40 Marketing Resources To Fill Your Knowledge Gap


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This is a resource page containing 40 marketing resources to help you with you business. Whether it's content marketing, search engine optimization, building website traffic or niche websites this resource contains it all.

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40 Marketing Resources To Fill Your Knowledge Gap

  1. 1. market ingyourf arm.com http://www.marketingyourfarm.com/marketing-your-farm/marketing-resources/40 marketing resources to fill that knowledge gapIain RobsonEver f ound yourself with a lack of knowledge?I know I have. That’s why I went out and f ound thesemarketing resources to help f ill that gap knowledge becauseno likes f eeling stupid.Here are the resources to help you f ill your knowledge gap.Farm MarketingThese resources are f or f armers, so they are most valuablemarketing resources.Farm Marketing Solutions is a resource f or f armerslooking to build their f arm business. Check out John’sGrowing Farms Podcast.Farm n Wif e is a site that helps you answer your questions about being online. Judi covers such thingsas blogging, search engine optimization and audio/visual.Email MarketingEmail marketing is where you build your solid f oundation to connect directly with clients through email. It’swhere people actually get the message you are sending.Waldow Social is where DJ Waldow provides solid content by making email marketing simple.Aweber is a great resource and product f or all your email marketing needs.What Counts helps you create smart personalized messages through email marketing.Mailchimp another email marketing product has a very f riendly blog that gives you a ton of actionablecontent. Their service is f ree f or the f irst 2000 email subscribers.Content Marketing ResourcesContent marketing is the heart of many marketing strategies. It’s answering people questions at its core. Inother words, it’s using content to convey your marketing message.You can use content marketing as a way of educating people about things they want to know about.For example, many people don’t know where their f ood comes f rom. You could take this opportunity to educatepeople about their f ood.People want to know where their f ood comes f rom and this is the perf ect opportunity to educate them viacontent marketing.Copyblogger is the grand daddy of content marketing. They have an enormous amount of inf ormationaround the topic.
  2. 2. Marcus Sheridan aka the Sales Lion is a pioneer in his own right. He tells content marketing like it is, nof luf f .Chris Brogan deals with real people not numbers when it comes to content marketing.Marketing Prof s helps you become a smarter marketer.Scott Stratten stands f or authentic marketing and positioning yourself as a trusted expert.Christopher S Penn is a real ninja and a pretty cool dude. When it comes to marketing he knows hisstuf f .Mitch Joel over at Twist Image delivers value to you each Sunday with his Six Pixels of Separationpodcast.Small Business MarketingSmall business marketing is the ability you have to be f lexible and pivot when you need to.Firepole Marketing does small business marketing that works.John Jantsch provides you with practical small business marketing solutions.Entrepreneur.com gives you the marketing basics to help you get started.Traffic GenerationTraf f ic generation is a basic element to any successf ul website. Without a suf f icient amount of traf f ic yourmarketing ef f orts f all on deaf ears.Corbett Barr at Think Traf f ic helps you with your traf f ic by f ocussing on the pillars of a successf ul blog.Ana Hof f man f rom Traf f ic Generation Caf e gives you f ree traf f ic generation tips that will set your blogup f or success.Mauro D’Andrea f rom Blog Growth gives you detailed and practical advice to increase your websitetraf f ic.Jon Morrow f rom Boost Blog Traf f ic gives you no-nonsense traf f ic tips.Conversion specialistsConversion specialists are people who help you increase the number of people who sign up f or your email listor who buy products.Derek Halpern f rom Social Triggers helps you convert more people into subscribers with the help ofpsychology.Peter Sandeen helps you def ine your clear value proposition to increase your conversion rate.Unbounce the landing page experts help you increase your return on investment with higher conversionrates.Search Engine OptimizationSearch engine optimization is what helps you get to the top of Google and outrank your competitors.Matthew Woodward gives you insane value with his tutorials that will help you rank in Google.
  3. 3. Search Engine Land gives you the nitty-gritty inf ormation on search engine optimization(SEO).SEOmoz provides you with in-depth inf ormation on SEO, and they have cute mascot. Check out theirbeginner’s guide to SEO. Out of all the SEO marketing resources SEOmoz is my go to f or any SEOrelated inf ormation.Search Engine Watch gives you everything you need to know about SEO.Neil Patel f rom Quick Sprout gives you crazy value about SEO in his guides.Jon Cooper a linkbuilding expert who gives you SEO straight up.Jason Acidre f rom Kaiser The Sage gives you expert advice on SEO.Niche marketing (niche websites)Niche marketing is f ocussing on a particular segment of your target audience. In these cases, these peoplehave taken it to the next level and made entire sites and businesses around it. Think about what that could dof or your f arm website.Spencer Haws f rom Niche Pursuits lef t his day job to pursue building niche sites, and has since becomea resident expert in niche sites.Justin and Joe f rom Empire Flippers help online entrepreneurs build their online empires.Jeremy and Jason f rom Internet Business Mastery help you leave the 9-5 by turning your passion into aninternet business.Pat Flynn f rom Smart Passive Income is completely transparent with all his online marketing techniques.Also, an all round nice guy.Chris Guthrie f rom Make Money On the Internet gives you all the inf ormation you need on how to useAmazon ef f ectively.Blogging resourcesBlogging is something that people are using to convey their message. It is a f antastic way of providing yourcustomers with tremendous value.Zac Johnson f rom Blogging Tips gives you the tips you need to know to give value through your blog.Darren Rowse and his team over at Problogger give you all the inf ormation you would need aboutblogging.Social media marketingSocial media marketing is one of the best ways to stay in constant contact with your community. It’s a powerf ulway of connecting with your community.Social Media Explorer f ocuses on business minded social media marketing.Social Media Examiner is the world’s largest online social media magazine that helps businesses to usesocial media better.Jay Baer f rom Convince and Convert helps you get better at social media and content marketing thoughaudits and planning.Final thoughts
  4. 4. Learning is essential f or a successf ul marketer. It doesn’t matter if it’s your f arm website or you multi-million-dollar company, you need to educate yourself . If you don’t, no one else will.Share these marketing resources with someone who needs to f ill that knowledge gap.1Related posts:1. Social media f or small businesses aka your f arm (7.9)2. How to do SEO f or small businesses without a clue (6.5)3. Email marketing f or f armers: the cultivating technique (creating connections) (6.4)4. 12 secrets f or email list building (5.4)