Words Of Wisdom inscribed on Colored Pewters ( In English & Chinese)


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10 verses from dhammapada

*PBHP stands for Persatuan Buddhist Hilir Perak, Teluk Intan, Perak, Malaysia.

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Words Of Wisdom inscribed on Colored Pewters ( In English & Chinese)

  1. 1. Words Of Wisdom inscribed on Beautiful Colored Pewter Toolings
  2. 2. A selection of 40 verses from Dhammapada beautifully done on coloured pewter toolings . These art works adorn the walls of PBHP in the library, classrooms and multimedia room. 10 pieces are shown in this presentation.
  3. 4. Verse 183 Not to do evil, to cultivate merit, to purify one's mind - this is the Teaching of the Buddhas.
  4. 5. 183 不造一切惡,實行一切善,及清淨自心,是諸佛所教。
  5. 6. Verse 179 The Buddha, whose conquest of moral defilements is complete, in whom there cannot arise any further defilements in this world, that Buddha of infinite range of wisdom, who is trackless, by what track will you lead him?
  6. 7. 179 佛陀的勝利是圓滿的,再無世間的煩惱可生起。智慧無邊的佛陀是超越道的,你能以何道引誘他?
  7. 8. Verse 174 Blind are the people of this world. Only a few in this world see clearly with insight. Just as only a few birds escape from the net, so also, only a few get to the world of the devas and Nibbana.
  8. 9. 174 這世界是黑暗的,在此中能以觀智洞察之人很少。就像只有少數的鳥能逃脫羅網,只有少數幾人能去到天界(與涅槃)。
  9. 10. Verse 206 It is good to see the Noble Ones (ariyas); to live with them is always a pleasure; not seeing fools is also always a pleasure.
  10. 11. 206 得見聖者是很好的,與他們相處常安樂;不見愚人亦是常安樂。
  11. 12. Verse 216 Craving begets sorrow, craving begets fear. For him who is free from craving there is no sorrow; how can there be fear for him?
  12. 13. 216 由渴愛引生憂愁,由渴愛引生恐懼。脫離渴愛者無憂,於他又有何可懼?
  13. 14. Verse 244 Life is easy for one who is shameless and bold as a crow, who slanders others and is pretentious, aggressive and corrupt.
  14. 15. 244 無恥與勇若鳥鴉者的生活是容易的 ,他兩舌、虛偽、傲慢與腐敗。
  15. 16. Verses 246 & 247 He who destroys life, tells lies, takes what is not given him, commits adultery and takes intoxicating drinks, digs up his own roots even in this very life.
  16. 17. 246 & 247 在今世殺生、說妄語、盜取不與之物、犯邪淫及沉湎於飲酒的人,連自己今生的根也都給掘毀了。
  17. 18. Verse 320 As an elephant in battlefield withstands the arrow shot from a bow, so shall I endure abuse. Indeed, many people are without morality.
  18. 19. 320 如同在戰場上的象忍受箭射,我亦應忍受 他人的毀謗。誠然,多數人是無戒行的。
  19. 20. 251 Verse 251: There is no fire like passion, there is no grip like ill will, there is no net like ignorance, there is no river like craving.
  20. 21. 251 無任何火可相等於貪欲之火,無任何執著可相等於瞋的執著,無任何羅網可相等於痴的羅網,無任何河流可相等於渴愛之流。
  21. 22. Verse 250 He who has this feeling of displeasure cut off, uprooted and removed, will surely attain concentration (samadhi) by day or by night.
  22. 23. 250 若人能斷除、根除與消滅内心的烦恼,其心晝夜皆得安定。