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Wise sayings for happy living / 静思语使你开心生活 (In English & Chinese)#5/9


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Wise sayings for personality development and live happily.
This presentation contains 10 wise sayings of Venerable Zhengyan. There are good Dhamma points in the verses.
Power point presentation and translation into English done by ipohteh

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Wise sayings for happy living / 静思语使你开心生活 (In English & Chinese)#5/9

  1. 1. 开心生活 静思语培养 个性 #5 Live Happily Wise Sayings For Personality Development #4
  2. 2. 滴水成河、粒米成蘿,勿輕己靈,勿以善小而不為 . A river originates from drips of water and a basket of rice contains grains of it. Do not underestimate own ability and do not refrain from doing a good deed thinking that it is trifle.
  3. 3. 話多不如話少,話少不如話好。 Saying a few words is better than many, Saying kind words is even better, though few.
  4. 4. 一個人不怕錯,就怕不改過, 改過並不難。 It does not matter to err, unless it is not corrected. It is not difficult to correct mistakes.
  5. 5. 人的心地是一畦田,土地沒有撥下好種子,也長不到好果實 。 A person’s heart is like a field, if good seeds are not sown, there will be no yield of good crops.
  6. 6. 有智慧才能分辨善惡邪正;有謙虛才能建立美滿人生。 With wisdom one can distinguish good from evil, right from wrong ; Happy life is built upon humility.
  7. 7. 君子為目標,小人為目的。 A gentleman strives for ideals while a selfish person works for his own ends
  8. 8. 人生不一定球球是好球,但是有歷練的強打者,隨時可以揮棒 . In life, not every shot played is a good shot, however, a seasoned hard hitter is ready to play anytime.
  9. 9. 人事的艱難琢磨,就是一種考驗。 Dealing with human affairs is challenging . Dealing with it & developing in it is a test.
  10. 10. 做好事不能少我一人,做壞事不 能 多我一人。 Doing good, count me in, Doing evil, count me out.
  11. 11. 真正的愛心 , 是 照顧好自己的這一顆心 To be truly caring is to take care of one’s own heart very well