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YHS Convention 2017 - Driving your business performance with digital marketing


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1. Understanding the importance of digital marketing
2. Activating the right digital marketing levers for local retailers
3. Leveraging digital Co-Op marketing
4. Measuring the full value of digital marketing

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YHS Convention 2017 - Driving your business performance with digital marketing

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  2. 2. Our services span across all digital marketing channels, a truly holistic digital performance marketing offering. Paid Search Natural Search Paid Social Performance Display Intelligent Content Data & Analytics Conversion Optimisation
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  4. 4. ● ● ● ● ●
  5. 5. Local SEO Why is it important ? ● Local customers rely on the internet to find information about your business. ● 88% of local consumers trust online business reviews. ● 87% of people who search for a local business will call or go to that type of local business within 24 hours.
  6. 6. Local SEO The Ranking Factors Authority (Reviews, citations) Relevancy (Keywords, category) Proximity from searcher
  7. 7. ● Google My Business is a FREE listing that Google makes available for all businesses. ● Getting listed and optimising your Google My Business page can help increase your chances of showing up high in local search results on Google. ● Only 44% of businesses have claimed their Google My Business local listing Local SEO Example
  8. 8. Local SEO What should local retailers do ? 1. Setup your Google My Business page. 2. Optimise all of your landing pages with local keywords. 3. Ensure your NAP (name, address, phone) remain consistent across the web. 4. Generate genuine customer reviews on Google, Yelp and Facebook 5. Focus on localized linkbuilding.
  9. 9. Mobile Experience
  10. 10. Mobile Experience What is it? ● Mobile has fundamentally changed brand and store discovery. ● Mobile is now part of every consumer journey, it is not only important to have mobile optimised assets but a mobile-first thinking. ● Mobile offers incredible opportunities to reach consumers on the go, while better understanding their context and intent.
  11. 11. Mobile Experience Why is it important? ● Mobile users has surpassed the number of desktop users… 3 years ago. ● 50% of smartphone users use a map app in order to find a business location. ● Online Experience: 80% of users will bounce if your website is not displayed after 3 seconds. ● In-store experience : 82% of shoppers say they consult their phones on purchases they’re about to make in a store.
  12. 12. Mobile Experience Example
  13. 13. Mobile Experience: Test your site
  14. 14. Mobile Experience What should local retailers do? ● Reach the right consumer on the go with mobile preferred ads and targeting: bid more aggressively on people physically near your stores and measure actual visits. ● Provide elevated experiences: review all assets to ensure the very best consumer experience is being delivered on mobile. ● Get up to speed : respect the consumer’s time by making sure your website loads fast + rankings bonus !
  15. 15. Leveraging digital Co-Op marketing SECTION 2
  16. 16. Co-Op definition 31 Co-op is the agreement between two entities to share the costs of advertising or to share advertising exposure for the purpose of mutual gain “ “
  17. 17. How a manufacturer like Beaulieu can work with retailers for a digital Co-Op program Large-sized retailer setup : Retailers operate the co-op program and brands support it Small-sized retailer setup : Manufacturers operate the co-op program and retailers support it
  18. 18. Our experience in Co-Op Marketing 33
  19. 19. Budget: Paid by Samsung brand budget Traffic: Directed to Targeting: National Audience: Consumers KPI’s: Reach and Awareness Activation: Activated by Samsung Budget: Paid by Samsung Co-Op budget Traffic: Directed to and store Targeting: Local Audience: Shoppers KPI’s: Site Traffic, Store Visits and Sales Activation: Activated by Best Buy Co-Op definition : Branding Ad vs Co-Op Ad Samsung & Best Buy Co-Op AdSamsung Branding Ad VS
  20. 20. Manufacturer run program How does it typically work? Manufacturer runs The Co-op Program and spends Co-Op budget on the behalf of the retailer Manufacturer creates (with iProspect) a Co-Op program made up of different packages to meet the needs of different sizes of retailers Retailer chooses the most appropriate package for their need and gives Co-Op budget to the manufacturer Manufacturer shares sales data and digital KPI’s with retailer 1 2 3 4
  21. 21. Manufacturer driven program How does it look in paid search? Example: Beaulieu (Manufacturer) + Eglinton Carpets (Retailer) Eglington Carpets pays for the Search Ads Beaulieu activate and manage the Search Ads hardwood flooring
  22. 22. Increase local digital footprint and share of voice in key digital media channels. Reasons for retailers to partake in a Co-Op program 1 Drive additional sales and business.2 Gain greater insight into consumer buying behaviours for specific products.3
  23. 23. Maximise brand presence across all retailers Reasons for a manufacturer (like Beaulieu) to partake in a Co-Op program 1 Avoid cannibalization with retail partners in search2 Strengthen commercial partnerships with retailers3 Control brand messaging4
  24. 24. Running a Co-op program with iProspect In partnership with Google, we have developed best-in-class Co-op business practices and proprietary ad tech to automate and streamline account segmentation, reporting, attribution, and management of a large number of media funded campaigns.
  25. 25. The full value of digital SECTION 3
  26. 26. The full value of digital marketing: digital not only happens online Digital investment $1 Online conversion Your attribution model stops here Offline sales New customers Branding Total value of digital
  27. 27. The 3 keys to measuring the impact of online campaigns on global business performance A unique view of the consumer A complete measure of the impact of digital channels 1 32 Omni-channel KPIs
  28. 28. A Unique View of the Consumer Key #1
  29. 29. The consumer journey is now a multi-channel and multi-device journey, and it is important to reach those consumers throughout their journey at the right moment. Multi-device: an emerging retail reality
  30. 30. Optimize your online strategy given your offline initiatives (omni-channel) and vice versa 67% of consumers use 3+ channels when shopping consumers who use 3+ channels spend +29% more than those who use 1 channel Source: Google Insights, 2016
  31. 31. Synchronize your data across digital channels Example: Multi-device conversion rate from Google Analytics
  32. 32. Omni-channel KPIs Key #2
  33. 33. Have non-digital specific KPIs aligned with business performance Sales ($) Return on ad spend (ROAS) Profits Customer lifetime value (LTV)
  34. 34. A complete measure of the impact of digital channels Key #3
  35. 35. Implement tools to measure impact of all aspects, beyond just digital conversion Digital investment 1$ Online Conversion Your attribution model stops here Total value of digital Offline sales New customers BrandingHow to measure this part?
  36. 36. Example: Store visit conversion metric from Google Adwords Use the Store visit conversion metric from Google Adwords to measure the impact of your online ads on your offline sales The consumer clicks on the Adwords ad on their computer, mobile or tablet The consumer visits the store within 30 days A ‘store visit’ conversion is reported
  37. 37. What is the impact for advertisers? Canadian advertisers using this function saw: more in-store visits than online conversion 3X 4X more in-store visits via mobile
  38. 38. Drive-to-store campaign with a non e-commerce brick and mortar retailer 41% of people who clicked on a mobile ad visited a store 41% $53 ROAS 6.4X Every dollar invested in Paid Search generated $53 in-store. 6.4X more in-store visits generated by the same campaign following its optimization
  39. 39. Conclusion Elevate your digital marketing levers, especially in local and mobile experience. Enroll in Co-Op programs to make the most of your digital marketing investments. Implement frameworks and tools to be able to measure the true impact of digital marketing. 1 2 3
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