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Ipsredu Solutions | Training Programs


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ipsr solutions ltd. is a complete IT service provider based at Kottayam, Kerala with branches at Trivandrum, Kochi, Thrissur, Kozhikode and Bangalore. We have also established a 100% subsidiary in the United Kingdom. We provide Training in Red Hat, Cisco, Microsoft, software Courses.

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Ipsredu Solutions | Training Programs

  1. 1. Soffwctre & Nefworlcing "i";1lrIl”-" LU "fipsr solutions ltd
  2. 2. Reti Ha’: Linux Training. Sofiwcire & Nefworlcing Courses. Cloud Compuiing. Online Training. IT Finishing School. Acatiemic Projecis. "/ Ipsr 5°. 'H. .t. i9.T! .S. ltd
  3. 3. ~ a —-~ The Aulhorized Red Hal Parlner. -——— Red Hal Courses Includes; RHCSA, RHCE, RHCVA, RHCA, RHCA Dalacenler, RHC]A. Red Hal Cloud Cerlificalions RHCSA Open slack, RHCE Open slack, RHCA Cloud. "/ Ipsr s°| .t4t. is>n. s, ltd.
  4. 4. Software Courses! Soflware Courses Includes, "V-psr s°! .t1.. ¢.i. <.2.. r!§. .|. t.. <i.
  5. 5. We provides “ClSCO" and “IVIlCROSOFT" Cerlificalions. Cisco Courses Includes, CCNA, CCNP. I‘/ Iicrosoll Courses Includes, MCSA, MCSE. "/ Ipsr 5°. '.F4.F. i9.T! §. ltd
  6. 6. We provide cloud compuling lraining llial refers lo a new class of nelwork enabled compuling liosled over inlernel. "/ Ipsr 5°l. ll. F.l9.U. S. ltd.
  7. 7. Training in Sollware and Nelworking Technologies. Flexible liming. One lo one inslruclor led classes will) live supporl and assislance. Virlual machine 9.4 hours for llie duralion of llue lraining. Online Training in Cisco, Red Hal Linux, ]ava, Android, .Nel, Pyllion. "/ Ipsr 5°. '.. l.l. .t. l9.! ?§. ..'. .t. .Fl
  8. 8. Slarled in 9.007. Offers lraining, aplilude lraining, sofl skills lraining, live inlernslrip programmes elc. Provides Placemenl llurougla ipsrjol>s. com. "/ Ipsr 5°. '.ll. .t. l9.. F‘. .S. ltd.
  9. 9. Academic Projecls in IT. We offer Windows and Linux Based projecls. Projecls offering for, I‘/ ICA, I‘/ l.Tecl1 , BE, B. Tecl1, BCA, IVl. Sc and B. Sc. (Compuler Science, IT). "/ Ipsr 5°. '.ll. .t. l9.. F‘. .S. ltd.
  10. 10. We are Located in! ° Kollayam. ' Trivandrum. ' Calicul. ' Thrissur. ° Koclxi Norlh. ° Koclli Soullr. ° Bangalore. 7 "fps! " 5°! .U. ..F. '.$? ..'! §.. '.‘. E.. d.
  11. 11. IPSR SOLUTIONS LTD. 1‘/ lerc1'1anl's Associalion Building 1‘/ I.l_. . Road, Kollayam - 686001 Kerala, India, Pin-686001 Plaone: +91—48l 2561410, 2561420, 2301085 Email: lraining_@ipsrsolulions. com "(Inst 5°l. F.l. .t. l9.! ?§. ..'. ¥.Fl
  12. 12. Visit us on! www. ipsr. edu. in "V-psr s°! tt. .t. i.<.2.. r!§. .|. t.<l