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FortiGate Firewall HOW-TO - Online Services


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FortiGate Firewall HOW-TO - Online Services

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Now our firewall is connected to the Internet, so we could try to use this setup to set the system time and verify the subscription to the FortiGuard services. FortiGuard services allow the firewall to be up to date on its virus, spyware and vulnerability signatures. Web filtering lists are also updated through FortiGuard services. It’s important that you have a valid subscription to the FortiGuard services in order to get the above mentioned updates.
  3. 3. NTP To configure system time by NTP go to the System > Status dashboard and click on "Change" in the System Time row. Configure the firewall to be an NTP client as shown in the following picture. In our example we use FortGuard NTP servers for time synchronization, but you could use your preferred ones. The time zone could also be modified as per your needs. The FortiGate unit could also be configured to be an NTP server. During the NTP server configuration, you can select one or more interfaces on which listen to NTP client association requests.
  4. 4. FORTIGUARD SERVICES FortiGuard services configuration is very simple: you must subscribe them and register your FortiGate unit. The FortiGate firewall will connect to the FortiGuard services automatically, but your intervention is needed in order to verify that all subscribed services are reachable and the associated license is not expired. As you could see from the License Information dashboard widget (on the right), Active services are marked with a green check, expired ones are marked with a red cross and unreachable ones are marked with a gray cross.
  5. 5. FORTIGUARD SERVICES TROUBLESHOOT Sometime may happen that your FortiGate firewall is not able to connect to the FortiGuard services onto the Internet. This situation has been shown in the previous slide when a service is marked with a gray cross. Because FortiGuard services require an Internet connection, you must verify that they are reachable: connect to the firewall CLI and execute a ping test ond/or a traceroute with the following commands. execute ping execute traceroute Sometimes there is a policy or a web filtering rule that blocks FortiGuard services, so verify that such configuration is not in place.
  6. 6. FORTIGUARD SERVICES TROUBLESHOOT CONTINUED You can also view the FortiGuard connection status by going to System > Config > FortiGuard. At the end of this menu, you could also change the L4 port used by the FortiGuard services. This configuration is very important because sometimes the default port (port 53) is blocked by your ISP or inside your network (it’s the same port used by DNS!). The other available port to be used for the FortiGuard services is port 8888.
  7. 7. MORE NEEDS? See hints on Or email us your questions to
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