Software On Wheels Hyderabad Sept 2011


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Software on wheels Hyderabad levels sept 2011:

Is your product ready for the

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Software On Wheels Hyderabad Sept 2011

  1. 1. What we do
  2. 2. Why Software on Wheels?
  3. 3. Schemes & RatesHyderabad Platinum Gold Silver BronzeList on micro Product logo and name and one Product logo and Product logo and Product logo andsite of paragraph about product. name and one name and one name and one paragraph about paragraph about paragraph about product. product. product.Display on One page display of product details Not applicable. Not applicable. Not applicable.micro site like logo, name, technical description, clients, testimony, price, and a paragraph about the company for one month from the date of registration.News on iPOTT One paragraph about the One paragraph One paragraph on Not applicable.News Blog participating product for one month on participating participating as a featured news item. product. product.Logo in mailer Product logo with name in 75000 Product logo Not applicable. Not applicable. mails. with name in max 50000 mails.One standard 468x60 banner on any relevant Not applicable. Not applicable. Not applicable.banner on page/blog for one month.iPOTTCEO Speak Blog A 5-question interview, by mail or Not applicable. Not applicable. Not applicable.Interview by voice, will be a featured post for one month.
  4. 4. Logo display on 1x1 logo in the backdrop, ads on Not applicable. Not applicable. Notstatic ad space floor stickers, 1 ad on MC T-shirt. applicable.LCD Software 3 mts (or 6 slides) presentations 1.5 mts (or 3 slides) 1 mts (or 2 30 sec (or 1information every a hour, 7 repeats in a day on presentations every a hour, slides) slides)display each of the projectors. 7 x 4 = 28 7 repeats in a day on each of presentations presentatio displays in two days. Info display the projectors. 7 x 4 = 28 every a hour. ns every on at least 2 LCDs at any given displays in two days. Info hour. point of time. display on at least 1 LCD at any given point of time .Display space First rack Second rack below Platinum Third rack Displayedon rack participants. below Gold at visible participants. location.Sponsoring 200 pens (with logo) / chocolates 100 pens (with logo) / 50 pens / Notfreebies + 100 key chain (with logo) + 20 chocolates + 50 key chains + chocolates + applicable. IPTV (with logo) totally worth INR 10 IPTV totally Worth INR 10 key chains 15000 7500. totally Worth INR 2500.Sponsoring Not applicable. Notquestions applicable.Announcements 15 mts during peak hour. The Not applicable. Not applicable. Not hour will be sponsored by the applicable. company.Print Media Ad Worth INR 10000. Not applicable. Not applicable. Notin leading IT applicable.magazine
  5. 5. Advantages
  6. 6. A Few Constraints
  7. 7. Contact