Evolve the reading experience in a social experience  Enable multi-level reading paths  Enable new ways to get the content  Become “retailers“: know and profile your own customer  Track market reactions in real time  Treat literature and stories as big-data  Measure any kind of interaction between content and user “Publish stuff that matters” Tim O'Reilly Technology Data Content
  8. 8. NPhase II: Finding Your Soul Sameer Shariff Founder & CEO of for Digital Book World Conference 2014
  9. 9. Phase II: Finding Your Soul With Content • becoming software • driving technology • enabling learning • adding value • bringing people closer • adding members • giving the edge And • Being unique This phase will witness you seeking ways to strengthen your core strength – your content. Content
  10. 10. Phase II: As You Get Comfortable With.... Technology Data Content
  11. 11. Phase II: The Publisher Becomes.... Need To Experiment Further: • Leveraging your content • Leveraging your brands • Leveraging your distribution • Leveraging your goodwill • Leveraging your domain expertise • Leveraging your captured market This phase will witness your evolution from being Publishers to becoming content companies
  12. 12. Phase II: The Publisher Becomes.... What will you become? • A media company • An education company • A gaming company • A multi media story teller • An eLearning company
  13. 13. Examples of Innovative Business Models Sameer Shariff Founder & CEO of for Digital Book World Conference 2014
  14. 14. F&W Media: Like Minded Joy  Created rich, online book clubs for F&W verticals  Offers entire subject collection at a fixed monthly or annual costs  eBooks support their corporate strategy of verticals  Is F+W a publisher or a media company?
  15. 15. Sesame Street: Yours Forever  Rich, interactive eBooks with America’s favorite characters  Readers can buy eBooks from a collection of more than 150 eBooks  Readers can also subscribe to the eBooks on a monthly or annual basis  Three Years  Top 50 Grossing App  Has helped Sesame round off a nice publishing program with all their other media
  16. 16. Sesame Street: Yours Forever Membership 182,452 Subscriptions 21,202 Revenue 700% growth 379,697 Downloads
  17. 17. Els. Science: All You Can Read  Premium titles for medical students  Fixed, monthly rates for entire collection of high value content  Elsevier moving from being a publisher to a software company supporting decision making in healthcare
  18. 18. Finding the Right Partner(s) Sameer Shariff Founder & CEO of for Digital Book World Conference 2014
  19. 19. The right partner with innovative infrastructure can help you in your journey from Finding your Soul to experiencing a rewarding evolution. Finding the Right Partner(s)
  20. 20. The right partner will also enable you to identify the potential of your content and empower you with the right solutions to go ahead and capitalize on it. Finding the Right Partner(s)
  21. 21. Our Platforms Content Technology Our Services Our Value as a Partner
  22. 22. Any Questions: Our Vision To make the world a better place by helping spread knowledge through technology. Our Mission be the leader in enabling the global publishing & educational instituti to deliver online learning. | |