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Business project proposal ppt wk 4

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Business project proposal ppt wk 4

  1. 1. Proposal to Improve Current Procedure for Volunteer Employment Selection Delivered to Caroline Blankenship Volunteer Coordinator Presented by: Babatunde Ogunjulugbe, OfficeVolunteer
  2. 2. Overview:  Volunteers at Seasons Hospice & Palliative Care are employed to work in the various units on different projects including Hospice Impatient, Legacy project, Companionship and Office support.  Currently, the company is meeting this demand through web-base advertisement  This proposal is intended to provide a strategic solution to the problem in the shortage of volunteers at a very minimal cost
  3. 3. According to Shwom, summarizing the problem, need, or opportunity helps convince the audience that they will benefit from continuing to read so they can learn about my proposed solution or idea. (Shwom, 2014, p.294)  Coordinators need to expand on the volunteer search methods beyond web-base media  Volunteers’ profile database web page to be redesign  Group recognition of volunteers by characters should be implemented
  4. 4. Proposed solution to improve the volunteer hiring process will solve the shortage of qualified volunteers in the area of high demands (Shwom, 2014, p.297)  Expand the resource for tracking potential volunteers  Identify additional incentives available to volunteers at a minimal cost to the company  Implement User-friendly database to maintain records of past, present and future volunteers by their skill classifications, and areas of high demands
  5. 5. Outcome is intended to evaluate whether the contents support the improvement on the volunteer hiring process. (Shwom, 2014, p.80)  Increase the quality of volunteers hired  Centralized volunteer profile information  Increase productivity among the regular hires. Reference: Shwom, B. (2014). Business communication: Polishing your professional presence (2nd ed.) City: Publisher.