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How to find Ratio?


Published on A complete Math Practice platform For k-12 grades. Suggest ways that parents can help their child learn, such as give them practice Math for 30 minutes a day.
This presentation shows the way how to find Ratio of given numbers.

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How to find Ratio?

  1. 1. Two bucketsHow to find Ratio?10 litre 5 litre
  2. 2. Ratio:to compare twoquantitiesby division.10 litre 5 litreThe ratio of 10 litre to 5 litre is written as‘10:5’
  3. 3. Ratio:Divide two quantities10 litre 5 litreDivide10 litre by 5 litre is : 10 5=2
  4. 4. What is the ratio ofAbbeys weight toJohn’s ?
  5. 5. What is the ratio ofAbbeys weight toJohn’s ?John’sweight is50 kgAbbey’sweight is40 kg
  6. 6. The ratio ofAbbeys weight toJohn’sThe ratio of Ajay’s weight to John’s :40/50= 4/5= 4:5