iPOTTEAM : Increasing Technology Expectations


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iPOTT EAM is an end to end provider of highly professional Asset Management Services. We aim to increase usability, availability & life of an Asset thus providing our clients with reduced cost of operations and higher Return on Investment.

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iPOTTEAM : Increasing Technology Expectations

  1. 1. iPOTT EAMIncreasing Technology ExpectationsGetting you there….
  2. 2. 02 iPOTT – An OverviewWho we are?iPOTT EAM is an end to end provider of highlyprofessional Asset Management Services. We aimto increase usability, availability & life of an Assetthus providing our clients with reduced cost ofoperations and higher Return on Investment.
  3. 3. 3 iPOTT Services FrameworkiPOTT EAM covers all aspects of an organization’s Enterprise AssetManagement Program.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Assets Process Digitization ManagementCovers all aspects from Covers all aspects from Involves Software End –to-end continuedtagging, to reconciliation Process validation, Gap selection & evaluation, management services ofand inventory analysis, Improvisation, Implementation, Support. Assets, process andmanagement implementation & Software utilization audit. Digitization compliance.
  4. 4. 4 Services : Asset Service Service details Periodicity1 Reconciliation The Audit Process includes Master list Regular periodic Audit Vs Asset Registers. Arriving at Gaps. activity Finalizing the list and updating masters2 Asset Tagging This process includes: Nomenclature, One time activity Barcode finalization, tagging & final list of Assets3 Stores This Process includes Physical Management verification, gap analysis, inventory Ongoing process list finalization. Inventory tagging & day to day management of stores
  5. 5. 5 Services : Process Service Service details Periodicity1 Process Audits Study existing Asset Management & One time activity /Need analysis Maintenance Process / Study to identify the need and scope for new digitization efforts or for new application for Maintenance vertical2 Gap analysis Identify gaps in the process / Identify One time activity utilization gaps in an existing PM or CMMS or EAM systems3 New process Setting up of new process One time activity setup4 Implementatio Implementation of the new Process One time activity n of Process5 Compliance Check if the new Process is adhered On going process Audits to
  6. 6. 6 Services : Digitization Service Service details Periodicity1 Software Support in selecting one EAM application One time activity selection from 2-3 options on basic requirement factors2 Software A process through which the existing One time activity evaluation process is mapped to the EAM for details analysis and evaluation3 Implementation Install, Configure & implement the One time activity procured EAM solution4 Application Day to day management of the application Ongoing activity Management to ensure continues support and to bring ROI on the Application purchase
  7. 7. 7 Services :Management Service Service details Periodicity1 EAM end to end for Enterprise Asset Ongoing process Management Management. This process aims at increase usability, availability & life of an Enterprise Assets resulting in reduced cost of operations and higher Return on Capital Employed (ROCE). 1. Asset Management 2. Process Management 3. Application management