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Hackathon Webinar - Terence Bowden - August 30th 2016


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Terence Bowden of DCU Alpha talks IPPOSI members through the MIT/DCU health hackathon process

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Hackathon Webinar - Terence Bowden - August 30th 2016

  1. 1. Webinar to introduce the Hackathon “Improving the Patient Experience from Bench to Bedside” 30 August 2016, 13:00-13:45
  2. 2. BioPharma Ambition Conference
  3. 3. Hosts
  4. 4. Schedule (Friday) 5.00pm Registration & food 6.00pm Welcome 6.15pm Overview 7.15pm Challenges outlined 7.30pm Pitch-off 8.15pm Team formation 8.30pm Making session 11.30pm Building closed
  5. 5. Schedule (Saturday) 8.00am Breakfast 9.00am Making Session 10.00am Workshops 12.30pm Lunch 1.30pm Mentor Session 2.00pm Pitch coaching and presentation 5.30pm Dinner 6.30pm Making session 9.30pm Pizza and drinks 9.30pm Making session 11.30pm Building closed
  6. 6. Schedule (Sunday) 8.00am Breakfast 10.00am Making session 12.30pm Lunch 4.00pm Walk-around 5.00pm Demo-day Introduction 5.20pm Final Pitches 6.30pm Presentation 7.00pm Winners announced 7.15pm Wrap-up and reception 8.00pm Finish
  7. 7. Challenges The Theme: Improving the Patient Experience from Bench to Bedside. The goal: Better Outcomes for Patients. - Better drug logistics & waste management. - More effective health practitioner - patient interaction. - A better patient experience.
  8. 8. Mentors Mentors primary role is to provide guidance and support to the team based on their developmental needs; 1. Give advice and guidance, share ideas, and provide feedback. 2. Share information 'the insights' to making it a success. 3. As a sounding board for ideas concerns, provide insights, share information to make the idea succeed. 4. Identify resources to help the team. 5. Open your network of contacts. 6. Play the "Devil’s Advocate", if needed help the team to think through important decisions.
  9. 9. 60 Second Pitch Your idea in 60 seconds 1. Name 2. One liner 3. Sell your idea. 4. What’s skills are you looking for in the team. Idea on a page 1. Bullet points 2. Image 3. Tell a story Voting for the top ideas 1. One sticker per person 2. Place sticker on the idea/team you want to join
  10. 10. Team formation Patient/Health Professional BioPharma Industry Professional Hardware Developer (Mechanical, Electric, Instrumental) Software Developer (Coder, App, Software) Designer (Graphics, UX, Product, Industrial) Maker (Techies, Makers, Tinkers, Crafts) Non-Tech (Entrepreneurs, Busines,s Marketers, Ideas people) Guest/Spectator (Friday and Sunday)
  11. 11. Workshops Saturday Morning given by the main partners such as; Intel Firmwave Emutex
  12. 12. Final Presentations 5:00pm •PowerPoint format •2 members from the team •4 Minutes presentation •2 minutes Q&A from Judges 2:00pm Presentation skills are provided on the Sunday Morning 4:00pm Judges do a walk around to see prototypes before the final presentations
  13. 13. Prizes 1st €3,000 2nd €2,000 3rd €1,000 If your idea has potential, DCU Alpha will help make your dream a reality. The winner will receive their prize at the dinner in the Mansion House. Prize is split evenly between the team.
  14. 14. Register (Press on the ‘HACKATHON’ tab) Eventbrite and search MIT DCU hackathon Discount code is ‘FreeEntry’ (RRP is €20)
  15. 15. Partners
  16. 16. Webinar to introduce the Hackathon “Improving the Patient Experience from Bench to Bedside” 30 August 2016, 13:00-13:45