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I phone sales around the world


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Published in: Technology
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I phone sales around the world

  1. 1. Best iPhone Cover
  2. 2.  Taking a closer look at one apple that began changing the world in 2007, the iPhone, will show how apples have revolutionized the electronics and technology industry worldwide.  But is it a fad? Sales tell of a market that has grown with record breaking speed.Best iPhone Cover
  3. 3.  The iPhone debuts in July and Apple Inc. sells 3.6 million units.Best iPhone Cover
  4. 4.  Apple introduces the iPhone 3G that improves all of the features of the iPhone and takes advantage of improved network capabilities.  Sales soar to 13.67 million units which is 3 million more than original production goals.Best iPhone Cover
  5. 5.  3GS is the word on everyones lips by the end of the year as new owners of the iPhone grow by 25.09 million.Best iPhone Cover
  6. 6.  A fourth generation iPhone is released and record sales are made in the tens of millions, totaling over 47 million for the year.Best iPhone Cover
  7. 7.  Close to doubling sales from the previous year, the iPhone 4S makes a grand entrance taking the stage and increasing iPhone sales to 74.08 million.Best iPhone Cover
  8. 8.  This year brought the one long awaited change: a larger screen. With the debut of the iPhone 5, sales rocketed to 125.44 million.Best iPhone Cover
  9. 9.  As we progress through 2013 many wonder what it will bring from Apple.  One surprise that Apple has already brought is the growth in sales of the iPhone 4 despite it being two generations old.  Total iPhone sales though have not disappointed in the least and are already reaching 48 million.Best iPhone Cover
  10. 10.  This year still has yet to finish but in the first fiscal quarter sales are already up 10 million more from last year.  Apple also saw the largest market growth geographically occur in China.Best iPhone Cover
  11. 11.  See how you can protect the most valuable and great of all cell phones in the history get the best accessories for iPhone right here just go and click the link below for more information.Best iPhone Cover