Beautiful Perak (Malaysia)


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Perak is one of the states in Malaysia.

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  • Thank you for the visit to Perak, Malaysia. It looks like a wonderful place to explore.

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Beautiful Perak (Malaysia)

  1. 1. The Teluk Intan Leaning Tower This pagoda like structure was built in 1885 by a Chinese contractor, Leong Choon Choong. The tower stands at 25.5m high. The tower was once used for water storage.
  2. 2. One of Malaysia's most beautiful mosques. Masjid Ubudiah
  3. 3. Perak Tong ( Chinese Temple ) This temple houses over 40 Buddha statues, the centre piece being a 12.8m high sitting Buddha.
  4. 4. Gua Tempurung has existed since early 8000 B.C. It is the largest natural limestone structure in Peninsular Malaysia. The cave measures 1.9 km in length and 120 metres in height. It is located south of Ipoh towards Gopeng and Kampar. Gua Tempurung
  5. 5. Kellie’s Casstle This building is located in Batu Gajah and this unfinished castle was the brainchild of William Kellie Smith, a Scottish rubber tycoon during the late 19th Century.
  6. 6. Built in 1880, it is the oldest and certainly one of the most beautiful lake gardens in Malaysia. A familiar sight is the drooping branches of ancient raintrees that never fail to attract the attention of every visitor to the garden. Taiping Lake Garden
  7. 7. Named after the late Sultan Idris, the college is housed in a grand building of British colonial design. Its outstanding architect has made it a well-known landmark in Tanjung Malim. Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI )
  8. 8. Perak Royal Museum The museum building, originally built as a palace in 1926, was made entirely from wood by a Malay builder on the royal command of His Royal Highness Sultan Iskandar Shah (1918-1938) who needed a temporary palace while the large and permanent Istana Iskandariah was under construction.
  9. 9. Larut Hill Resort This resort is Malaysia's oldest and smallest hill resort.  Formerly known as Maxwell Hill, it has bungalows for singles, groups and families, with a breathtaking view of the greenery below.  
  10. 10. It is one of the most enchanting islands you'll ever come across and it has for centuries enthralled visitors with her charming beauty. In contrast to Malaysia's fast-paced progress, this island remains a haven for those seeking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Pulau Pangkor
  11. 11. This navy base of the is one of the most modern in the region. With around 25,000 personnel, complete with naval facilities, port, wharf, barracks, museums, office and a recruit training centre, a sports complex and other facilities Tentera Laut Diraja Malaysia (TLDM)
  12. 12. A water park that appears to emerge from the surrounding limestone hills - new world of adventure just waiting to be explored. Lost World Of Tambun
  13. 13. Lenggong Perak Man The Lenggong valley in Ulu Perak is an important areas for archaeology in Malaysia. It is the site of the oldest known place of human activity in the Peninsula.
  14. 14. The locals call this the " Taj Mahal of Ipoh ".  The landscaped garden in front of the Railway Station brings out its sense of grandeur.  Ipoh Railway Station
  15. 15. Rumah Rehat Adeline (Adeline’s Resthouse) The Rest House sets in a spacious area containing a number of well established Durian trees. Within walking distance from the Rest House a sparkling waterfall tumbles its way down an obstacle course of boulders through shady forest.  This place offers excellent opportunities for photography, bird and butterfly watching, as well as more active outdoor pursuits.