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TADhack 2014 hack presentation - FairShare call limiter


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A quick hack with Tropo.js and a Fairwaves UmSITE done by the Fairwaves and MojoLingo joint team.

The idea is to limit a duration of calls on a saturated network, but to do that politely and intelligently:
* we ensure users could speak for at least 30 seconds without interruption,
* we drop the longest call and not a random one,
* after 30 sec we politely notify them that the network is saturated and their call may be dropped,
* we actually notify them right before dropping the call,
* if demand is more than we can handle even by dropping long calls, we record who tried to call and notify them later, when the network resources becomes available again.

Published in: Technology, Business
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TADhack 2014 hack presentation - FairShare call limiter

  1. 1. Fair-Share Community Mobile
  2. 2. The Problem: Network Saturation ✤ Mobile service in developing nations is scarce! ✤ Even if service is available, cost can be a burden! ✤ What if we provide unlimited mobile service?! ✤ How to ensure usage is fair (and enforced)?
  3. 3. The Solution: Fair Share ✤ When usage is low, allow indefinite calls ! ✤ When cell nears saturation, hangup
 long-running calls! ✤ … but be polite about it
  4. 4. How ItWorks ?
  5. 5. How ItWorks ? This Call W ill Be D isconnected
  6. 6. Demonstration
  7. 7. Additional Features ✤ Guarantee minimum call duration! ✤ Assisted Call Completion! ✤ Keep track of calls that fail due to saturation! ✤ Message callers when capacity is available
  8. 8. HowWe Did It