Testimonials for delivery of engagements by prof sattar bawany 7 july 2013


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Testimonials for delivery of engagements by prof sattar bawany 7 july 2013

  1. 1. /(grnh,,,, 4Coa.uar'65**r, 1December2011 ProfSattarBawany StrategicAdvisor IPMAASIAPACIFIC 259TampinesCentral Singapore915209 DearProfBawany FACILITATIONOF2-DAY'HIGHPERFORMANCETEADERSHIP'WORKSHOPON5TO5OCTOBER2O1O Fromthe beginning,thefellowparticipantsandI expectedto gainfromtheexperience,butneverdid we anticipatethe tremendousamountof insight,knowledge,and practicaltoolsthat my senior leadershipteamandI learned. Thereis no doubtin my mindthatthisleadershipdevelopmentprogramwouldnot havebeenas successfulwithoutthebenefitofyourexcellentfacilitationanddeliveryskills.our leadershipteamwere a bit hesitantat the initialmentionof "consultants,"buttheysoondiscoveredthatyoudidnottell us whatto do;rathertheyledourseniorleadershipteamandmethrougha processof learningand analysis,helpingusto developasenseofself-awarenessineachof us. Mostimportantly,asa resultsoftheimpactfulprogramcontent(andtheaccompanyingknowledgeand skills)on EmotionalIntelligence,Effectivecommunicationstylesandthe GRowManagerialcoaching Model,we havelearnedhowto effectivelylead,develop,andcoachour peopleandensurethatour workforceisalignedwiththecompany,scorevalue. I wouldwhole-heartedlyrecommendIPMAand yourselfto any companywho is seriousabout strengtheningtheirleadershipbenchstrengthandis willingto be introspective,honest,andopen- mindedaboutit intheprocess. Warmestregards DesmondChan ManagingDirector MenloWorldwideLogistics,SouthAsia
  2. 2. To: Prof Sattar Bawany Date: 3 December 2012 Re: Global HR Excellence, 29 – 31 October 2012, Malaysia Dear Prof Sattar Bawany, Thank you for delivering an outstanding presentation on “Making Generational Differences Work with Emotional Intelligence” at the Global HR Excellence Conference in Kuala Lumpur recently. We appreciate the time you took out of your busy schedule to join us and thank you for sharing your insights and expertise with our attendees. Your willingness to volunteer your time, energy and support on behalf Marcus Evan’s is greatly appreciated. Your presentation was certainly one of the highlights of the event and we look forward to working with you again. Kind regards, Ashvin Rajendram Conference Producer Tel: +603 27236703 Email: ashvinr@marcusevanskl.com London Chicago New York Cape Town Toronto Sydney Tokyo Nairobi Kuala Lumpur Bermuda Montreal Cyprus Prague Paris Cologne Dusseldorf Berlin Hamburg Frankfurt Budapest Mumbai Turin Milan Stuttgart Rome Penang Mexico Amsterdam The Hague Soesterberg Liechtenstein Lyon Karachi Singapore Johannesburg Madrid Barcelona Alicante Stockholm Kiev Dubai San Diego Leipzig Munich Los Angeles Barbados Miami ROC No: 402362T ROC No: 402362T Suite A-20-1, Level 20, Hampshire Place Office 157 Hampshire, 1 Jalan Mayang Sari, 50450 Kuala Lumpur Telephone: (603) – 2723 6600 Facsimile: (603) – 2723 6699 www.marcusevans.com
  3. 3. Email : TMcore2012@gmail.com Website http://TMcore2012.blogspot.com To : Prof Sattar Bawany Strategic Advisor IPMA ASIA PACIFIC Singapore Dear Prof Sattar, RE : Presentation on “ Leaving Your Leadership Legacy” for 20th Semi Annual Convention, District 51 With regards to the above, I wish to record my utmost appreciation and gratitude on your kind gesture in presenting “Leaving Your Leadership Legacy” on 17th November 2012, at Holiday Villa Subang Jaya as our Plenary speaker (English) in the recent 20th Semi Annual Convention 2012. In our Toastmasters organization that focuses on communication as well as leadership, we are all servant leaders in this organization as we lead our members, clubs, area, division and district. Your topic was most appropriate for our community leaders, and the feedback from our member was they found the presentation extremely beneficial and heart-warming. We also wish to thank you for the kind gesture in providing opportunity for two of our member to attend your talk scheduled for next year. Once again, thank you for your pointers on leadership legacy and we look forward to seeing you again. Best regards, _____________________ Chew Shel Ling, DTM Organizing Chair Mobile: +60 12 222 6250 Cc.Copy : Ramdas Nayar, DTM District Governor, District 51, Toastmasters International (Term 2012/2013) 20 th SEMI ANNUAL CONVENTION 2012 (SAC2012) 16th-17th November 2012 TOASTMASTERS : Make A Difference (M.a.D)
  4. 4. 31 August 2012
  5. 5. CSC Proprietary and Confidential LEARN@WORK DAY HR – L&OD July 2012 CSC Proprietary and Confidential 2August 31, 2012 Programme Evaluation Making Generational Differences work with EQ (Prof Sattar Bawany, Managing Director, IPMA - EDA Asia Pacific) Topics %-Ratings (Good & Excellent)^ • The programme was effective in meeting its overall learning objectives. 94% • The programme contents are relevant to my job/role. 94% • The presentation materials & handouts are relevant and comprehensive) 96% • The facilitator demonstrated good knowledge of the subject matter 98% • The facilitator was effective in his/her delivery. 98% • I would refer this session to my colleagues in future. 94% Note: ^ Ratings indicated for 3 and 4 (‘Strongly Agree’ and ‘Agree’ on responses)
  6. 6. Date : 1st Dec 2011 Prof Sattar Bawany Chief Executive Officer & Master Executive Coach IPMA ASIA PACIFIC Dear Prof Bawany, Attracting, Developing & Retaining your New Age Employee Conference 13 – 14 Oct 2009, Singapore Thank you for the successful presentation at our conference. The practical presentation of yours was captivating and very well received by the delegates and many of them found it useful and applicable. Prof Bawany, you have proven yourself to be a professional speaker who are knowledgeable and willing to share your expertise with others. Your presentation was dynamic and passionate that the delegates could appreciate. It was such a great pleasure working with you. Thank you for all of your efforts in making this event a huge success. Yours Sincerely, Lim Chye Kee Business Director
  7. 7. IQPC Worldwide Pte Ltd 61 Robinson Road #14-01 Robinson Centre Singapore 068893 Tel: 65 6722 9388 Fax: 65 6722 9374 Email: enquiry@iqpc.com,sg Website: www.iqpc.com.sg (Company Registration No: 199702288Z) To: Prof Sattar Bawany Date: 1 December 2011 Re: Talent Management Asia Summit, 22 – 23 November 2011, Singapore Dear Sattar, Thank you for delivering such an outstanding presentation on “Leading and Managing a Multigenerational Workforce” at the Talent Management Asia Summit. I think the group specifically appreciated that you took the time to illustrate certain concepts in more detail and also provided plenty of references for further reading. IQPC always welcomes when you are able to share your knowledge at our events and one of the main reasons that we keep inviting you to participate is that your frank but humorous style of presentation is always highly appreciated by our diverse conference audiences. It was one of the highlights of the event and I look forward to working with you again. Kind regards, Nena Ganesan Divisional Director Tel: (65) 6722 9362 Email: nena.ganesan@iqpc.com.sg
  8. 8. To. Prof. Sattar Bawany Chief Executive Officer & Master Executive Coach IPMAASIA PACIFIC Prof. Satar Bawany delivered short seminar about emptoyee engagement in our Service Qual.ity Cl.ub. He was so inspiring, engaging audience and delivering the speech in ful.t energy. lt was no doubt that att of us enjoyed his seminar dan got incredibl.e insights. Good job Prof. Sincerety Founder of Carre Terrace The lndonesia Service Quatity Cl.ub. Jakarta - lndonesia Yul.i$na Agung CEO Carre CCSI