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Ppt ask-me-summary


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ASK ME - A Framework for effective Ag Extension developed at UC Davis under the International Ag Extension Academy

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Ppt ask-me-summary

  1. 1. “ASK ME” Making Ag Extension more effective Mark Bell
  2. 2. The problem?  Poor farmers lack access to information
  3. 3. The need?  Demand-driven, market-oriented extension delivering credible, relevant information.
  4. 4. The means?  ASK ME. A framework for effective extension.
  5. 5. What are the elements of ASK ME?
  6. 6. A? Audience
  7. 7. A? Audience  Who are they?  What do they need and want?
  8. 8. S? Solution
  9. 9. S? Solution  What is practical and relevant to meet the needs?
  10. 10. K? Key Message
  11. 11. K?  What do people need to know to make the change? Key Message
  12. 12. M? Message form and delivery
  13. 13. M?  How can the message be best packaged and delivered? Message form and delivery
  14. 14. E? Evaluation
  15. 15. E?  How can each step be improved? Evaluation
  16. 16. ASK ME Simple and effective
  17. 17. We work with extension providers so they are more • market-oriented, • demand-driven and • entrepreneurial Helping you help farmers.
  18. 18. Want to learn more?  Visit the University of California Davis, International Ag Extension Academy: