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Shortcast Yahoo! final roadshow


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I ve been part of the executive team in charge of thisa pioneering research piece from Yahoo! UK into short form online clips and advertising.

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Shortcast Yahoo! final roadshow

  2. 2. what is shortcast? consumer quality commercial quality best in class innovative high technical standard well made editorial control distinctive/uniqueSource: Yahoo! Shortcast research
  3. 3. audiovisual growth video online TV 24.7m + 2hrs short form viewers (<5 mins) linear TV viewing £54m (+91%) +16% video advertising growth ITV ad revenueSource: Yahoo! Shortcast research/IAB/Comscore/Screendigest/BARB/ITV
  4. 4. 2015: on the road to digital and TV parity 3d hd live streaming text & video interaction mobility & wifi flash web growth, broadbandSource: Yahoo! Shortcast research
  5. 5. sizing up the opportunity 90% % video users consuming short video monthly 80% 80% 70% 77% 60% 50% 46% 44% 41% 40% 30% 20% 18% 17% 14% 13% 13% 11% 10% 8% 6% 5% 4% 3% 0% Yahoo! BBC News Channel 4 Sky News LOVEFILM MSN ITV The Sun Facebook Sky Sports The Times Youtube The Guardian AOL BBC iPlayerSource: Yahoo! Shortcast research
  6. 6. a distorted market quality quantity free?Source: Yahoo! Shortcast research
  7. 7. 2015: the consumer reality video users 3 times more likely to agree that we will have to pay for more online video contentSource: Yahoo! Shortcast research
  8. 8. what we did video audit video diary (75 ) observational (7) quant (2000) opinion leaders opinion leadersSource: Yahoo! Shortcast research
  9. 9. whowhat consumer shortcastwhere drivers advertisingwhen
  10. 10. beyond demographics who genre device what where age when location publishers clip length how findability producedSource: Yahoo! Shortcast research
  11. 11. from traditional, to digital, to shortcast multimedia publishers more socialless social video publishers Source: Yahoo! Shortcast research
  12. 12. two distinct audiences, one shortcast opportunity multimedia publishers ad supported short form as higher quality, clips = better good as aged 25+ broadcast quality longer form more socialless social illegal sites = lower video online = under 25 good as quality, ugc money saver skew official sites video publishers Source: Yahoo! Shortcast research
  13. 13. brand safe environments multimedia publishers more socialless social video publishers Source: Yahoo! Shortcast research
  14. 14. the genre divide multimedia publishers sport news cookery lifestyle travel more socialless social ugc adult music virals comedy video publishers Source: Yahoo! Shortcast research
  15. 15. 3 tiers of short form usage 70 64 63 60 50 status % 40 quo 39 38 30 20 17 13 10 the future 0 Laptop Desktop iPod Touch / Tablet PC Mobile Phone Games Console Computer ArchosSource: Yahoo! Shortcast research, % of video viewers who view short form weekly
  16. 16. the device effect most regularly later beginning and in the day, ‘stumble during working upon’ day, ‘seek out’ mainly iPlayer, usage mirrors 16-24 35-44 viewing with others 23% daily ABC1 personal laptop 27% daily start/end similar to mobile of day shorter clips – shorter clipsSource: Yahoo! Shortcast research % base amongst weekly
  17. 17. iPad… high engagement, with issues highly ‘easier to intuitive, enjoyable, navigate, watching with a high videos is great… quality – ‘beautiful annoying that not all will pieces of kit’ work’Source: Yahoo! Shortcast research
  18. 18. monday 10am – checking sport trailers current affairsSource: Yahoo! Shortcast research
  19. 19. wednesday 9pm – tired music cookery entertainmentSource: Yahoo! Shortcast research
  20. 20. friday midday - happy comedy virals newsSource: Yahoo! Shortcast research
  21. 21. saturday 7pm - relaxed music trailers tv clipsSource: Yahoo! Shortcast research
  22. 22. who what consumer shortcast where drivers advertising whenSource: Yahoo! Shortcast research
  23. 23. 360O triggers sent music something listening info seek indulging in stumble upon ‘how to’ interests bored – seek keeping distraction ‘looped in’Source: Yahoo! Shortcast research
  24. 24. live is the aspiration sport clip viewing • time specific • place specific ‘wanted to see the goals… it’s much easier and quicker than MOTD’ (male, aged 45-54)Source: Yahoo! Shortcast research
  25. 25. homemade can be quality as if you were there nostalgia and novelty Adam (aged 16-24, Bristol) • very old clips, poor quality • in a band • part of their charm • frequent gig/festival goerSource: Yahoo! Shortcast research
  26. 26. when given the choice... ITV official website uploaded clip news story 42% 30% 28%Source: Yahoo! Shortcast research
  27. 27. shortcast opportunities
  28. 28. web security remains a real concernSource: Yahoo! Shortcast research
  29. 29. whowhat consumer shortcastwhere drivers advertisingwhen
  30. 30. audio = higher impact I will stop what I’m doing and turn on the sound on a video clip 26% agree 25% unsure 49% disagree video users 50% more likely to agreeSource: Yahoo! Shortcast research
  31. 31. how long: ideal ad lengths paid for advertising earned advertising TV ads tv sponsorship 30 second 1 - 2 mins max all TV ads & idents TV spot ads paid TV ad <10 seconds 10-30 seconds spot ads 1 -2 mins >2 mins online online ads bumpers earned media sought after high advertising 7 seconds quality advertising min. skippable 22 seconds contentSource: Yahoo! Shortcast research
  32. 32. interactivity needs clear benefits I would like to be able to interact more with the online videos I watch Click here for more 18% agree 41% unsure 41% disagreeSource: Yahoo! Shortcast research
  33. 33. dedicated genre environments create engagement I sometimes watch ‘related clips’ suggested to me by the site I am visiting Joe’s passion… football • while watching, he gets drawn in all video tablet video to supporting content • creates fixed times to watch 59% 65% football clipsSource: Yahoo! Shortcast research
  34. 34. 0% 5% 0.15 0.25 0.45 0.05 0.35 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% 45% 50% 0 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.5 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 40% 45% 50% 35% 0% 5% Beauty & fashion Beauty & fashion Beauty Home & garden Home & garden Home Health HealthSource: Yahoo! Shortcast research Drama / soap Drama / soap Travel Travel Cooking Cooking Male Autos Autos Celeb/ents Celeb/ents Documentary Documentary Female Science/tech Science/tech TV TV Sport Sport TV news Music videos Music videos music video Comedy Comedy News // current affairs News / current affairs News current sport Film clips / Trailers Film clips / Trailers Film comedy film stuff TV TV gender vs. genre Celeb/ents Celeb/ents Drama / soap Drama / soap Cooking Cooking Beauty & fashion Beauty & fashion Beauty Documentary Documentary Health Health Travel Travel Science/tech Science/tech Home & garden Home & garden Home Autos Autos
  35. 35. video choice overload – clip image and title decide deciding factors: 1. image 2. title 3. number of views ‘If a clip had more views, I’d watch it – people must have watched it for a reason...’ (female, aged 16-24)Source: Yahoo! Shortcast research
  36. 36. % of people who’ve not seen ads supporting genre clips under 10% film TV soaps/drama travel 10-15% autos celeb/ents home/garden health autos fashion/beauty music documentary 16-20% sport kids TV comedy adult 21 - 30%science/tech news viral ugc Source: Yahoo! Shortcast research
  37. 37. over 50% agree video ad volumes are acceptable too many ads ok amount of ads little amount of adsSource: Yahoo! Shortcast research
  38. 38. social: several touch points to media distribution I tell people about clips I have seen in person I forward links to video clips to friends, family members or colleagues via email I post video clips on word of social networking sites I email links to short mouth email clips to myself to watch later social 59% 37% 25% self 15%Source: Yahoo! Shortcast research
  39. 39. what is shortcast? a genre driven 22 secs... paid opportunity 2 mins... earned high quality, brand-safe experienceSource: Yahoo! Shortcast research