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My diary bb ran


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My diary bb ran

  1. 1. MY DIARYFirst day I got up at 6 a.m. At 6.30 we departured to the airport.At 8. we sent our bagage and walked to customs. After that wewalked to the plane. At 9.05 our plane took off.We were flying by Boeing 737 with Centralwings Airlines. The flight lasted 2hoursand20minutes.The travel was very nice. At 11.25 we were at the airport, 60 km from Rome. After customs , which took about 45 minutes wewalked to the bus, and went to the centre of Rome. In Rome we bought tickets at the railway station and we walked to seeColosseum. Mrs Tucholska stayed at the railway station with our baggage .We were traveling by very luxurious train for 6 hours.We were passing byVesuvio. We arrived to Taranto at 9 p.m.Therewere waiting for us parents and children and we went with them to Maruggio. .After 2 houres we came back to the railway station and got into the train.
  2. 2. On the second day we went to school and at 8 a.m. we started visiting their school. We saw performances of young classes andin the evening we went with scouts for picnic at the see side. On the third day we were at Castel Del Monte”.On Friday we were in school and we took part in lessons , afterwards we had free time. In the afternoon we were practicingdance with Italian students. In the evening there was a disco and a party with snacks.In the afternoon we were in the cathedral in Trani. We saw another castle and the old town. On Wednesday we were in schooland we took part in lessons. In the afternoon we were with Italian children and parents in Manduria to see the water sources.On Thursday we were in Alberobello and in the evening we wrere playing with scauts.On Saturady we were in school and afterwards we parformed a special program from Poland and we were singing togetherthe song “We are theWorld”.And after this we had to go home and prepare our baggage. It was time to go to Poland. In themiddle of the night we started our way back to Rome. On Sunday at 12.30 we took off. We were in Poland at the airport at 3p.m.OurFamilieswerewaitingforus.BartekBraniewski