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CCIE Wireless Lab Product                                                   E                                             ...
IPexpert’s Products & Structured Learning Approach Defined IPexpert has earned a solid reputation built on a unique "Struc...
A final component to this Workbook is the newly-introduced Walk-Through Video Solution set. These Videos walk youthrough e...
the accompanying Detailed Solution Guide. An optional component to this Workbook, similar to what’s also availablefor Volu...
•         A training video solution that includes 2 separate / additional books (the slide book and topology diagram      ...
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CCIE Wireless Training Products


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CCIE Wireless Training Products

  1. 1. CCIE Wireless Lab Product E Port tfolio About IPexpert Since IPe expert was fouunded in 2001, the company has honed its focus , s and exp pertise on prov viding training solutions for Cisco’s CCIE Lab g r E certificati ion. IPexpert is proud to lead the market with the most comprehensive portfolio of CCIE Lab preparation products and co o b ourses in the w world. We pos ssess the large collection of successful CCIE est clients and a client list that touches 96 of the For t rtune 100 as w as well clients in every develop country aro ped ound the globe.CCIE Wireless Prod duct OverviewIPexpert ca arries a full porrtfolio of the ind dustry’s most p professionally d designed, accu urate and up-to o-date CCIE WiirelessLab preparration products and classes. T s These products and services are broken into the following categories: s o• Self-Paced Workboo & Detailed S oks Solution Guide es• Walk-TThrough Video Solutions o• Audio Lecture on Deemand• Video on Demand Co ourses• Online vRack Rental e• Classrroom TrainingThe IPex xpert Advan ntageRegardless of the produc and services you choose t aid you in yo studies, IPe s cts to our expert clients a never left on their areown. In fac IPexpert’s commitment to top-notch cust ct, c tomer support is a cornerston of our mission statement and is nebacked by our Investmen Assurance G nt Guarantee. We truly are dedica ated to your su uccess!• A Pro oven Solution & Brand - IP Pexpert boasts the worlds largest collecti ion of CCIE s success storie and es testimo onials in the market. IPexpert clients may re assured the are in good h t est ey hands.• A Prov ven, Designed “Structured L d Learning Appro oach” – Over n nearly a decad and after a de, assisting over 1,000 CCIEs pass their CC Lab exam. We’ve been able to succes s CIE ssfully create a structured mmethodology that has been t tested, tweaked and proven. We have the p products you n need and the p process to follo in order for you to ow be as prepared as po ossible for your CCIE Lab exa r am!• No-Co Support Too – IPexpert c ost ols clients have acccess to the ind dustry’s most aactive and the llargest email support list community. Our clients also ha access to a 24 x 7 x 365 support team through avenues such as email, ave m telephone and live chat). IPexpert’s blog is extre c emely active with technical se everal tutorials posted weekly, and s our Fa acebook, Twit tter and LinkeedIn followers receive frequent updates o industry-rel on lated news, p product update and discoun es nted offerings fo existing clien or nts.• World- -Renowned Instructors - IPe experts cours ses are taught by published distinguished, proven, ind t d, dustry- recogn nized experts that have desig gned, develope and fully und ed derstand the coomplex technol logies and IPexxpert’s Structuured Learning Approach. W have the m We most recognized group of p professional innstructors with the hin industry.• Unmat tched Hardwar & Graphical Remote Contr re rols / Interface – Through our sister compan Proctor Lab we r ny, bs, have 8 CCIE Wireles vRacks that are second-to ss t o-none. The ha ardware offered by Proctor Labs is the latest and d greate available wh est hich provide an online experie n ence like no oth provider ca her an.• Trainin Advisors - every IPexpert client receives their own ind ng e s dividually assigned Training A Advisor who wi take ill the responsibility of understanding your needs, learning style, timelines and budget. Your dedicated Tr g , d raining Adviso will be with you throughout your entire CC journey as you prepare fo your CCIE La Exam. or y CIE or ab• Dedica ated Fulfillmen Coordinators – Our Custom Service Re and Fulfillment Coordina nt s mer eps ators will ensur that re your oorders (whether hard copy or digital) is proce r essed and deliv vered in a time and accurat manner. We’ll also ely te ensure that your fee e edback, reques for assistanc and questio are elevat st ce ons ted to the appr ropriate individ dual to ensure prompt and above-satisfactory attention. e a1|Page
  2. 2. IPexpert’s Products & Structured Learning Approach Defined IPexpert has earned a solid reputation built on a unique "Structured Learning Approach" in our training materials andcourses. We are proud to lead the market with the most comprehensive line of CCIE Wireless Lab preparationproducts and courses in the world. Were also proud to boast the world’s largest collection of successful clients. Itsquite simple, our proven structured methodology works!For the serious CCIE candidates interested in a thorough end-to-end lab preparation plan, IPexperts StructuredLearning Approach is unmatched and is the most complete, well-rounded program in the world. The following stepswill walk students through our line of products and courses in a logical way each building on the step before it.Remember, this proven methodology has been designed, tested and refined over nearly a decade. Step 1: Understand Advanced Theory & ConceptsListen and Digest IPexpert’s CCIE Wireless Video on Demand CourseAre you unable to attend a live course? IPexpert’s Video on Demand Course provides in-depth lectures on topicsseen on the current CCIE Wireless Lab blueprint. Recorded by an industry-expert instructor, watch over 45 hours ofin-depth lecture and configuration examples from the comfort of your own home or office as many times as needed.Learn topics, watch again and become experts with repetitive usage. Expect to receive a high definition,professionally created learning kit that includes several DVDs, the course slide book used throughout the lecture.You’ll also receive a second topology book to be used as our Instructor walks through various configuration exampleswhich will help you master understand how to configure these complex protocols and technologies after you receivethe theory and lecture on these same topics. This content is laid out and easy to navigate through (with a customizedgraphical interface) and provides the student with theory and advanced configuration examples that are needed toget your CCIE Lab preparation off to a strong start!Step 2: Begin Technology-Focused, Targeted LearningComplete IPexpert’s Technology-Focused CCIE Wireless Lab Preparation Workbook (Volume 1) with DetailedSolution Guide (Optional accompanying resource is the Walk-Through Video Solution Set for the WirelessVolume 1 Workbook)IPexpert’s Volume 1 CCIE Wireless Lab Preparation Workbook is a professionally designed learning aid that includes8 technology-focused lab scenarios. This workbook is designed to allow you to explore the individual protocols &technologies found on the CCIE Lab Blueprint. Students must master these individual technologies and topics prior tobeing thrown into a full-scale 8-hour mock lab, and this is the industry-leading workbook that covers all topics,technologies and protocols seen on the new CCIE Wireless Lab.Included as an accompanying workbook, the Detailed Solution Guide provides you with walk-through explanations onhow to configure each task in the Volume 1 workbook, what to watch for and other important notes from ourinstructors and developers.2|Page
  3. 3. A final component to this Workbook is the newly-introduced Walk-Through Video Solution set. These Videos walk youthrough every lab in this workbook pointing out the "gotchas" and providing valuable insight as to what to watch forand how to tweak your preparation. Delivered on DVDs, and created in high definition, watch (and listen) to ourinstructor as he walks through every task and verifies every lab scenario.Step 3: Reinforce Theory & Advanced KnowledgeListen to IPexpert’s CCIE Wireless Audio on Demand Lecture Series with Accompanying Slide BookThis is the perfect way to keep learning while you are driving, exercising or just relaxing. Listen to over 30 hours of in-depth lectures on the CCIE Wireless Lab blueprint topics. Recorded by our CCIE-certified experts, this MP3 / CDaudio kit delivers 30 hours of technical guidance, tips, hints and lecture on the current CCIE lab exam.Step 4: Reinforce Advanced KnowledgeAttend IPexpert’s 5-Day CCIE Wireless Lab Boot CampIPexpert has earned a solid reputation for delivering the best CCIE training courses in theworld. Our industry-recognized instructors (most of which hold multiple CCIEs and arepublished authors) are masters in their field and, equally as important, they have a talent forcommunicating these advanced technologies in a way that encourages you to push yourselfto higher levels.Our popular 5-Day Instructor Led Boot Camp has been accredited with training more CCIEs than any other CCIEprogram, worldwide. Over the first four days, the class will work through one full mock lab, broken out into individualscenarios. Think of it as a full-day lab exam in slow motion, pausing for group lecture and allowing you to stop forhelp when you get stuck. Friday, you return for a recap and a new mock lab to test you that day. You receive theindustry’s most up-to-date rack of hardware and will spend 5 intense days working on some of the most complexscenarios on the market today.Step 5: Polish & Refine Advanced KnowledgeComplete IPexpert’s CCIE Wireless Multiprotocol Mock Lab Preparation Workbook (Volume 2) with DetailedSolution Guide. (Optional accompanying resource is the Walk-Through Video Solution set for the WirelessVolume 2 Workbook)In step 5 you move on to 5 Multiprotocol Lab Challenges. These new lab scenarios are the most up-to-date and “reallab-like” scenarios on the market today! Again, following the same structure of our Volume 1 Workbook, you’ll alsoreceive3|Page
  4. 4. the accompanying Detailed Solution Guide. An optional component to this Workbook, similar to what’s also availablefor Volume 1, is the Walk-Through Video Solution set. These Videos walk you through every lab in this workbookpointing out the "gotchas" and providing valuable insight as to what to watch for and how to tweak your preparation.Take Lab ExamSummary of IPexperts Structured Learning ApproachAs you can see, by working through IPexperts portfolio of self-study materials, you will be armed with the informationnecessary for success. After attending renowned courses, you will be comfortable with the lab exam experience andfeel at home when you are in the actual environment for the test. You can rest assured that our program is thorough,refined and up-to-date. Its been tweaked over a decade of CCIE Lab training experience and is responsible forhelping people just like you earn their number!IPexpert’s Products | Competition ComparisonIPexpert has been honed in on the CCIE Lab market for nearly a decade. Our company’s Founder & President is aformer U.S. Marine, a published and distinguished author, a CCIE (#5244) and a former Architect for Cisco Systems.He has been involved in CCIE training from the very beginning (since the certification was announced) andunderstands what it takes to pass the dreaded CCIE Lab. He understands what our clients are looking for and alsowhat competitors bring to the market. We are proud to possess the industries only “designed” and complete End-to-End CCIE Wireless Lab training program. Our instructors have spent the last 10 years refining the steps needed, andthe products needed, for aspiring CCIEs to be successful. Although some of our competitors attempt to compete,after carefully reviewing their offerings, we’re confident you’ll find that our offerings are proven, professionally-developed and unmatched by anyone - worldwide.Enjoying nearly a decade of success and boasting the worlds largest list of successfulcandidates, IPexpert is pleased to offer you the worlds most proven, content-rich,thorough and complete CCIE Wireless Lab training solution. The industrys mostrecognized and thorough training solution can be explained as follows: • Hundreds of pages full of extremely useful, complex and challenging lab scenarios (some say more challenging than the real lab!) included in both Workbooks (Volumes 1 and 2) and the accompanying Detailed Solution Guide • A collection of lab 8 protocol-focused scenarios, current and up-to-date and guaranteed to be designed to cover the current lab exam blueprint (Volume 1) • 5 8-hour mock labs (with a detailed solution guide) that are structured exactly the same way the current CCIE Wireless Lab is (Volume 2) • A training solution with extremely detailed diagrams that are thorough and easy to comprehend • The most complete training solution in terms of configurations and solutions. You receive the initial (start-up) configurations, making it easy for you to get started on the actual lab exam as well as final configurations, allowing you to check your work against that of the lab Authors • Thousands of pages (breaking down the task, step-by-step) representing extremely detailed walk-through solutions consisting of extensive explanation by the industrys most recognized and accredited instructors and developers • A designed training solution in which our industry-recognized CCIE Wireless instructor delivers over 45 hours of video lecture and thorough configuration examples of nearly every topic covered on the CCIE Wireless Lab blueprint4|Page
  5. 5. • A training video solution that includes 2 separate / additional books (the slide book and topology diagram book used in the training solution) • An audio training solution of over 30 hours to lecture (from a different CCIE Wireless instructor that created the VOD product) outlining each topic seen on the current CCIE Lab blueprint • Training materials designed around a standard topology large enough to change the logical topology without re-cabling or moving any devices (if home hardware is utilized) • A phenomenal training solution supported by the worlds most sophisticated online CCIE vRack solution, boasting amazing graphical remote controls to ensure a user-friendly experience • Hints, tips and tricks outline what to watch for are explained in detail by the Authors and Instructors that have trained thousands of CCIEs to pass the lab exam • An amazing training solution that is kept current by the worlds most elite team of technical instructors, all of which hold multiple certifications, degrees, accreditations and multiple CCIE certifications • A comprehensive workbook supported online by the authors and developers that thousands of your peers have trusted • The worlds most proven product, boasting more CCIE success stories and testimonials than any other company • A "must have" training product backed by IPexperts Investment Assurance Program that has raised the bar and set the precedence for training guarantees!Closing Statements on Why You Should Use IPexperts Training SolutionsThis industry-recognized program has been used by over a thousand of your peers as their primary resources usedto prepare for the grueling CCIE Wireless Lab exam. We would like to highlight a few key points you should considerwhen selecting a CCIE training vendor: • Which vendors workbooks have been (and are currently) used by more candidates to pass the CCIE Lab exam for each particular track? • Which vendor includes their full printed solutions (solutions guide, tips, hints, FAQs, verifications, etc) free of charge with the workbook? • Which vendor includes their full printed slides and topology diagrams along with their video and audio training solution free of charge? • Which vendors workbooks and overall Structured Learning Approach have been tested and proven successful for nearly a decade? • Can you find another vendor that offers the level of support, guidance and authenticity that comes close to IPexpert? • Which vendors products have scaled the world and have been delivered to every developed country in the world? • What vendor can match the level of competency as it relates to our dedicated, full time team of industry- recognized and accredited authors and instructors? • IPexpert understands that the CCIE journey is a long process. Our Training Advisors, Support Engineers, Instructors and Developers will stand with you, by your side, during the entire process of your CCIE journey, regardless of how long it takes you! IPexpert, Inc. 3100 King Rd. Suite B - China, Michigan, USA 48054 Toll Free (USA): 1.866.225.8064 - International: +1.810.326.1444 - Fax: +1.810.453.0130 For inquiries, please contact a CCIE-Focused Training Advisor: Email: - Live Chat: - Telephone: +1.810.326.1444                        5|Page