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Ippeis Cloud Computing Presentation(Tokyo2.0)


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Presentation on Cloud Computing and how this will look like in the Japanese market

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Ippeis Cloud Computing Presentation(Tokyo2.0)

  1. 1. Global Investment Banking and Consulting Forecast of the Clouds (W is the weather hat Tomorrow?) • Mergers & Acquisitions • Joint Ventures July 2009 • Strategic Alliances • Reorganizations • Global Strategic Consulting Private and Confidential
  2. 2. Private and Confidential Global Investment Banking and Consulting Recent Cloud Computing market activities  Amazon Web Services  Leading the industry with newer services,  Added value 3rd party vendor market growing  Open Source of their API rumored  Microsoft  Azure strategy growing, Office Live, Dynamics Live, etc.. And other key applications moved to the cloud  Google  Google AppEngine strategy, plus Google Apps being pushed more to the Enterprise.  IBM  Blue Cloud strategy, opening up Cloud Computing data centers in 13 areas in the world.  Hybrid Cloud Computing strategy: ( Public Cloud ( Smart Business Test Cloud ) と Private Cloud ( Cloud Burst) )  Oracle  AWS EC2 sublicense, QWS S3 data backup service  Acquisition of Coherence, Sun, BEA, Hyperion, Virtual Iron  VMWare  VMS-OS annoucement  Cloud Computing infrastructure technology  v Sphere announcement  Cloud Computing business stratetgy   business model available through Amazon Web Service, Google AppEngine  API open interface  Rackspace ( Mosso)  Acquisition of 3 Cloud Computing firms  Jungle Disk, SliceHost  Partnership with CDN Vendor  Limelight  Focus on Hybrid Computing Solutions for Enterprise demand Big Fish eating Small Fish Hybrid solutions (private/public clouds) Focal point shifting to Enterprise Open Software community as a threat 2
  3. 3. Private and Confidential Global Investment Banking and Consulting What is a Cloud Computing solution made of?  Attempt to group all of this into 3 groups Office Unified Data as Storage as CRM Communication Tools a Service a Service Cloud SaaS Service ERP BPM etc.. Billing Security etc… Computing Application Layer Open API Closed API Automated Disaster Detection/ PaaS (Ajax, RoR, etc..) IaaS (APEX, etc..) Provisioning Recovery Mgmt. Server Storage Network Desktop Optimization • Remote V12N V12N V12N V12NVirtualization Security Administration Virtualization Admin • Automation Data File Application etc… types • Disaster mgmt V12N V12N V12N Platform Layer HypervisorsVMWare Citrix Microsoft others HW technology Server Technology Co-Location Standards • Dual  Quad Network Technology Technology • EPA Regulation 14000 • Memory • 1GB/sec QoS Facility • ISO • Green Grid • Slots +  10GB/sec • Energy Mgmt. • Disaster Recovery • etc… • Remote Mgmt. Hardware Layer Cooling Alternative Energy Data Center design Infrastructure • Air • Solar • Container • Water • Wind • Remote location 3
  4. 4. Private and Confidential Global Investment Banking and Consulting Why is it hard to define Cloud Computing? IT Manufacturers ISVs Oracle 、 SAP 、 E-Commerce IBM 、 HP 、 Sun 、 Dell 自社 客層へ re ctu nity Amazon 顧 HW E tru u ソフ の展 . S xpa ras mm er nd i nf o T or c トの 開 vic o I e wn wn end bu sin eo V SM es iliz lish s U t t ab B Es Network Carriers Network service Cloud Market application Internet Vendors AT&T 、 Verizon growth Computing Retain customer base Google 、 Yahoo 、 Microsoft n Ne ow ork Added w to tw Se Busi l ue r n e Menu gm ne va e to en ss dd t om t r a us existing rthe r, C Pure Players Fu elle services Joyent 、 OpSource 、3 Tera 、 s Re Enomaly 、 IT Distributors Hosting Companies Ingram Micro 、 TechData Rackspace 、 GoGrid 、 Savvis 、 Terremark 4
  5. 5. Private and Confidential Global Investment Banking and Consulting Cloud Computing market structure ( until recently ) One big cloud in the sky Users Load Balancing Persistent Windows Memory Storage Added value .NET (SLA, features) SQL PaaS IaaS Allow Added Value AWS Business Schema Data Center Infrastructure Lower Op. Cost Green IT (V12N 、 SAN 、 I/O Virtualization 、 Energy Efficiency ) 5
  6. 6. Private and Confidential Global Investment Banking and Consulting Cloud Computing as it appears today (more players…) Private Private Cloud Software as a Service Cloud Computing is Cloud (SaaS) further defined Private Cloud End Service Layer Complete Applications Private Cloud is born Users Platform as a Service (PaaS) Private Cloud Public Cloud Enabling Tools Platform Layer Application Application Development / Software Environment / Scalability Developers Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Infrastructure Layer Network Virtualization / OS / Server Hardware / Storage / Networking Architects Public Cloud 6
  7. 7. Private and Confidential Global Investment Banking and Consulting Where Cloud Computing will most likely go from now on…. Corporate in the Center Public Sys. Mgmt. Public Cloud Choice of many Clouds e-Commerce Cloud Public Public Public Server Public Storage Authentication Public Cloud Security Cloud Collaboration Cloud Cloud Cloud applications applications applications applications Private Cloud layer V12N + Auto Provisioning + Disaster Mgmt. + Metering/Billing + Security IT Infrastructure IT Infrastructure IT Infrastructure 7
  8. 8. Private and Confidential Global Investment Banking and Consulting One Step Further, and see the cloud from a corporate asset view Employee Asset Data Asset Application Asset V er s sharing Compliance io G lo bal data lysis Usag n Mgmt. e ana Storage Mgmt. e R eal t i m Cost billing mgmt. Archive Cont C en t r al i z ed rol Employee Asset Data Asset Application Asset Talent mgmt. email SFM/CRM Project Mgmt. document mgmt. E-Commerce Business Intelligence E-Discovery ERP 8