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Internet marketing techniques for farmers

In this presentation you will learn about Internet marketing techniques regarding such things as how to start a blog, how to write a blog post, email marketing for small businesses, seo for small businesses, and some thoughts about Youtube.

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Internet marketing techniques for farmers

  1. 1. InternetMarketingTechniquesby Marketing Your Farm < click me Quick tip: Everything in Orange is clickable
  2. 2. You shouldStart ablog aboutme.
  3. 3. Dont youdare write ablog postabout this!
  4. 4. Email Marketing for farmersgot a list? No? You shouldstart one.
  5. 5. Did yousay learnSEO?
  6. 6. You shoulduseYoutube.I love it
  7. 7. Please sircan I havesome more?
  8. 8. Learn more about Internet Marketing for farmers at >Marketing Your Farm< (Click above)